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Revolutionary War Veterans of Hampshire County

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rev-plaq.jpg[Editors' sarcastic note: It is unfortunate that in the oldest county in West Virginia there is no chapter of a colonial wars society or veterans organization that has an interest in cataloging Revolutionary War veterans and locating and marking the graves of Revolutionary War soldiers. We appreciate the few families that have undertaken to honor their ancestors who served. If any one or any organization is interested in this project please contact the webmaster:   nrmsaadk@historichampshire.org]

  Note: this file is a draft; it has not been checked against all records. Do not assume that it is complete or free of error. We know that there are errors in the sources we quote, but we can not check out the entries to verify them. The names without any reference and marked with "[?]" may have been associated with Hampshire County at some time but served or got their pension in another county or state.
We appreciate any additions or corrections you can supply; please include the document reference!


Addison, Richard
He served in the 11th VA regiment after enlisting in 1776, and was present at Monmouth, Blueford's Defeat, and Yorktown.
Refs: WVAR

Anderson, James (a.k.a. Asher Crocket)
See "Crocket, Asher below"

Athy, Thomas
Served two years under Capt. William Patterson in the 16th VA Regimnet.
Refs: WVAR

Berry, Henry
Served nine months under Capt. Francis Russel and Capt. Clerland, on the VA line.
Refs: WVAR

Berry, William [?]

Bond, John
Served in the 4th MD regiment and applied for pension from Hampshire County on Oct. 22, 1818.
Refs: WVAR

Borer, Charles
Enlisted on Oct 1, 1777 in Hampshire County and served for nine months.
Refs: WVAR

Brake, Jacob
Was born in Hampshire County, and became Lieutenant in Capt. George Jackson's company of spies and rangers in 1778.
Refs: SOTR

Brinker, Henry (Lieutenant)
Applied for pension on Sept. 24, 1832 from Springfield, Hampshire County.
Refs: WVAR

Brown, James
He was born in 1756, cumberland County, PA. Lived in Hampshire County during the Revolutionary War period.
Refs: WVAR

Brown, John
Born Aug. 25, 1763, he applied for pension in Hmpshire County and later died there on Feb. 10, 1843.
Refs: WVAR

Carder, William
Born in Hampshire County in 1760, he enlisted in March 1780 and served two years as a preivate under Capt. Capt. Issac Parsons, Col. William Lowther, and Carpenters.
Refs: WVAR

Casey, Nicholas
He was born on Nov. 17, 1745 in Hampshire County and became a Private in Capt. Daniel Richardson's company after enlisting around Apr. 1781. He died in 1830 in Preston County.
Refs: SOTR

Chenoweth, John
Born on Nov. 15, 1755, Hampshire County. Enlisted 8 Feb 1777 at Big Cacapon, Hampshire County in 1776. Private and Corporal under Captain Abel Westfall, Virginia Line, Continental Service with COL Peter Muhlenberg's Regiment; fought in the Battle of Brandywine, PA on 11 Sep 1777 with COL Abraham Bowman's 8th Virginia Regiment. Taken prisoner at Germantown, PA and sent by prison ship to New York; exchanged on 1 Aug 1778. In Oct 1781, he was drafted for the Yorktown campaign but arrived to late; finally guarded prisoners at Winchester. Married Mary Pugh.
Refs: WVAR; see:http://www.chenowethsite.com/chenrev.htm

Conaway, John Spann (Conway)
Born on Oct. 6, 1762, he became an Indian Spy in 1776 and stayed in that line of work for four years.
Refs: WVAR

Conway, Richard (Conaway)
Enlisted in Hampshire County, in 1782 for the 2nd line.
Refs: WVAR

Cottrill, John
Enlisted in 1779, at the age of 16 in Hampshire county. He served in the 7th VA and is believed to have fought under Washington.
Refs: WVAR

Cox, George
Born in Hampshire County around 1749, he enlisted in 1776 and became an ensign under Capt. Issac Cox.
Refs: WVAR

Cresap, Thomas (Colonel)
He was born in 1705 and lived to be almost a hundred yeaers old. He was the son of Michael Cresap. He recieved captains commision in the Hampshire County Malitia, even though he actually still lived in Maryland.
Refs: WVAR

