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   HistoricHampshire.org as part of its mission to archive Hampshire County history is making available here the old newsletters of the Hampshire County Historical Society. We have been able to secure a number of newsletter issues, but we do not know how many there were. Our collection basically spans most issues from September, 1989 to 2004 when the newsletter was suspended. If you have any other issues we would love to scan them. We do not want to keep them - we wish to borrow them so we may scan them. Contact us if you have any issues.

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Let us scan any issues you have that are not listed here! Don't wait until you die; your kids will trash them!
HCHS1992-2nd quarter
HCHS1992-3rd quarter
HCHS1993-1st quarter
HCHS1993-2nd quarter
HCHS1993-3rd quarter
HCHS1993-4th quarter
HCHS1994-1st quarter
HCHS1994-2nd quarter
HCHS1994-3rd quarter
HCHS1994-4th quarter
HCHS1995-1st quarter
HCHS1995-2nd quarter
HCHS1995-3rd quarter
HCHS1995-4th quarter
HCHS1996-1st quarter
HCHS1996-2nd quarter
HCHS1996-3rd quarter
HCHS1996-4th quarter
HCHS1997-1st quarter
HCHS1997-2nd quarter
HCHS1997-3rd&4th quarters
HCHS1998-1st quarter
HCHS1998-2nd quarter
HCHS1999-4th quarter
HCHS2000-1st quarter
HCHS2000-2nd quarter
HCHS2000-3rd quarter
HCHS2000-4th quarter
HCHS2001-1st quarter
HCHS2001-2nd&3rd quarters
HCHS2001-4th quarter
HCHS2002-1st quarter
HCHS2002-2nd quarter
HCHS2002-3rd quarter
HCHS2002-4th quarter
HCHS2003-1st&2nd quarters
HCHS2003-3rd&4th quarters
HCHS2004-1st quarter
HCHS2004-2nd&3rd quarters