Veterans of Hampshire County

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Hampshire County has over its history had many men and some women who have been members of our military forces. Some have died in the defense of our country. We would like to honor those who have served our nation. As with all the pages of this web site, we are endeavoring to archive community history; that is really a community responsibility. Please contribute information to help us honor those who served! We are also in need of volunteers who can type some of the information for us; see the contact page to email us. Thank you.

W.P.A. Veteran Burial Project

Colonial Wars

     see: Fort Edwards web site

Revolutionary War

"Adam Heiskell, one of the first of that name to come to Hampshire, lies undisturbed, “waiting the judgment day.” Few scenes of danger and hardships he did not look upon; few have shared in greater glory than he, so far as heroic service to one’s country can bring glory to a soldier. He was one of Morgan’s men, and he fought unflinchingly in the darkest hour of the revolution. He was in the memorable march to Quebec. 'After life’s fitful fever he sleeps well.'"   View Adam's burial site.
from Chapter XXXVII, Cemeteries of Romney by Hu Maxwell [History of Hampshire County, West Virginia, From Its Earliest Settlement to the Present; by Hu Maxwell and H. L. Swisher].
See partial veteran listing here - needs updating - can you help!!

War of 1812

William Loy (1785-1860)
George Deaver
See WPA project at bottom of page
The green book Hampshire County, West Virginia 1754-2004 by Kerns and Munske lists on page 73 several men who served in the War of 1812 including Eli Delaplane, George McCauley, Jacob Pepper, Jacob Shank and John Shanholtzer who served in Col. Samuel Poston's 114th Regiment of the Virginia Militia.

Mexican War

See WPA project at bottom of page

Civil War

Spanish-American War

Frank Sutton, USS Maine, Fireman 2nd Class, see Review Feb. 23, 1898
Holland Thompson click on his name.
See WPA project at bottom of page
Joseph S. Collins, Branch Mt. Cemetery

World War I

World War II


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Veteran Grave Markers in Hampshire Cemeteries

We are endeavoring to list all veteran grave markers in Hampshire County. The Veteran listings in the Courthouse only include those who enlisted while resident of Hampshire County. We include in the grave marker listing veterans buried in Hampshire County no matter where they enlisted. We encourage your help in finding and listing all markers. We list over 900 as of November, 2021. Not all cemeteries have been surveyed. Note: We will be suspending this project.

Note: Indian Mound Cemetery is not included since their listing shows veterans.

Military Grave Markers A-G
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            Military Grave Markers P-Z

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WPA Veteran Burial Project

WPA Veteran Burial Survey was a project done around 1940 to record all veteran burials in Hampshire County from the Revolutionary War through the First World War, "The Great War." The project includes descriptive locations and maps of the cemeteries! Like all lists of soldiers, there may be some missing.