Crockett, Asher (enlisted using the name James Anderson)
Born in Hampshire Co. in Sep 1760; enlisted in Continental Army in Hampshire Co. serving under Col. Hite; married Sarah Blankinship in Montgomery Co., VA on 11 Sep 1800; filed for his pension on 26 Nov 1832 while living in Cabell Co., VA; he died at Millers Ford, Wayne Co., VA on 16 Jan 1845. His pension file states "Served under the alias of James Anderson to avoid service as an apprentice". He participated in the battles of Hanging Rock, Camden, Cowpens, Guilford, and Yorktown. He was discharged at Winchester in 1783 by Capt. Fitzpatrick and received a pension and land warrant for his service.
In an affidavit for his pension file he states, "And after the Revolution, I went out under General Clark as a Volunteer after the Indians in Kentucky & other places as a Volunteer for 5 or 6 years, where I had the honor of being acquainted with his excellency Andrew Jackson, who no doubt recollects something of me".
Ref: Pension file: NARA microfilm series M805, Roll 19, Images 628 to 641, File W2533 BLWT31439-160-55 [information supplied by Jane Ailes]

nrm/crostonr.jpg Croston, Gustavus (Crosston)
Service--Virginia Va. No. 3886 No. S. 39379. Born: 1757 Died: August, 1841
Applied for pension: 1818, Hampshire County, Virginia; pension certificate issued, October 24, 1818. Croston enlisted at Alexandria, Virginia, and served from 1778 to 1783 as a private in the company of Lieutenant Harper, Captain Thomas Hamilton, and Colonels Green and Bladford. Supporting claims by Bryan Kerken, Thomas Lewis, and Hezekiah Emery. Was probably at Valley Forge.
Refs: WVAR; research by Jane Ailes.

Cundiff, John (Sergeant)
Service--Virginia Va. No. 23100 No. S. 8272
Born, 1759, Lancaster County, Virginia. Enlisted, Northumberland County, Virginia, 1775, and reenlisted in different periods until 1778. He was a private and a sergeant eight and a half months under Captain William Docuning, Captain William Nutt, Captain Christopher, in the Virginia regiment under Colonel Thomas Gaskins, Colonel Edward Conaway, and Colonel Windowkiner. Other officers were Lieutenant Raleigh Colston, James McAndrews, and Ensign Gray Eskridge. Supporting affidavits by Major Isaac Welsh, John T. Hickman, John and Jacob Vandiver, and Nathaniel Kuykendall. Pension granted, 1833, in Hampshire County.
Refs: WVAR

Cutright, John
> He was born in Hampshire County in 1754 and later died there on March 8, 1850.
Refs: WVAR

Daily, John
Born in the mid 1700's he served as a private until the end of the war. For his service he was granted 300 acres of land on June 21, 1785. He later died in Springfield, VA on May 7, 1830.
Refs: SOTR

Davis, Joseph
Is know to have resided in Hampshire County during the Revolutionary War period.
Refs: WVAR

Davis, Samuel B. [?]

Davis, Spencer [?]

Edmiston, James
Was born Oct 17, 1746. Became a private and served in the 9th VA regiment under Capt. John Hays. He died in Greenbriar County on Oct. 7, 1817.
Refs: SOTR

Enoch, Henry
He is know to have settled at an early date in Hmapshire County, on the Great Cacapon River. Where he lived, on the way to Winchester, a fort was erected in 1755 to protect the settelers after Braddock's defeat. This fort was named after him.
Refs: WVAR

Eskridge, George [?]

Ferryman, Stephen enlisted in Winchester, Virginia. Certificate of Pension issued 2 December, 1818, file number 39515. On 17 August, 1820 he appeared before John White of the Hampshire County Court and swore about his service; filed 23 August, 1820 #4740. Stephen lived in the Junction/Purgistville area 1800-1820. 

Fisher, Jacob
He lived in Hampshire County and enlisted there in march 1778 under Captain Moses Hutton and Captain Dan Richardson in a VA regiment.
Refs: WVAR

Forman, William (Captain)
Served in Hampshire County and was killed in an Indian ambush on his company.
Refs: WVAR

Gwin, Andrew [?]

