W.P.A. Veteran Cemetery Survey Index
for Hampshire County 1776-1919

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Hampshire County has had over its history many men and some women who have been members of our military forces. Some have died in the defense of our country. Others lived out their lives and are buried here. Revolutionary War flagIn the late 1930s or early 1940s the Writer's Project of the Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) undertook a survey of all veteran burials prior to World War II in many Counties covering at least 18 states. Fortunately, Hampshire County was one of these counties. We believe that the information compiled during this project is an important archive of our history and should be made available to the public. Therefore with the cooperation of Eric Strite, the Clerk of the County Court, HistoricHampshire.org has made the cards generated during this project available here on our web site. There are over 400 names; War of 1812 flagsome of the cards viewed here may be a unique reference to some one's military service. A number of the stones or markers which were viewed during this project are no longer present or discernible, so the entry shown here may be the only reference to a burial.

Unfortunately, we have not yet found administrative records for this project. Therefore we do not know exactly what year the survey was made; it was sometime between 1936 and 1943. Since at least two of the cemeteries (Old Presbyterian and Old Ebenezer) no longer exist, it would be helpful Civil War U.S. Flagto know exactly when they were destroyed. It is also possible that since records are incomplete some of the individuals listed may not actually have served in the armed forces; some records do not note any service. However, although the information is not fully documented, it is nevertheless an invaluable resource. We hope it is of use to many of our viewers. Please let us know if you have further information on the listed individuals. Understand not all veterans or all wars are listed here; only ones for whom the WPA could verify graves.

Please note that the cards have faded with time. Some are on color stock, so we have edited the image for easier reading. Not all imagesUS Flag WWI will be alike or of the same quality. Such is the problem of scanning old documents. Where there were obvious mistakes or need for explanation we have inserted editorial comments in red type within brackets.

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Locations with maps of cemeteries where veterans were buried before WWII can be found here.

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