Haddock, William
Born in 1758 he enlisted in Hampshire Coutny in 1778.
Refs: WVAR

Hansbrough, John
Born in 1753, he moved to Hampshire County sometime after the Revolution and applied for pension on Jan. 29, 1833.
Refs: WVAR

Hass, Christian [?]

Hawk, Isaac (Ensign)
He lived in Hampshire County at the outset of the Revolution and enlisted on March 1, 1777 there. (pension probably Pochontas Co.)
Refs: WVAR

Hawkins, John [?]

Heath, William
Born in 1758, Ft. Pleasant. Enlisted in 1778 in Hampshire Co. and recieved his pension on May 21, 1833.
Refs: WVAR

Hess, Hezekiah
Lived in Hampshire Co. from a very early age and enlisted in Hardy Co. June, 1776.
Refs: WVAR

Hamrick, Siras

Henderson, Sampson [?]

Herin, William

Hill, George

Hook, William
Born in 1759 in England, he lived in Hampshire County when the Revolution broke out. He married In Aug., 1782 and enlisted at some point. He was awarded his pension from Hampshire County.
Refs: WVAR

Hughes, Jonathan
Born March 25, 1753 in Hampshire County. Enlisted May 1775 and served under both Capt. John Cook and Capt. Andrew Hamilton as an Indian Spy. He served in 1780 under Capt. George Beall's VA company. Died in 1849.
Refs: SOTR

Hyre, Jacob
Born in Hampshire Co. on May 25, 1757, he enlisted in 1778 and died in 1841.
Refs: WVAR

Jacob, John J. [?](served probably in Maryland line)

James, Isaac [?](pension probably Cabell Co.)

Karren, Barney
Barney Karren was living in Winchester when he first enlisted. He moved to Hampshire County after his second discharge from service. He then heard of Gen. Washington's trapping Cornwallis at Yorktown and with a company of volunteers he marched from Romney to Yorktown where he participated in the surrender of Cornwallis's army. He then marched to Winchester with a group of prisoners and guarded them until he was discharged. He also mentioned in the application that he had guarded Tories in a jail in Hampshire County. He eventually moved to Randolph County where he filed his pension application. Names mentioned in the application that may be associated with Hampshire County include: Captain John Nevill, Andrew Waggoner, Col. Edward McCarty, James Staply(?), Andrew Brady & John Rian (may be John Ryan - see below), James & John Hagarty.
For a transcription of his pension record see: http://files.usgwarchives.net/wv/randolph/military/karren.txt

Keiskell, Adam (Captain) [ed. note: should be "Heiskell"]
Adam Keiskell, of Hampshire County, was recommended for a captaincy in the militia of Frederick County, in April 1779, and qualified later. He was one of General Daniel Morgan's company of sharp-shooters who participated in the capture of Quebec when the French Army under General Montcalm surrendered to the forces of General Wolfe.
Refs: WVAR

[Ed. note: This entry is probably in error. The name is Heiskell and the campaign referenced was actually the campaign of Benedict Arnold and Daniel Morgan to capture Canada at the beginning of the war in order to bring it into the war on the side of the Americal colonies. The campaign failed and Morgan and, possibly, Heiskell were captured. Heiskell was buried in the Old Presbyterian Cemetery in Romney which has since been destroyed. see: lost gravesite]

Ketterman, Daniel
Enlisted in Hampshire Co. On June 15, 1781.
Refs: WVAR

Keiter, George
George Keiter, who served as a soldier in the Revolutionary Army, was born in Hampshire County, in 1757, enlisted in the army there, and died on November 26, 1850.
Refs: WVAR

Kump, Henry (Cump)
Service--Virginia Va. No. 23579 No. S. 15792
Born, 1757. Enlisted in Hampshire County, and served as a private nine months in the company of Captains Stump and James Parsons in the Virginia Line regiments under General Wayne. He served from 1781 to 1782. His first service was apparently a three months' "tour" as a substitute for George Sly. He was then drafted for three months and in January, 1782, enlisted under Captain James Eaton. He was granted a pension in Hampshire County in 1834. His claims were supported by affidavits of Elisha Gardner, Philip Kline, and Daniel Loy. He is buried on the east bank of Capon River on land believed to have been granted to the family by Lord Fairfax in 1772.

LaRue, Peter
Peter LaRue was born 21 Apr 1745 in Old Frederick Co, VA.  He died 16 Apr 1816 in Hampshire Co VA.  He was the son of Jacob LaRue and he was married to Elizabeth LaRue. Peter served as a Private in the Virginia Regiment - Company 8. Refs: "Shenandoah Valley Pioneers & their descendants - A History of Frederick Co, VA" by Thomas Kemp Cartmell, Chapter XVIII, page 100; [supplied by Judi Shannon]

Little, George [?]

Ludwick, Leonard: born 1730; died 1804; "Maryland; PVT; Capt Bayers Co.; Revolutionary War". [grave marker]

Mace, John
Born in 1752, he enlisted in Hampshire County on May 1, 1777.
Refs: WVAR

Male/Mail, Wilmore
He was age 60 when he applied for his pension in Hampshire Co. on 27 May, 1818 and age 66 when he filed another affidavit on 20 June 1820 from Randolph Co., VA. In his affidavits he states that he enlisted at Davis' Marsh in Berkeley Co. (in the part that became Jefferson Co.) in 1776, "with Lieutenant Robert White attached to a company commanded by Capt. Joseph Mitchell in the 12 Virginia Regiment on the Continental establishment commanded by Colonel James Wood". He states that he was in the battles at Monmouth and Stone Point. He was discharged at Winchester, VA at the close of the war. Robert White, Judge of the Superior Court of Hampshire Co., signs the affidavit and White adds a statement of his own to the effect that Wilmore Mail's statements are accurate which Robert White signs as "Capt. in the Virginia line on Continental Establishment". Wilmore Male is listed in the 1840 Hampshire Co. federal census as a "free colored person" and he is identified in this census as a Revolutionary War Pensioner.
Ref: pension file: NARA microfilm series M805, Roll 547, Images 699 to 706, File S38171; and the 1840 Hampshire Co. federal census, Western District, stamped page 181 [information supplied by Jane Ailes]

Malick, John [?](served N.J. militia)

Malone, Hung [?](served Md. line)

Marshall, Benjamin
He was born in 1755, enlisted in Hampshire Co. in 1780 and later died in 1834.
Refs: WVAR

Martin, William
Enlisted in Hampshire Co. before March 17, 1779.
Refs: WVAR

McDade, James
Born in 1749, he enlisted in Hampshire Co. in the 12th VA regiment. He died in 1833.
Refs: WVAR

McDaniel, Edward
He served in Huntington Co. as a private, and married in Hampshire Co. in 1798.
Refs: RLA

McDonald, Valentine
Born on Jan. 11, 1760, Hampshire Co., he served in PA during the Revolution. He died in Brown Co. Ohio on Jan. 13, 1848.
Refs: RLA

McDonald, Benjamin
Born in 1774 he enlisted in 1781 and served as a private in the 1st VA regiment. He was discharged in 1783 and later died in 1856.
Refs: RLA     [note: there is some problem with these dates due to the number of family members with similar name; we will attempt to get documentation for this problem.]

McLaughlin, Daniel
Enlisted March 12, 1777; SAR #128748; state #5672 (Tx)
grave marker

McWhorter, Henry
Moved to Hampshire Co. in 1786 and left again in 1791.
Refs: WVAR


Miller, John
Enlisted at Hanging Rocks, Hampshire Co., under Leiut. Miller.
Refs: WVAR

Neville, Joseph (General)
Was a member of the House of Burgesses from Hampshire Co. in 1773 and 1776. Attended the Conventions on Dec. 1, 1775, and May 6, 1776. He was a county surveyor for Hampshire Co. and in 1784 he helped to complete the Mason Dixon Line. He served as the Justive of the Peace for the first murder case in Hampshire Co.. He also surveyed with George Washington.
Refs: WVAR

Newman, John [?](served probably in Md.)

Newman, Robert (Doctor)
Born in 1770 in culpepper Co., VA, he and his five brothers all enlisted in St. Clair's Company. Less than a year later all of his brothers were killed in the battle of St. Clair. He, himself, was one of the few survivors. After he retired from the service, he traveled to Texas, where he was thought to have had some shady dealings with Burr and Blannerhasset in their attempted coup of Texas. However, this was never confirmed. He returned to VA and married Elizabeth Hancock and moved to Maryland. In his later years he became a rather respected medical practitioner and he wrote many literary materials. He helped found the Literary Society in Romney and became a prominent citizen after his move there. He was made a Justice of Hampshire Co. in 1837.
Refs: M&S

Niper, George (Nippers)
He enlisted in Hampshire County and served from 1778-1781 in the 6th VA Regiment.
Refs: WVAR

Our, Searchman (Ours or Ower)
Born in 1775 in Hmapshire County. Enlisted in Hampshire in March 1778 under Captain R. Cunningham. Died In 1844.
Refs: WVAR

Parker, James
Enlisted in Hampshier County in 1778 and later married there in 1782. He bagan receiving a pension in Hampshire County in 1833.
Refs: WVAR

Parrot, Christopher (Parriot)
He was born on March 25, 1755 in MD, and after enlisting in Hampshire County he moved up in the ranks to the position of sergeant. He later died on Oct.1, 1820 in Romney.
Refs: WVAR

Parsons, William
He was born on Oct. 15, 1760 and enlisted in Hampshire County at an as yet undetermined date.
Refs: WVAR

Payne, George [?]

Peters, John
This gentleman began receiving a pension from having served in Hampshire County in 1833.
Refs: WVAR

Peters, Tunis (Lieutenant)
Born on Oct. 26, 1749, he married in 1776 and then went on to become a 1st Lieutenant in the Revolutionary War.
Refs: RLA

Powelson, Henry
Henry Powelson made an affidavit in Hampshire County Court on 24 September 1832 for his Revolutionary War pension application.  In this affidavit, he states that he was born in New Jersey, about six miles from New Brunswick and resided there until some time after the close of the war.  He then moved to Bucks Co., Pennsylvania for about six years, then moved to Hampshire Co., Virginia where he has now been for 39 years.  [This places his arrival in Hampshire Co. to about 1793.]  Powelson states that he enlisted in the New Jersey militia in Somerset Co., New Jersey in 1776 and served at various times until near the end of the war.  After Powelson's death on 8 July 1845, his widow filed for a widow's pension.  In her application documents, it is stated that Powelson's wife's maiden name was Abigail Brewer, and they were married in Bucks Co., Pennsylvania in 1792.   A supporting affidavit states that in 1793, Henry Powelson and his wife moved to Hampshire Co. with some of his siblings and his father, Powel Powelson.
Ref:   NARA, Series M804, /Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files,/ File no. W 3,864, Pension application file of Henry Powelson and his widow Abigail (Brewer) Powelson, viewed at Footnote.com. [information provided by Jane Ailes]

Prichard, Rees[e]
Enlisted February 1776; made Ensign in Capt. Abel Westfall's Company of the 8th Virginia Regiment commanded by Col. Peter Mulenburg; resigned 1st March, 1777. He served in South Carolina where he was engaged in the Battle of Sullivans Island, 21-29 June, 1776. (Born 1740-42; died 25th September, 1830; lived North River Mills area)

Purgett, Henry
He enlisted in 1778 in Hampshire and was awarded his pension on Oct. 21, 1833.
Refs: WVAR

Queen, John [?](served S.C. militia)

Randall, Jacob
He was born in 1759 and enlisted in March of 1778 in Hampshire County. He was married on Nov. 6, 1782 to Amelia Yoakum and recieved his pension from Hardy County in 1834. He lived there until he died on Dec. 14, 1840.
Refs: WVAR

Ravenscrott, Francis
It is known that he recieved his pension from Hampshire County in 1819.
Refs: WVAR

Real, David
Born in Hampshire County in 1765 he enlisted on Aug. 4, 1779, also in Hampshire County, and began recieving his pension from Hardy County on Feb. 28, 1834.
Refs: WVAR

Redman, John
Born in Hampshire County in 1763, he enlisted in 1778 in the 1st Virginia Regiment. He married Sarah Day in 1785 and began recieving his pension in 1823. He died on Oct. 8, 1836.
Refs: WVAR - see below

Redman, Richard
He was born in 1759 and enlisted in in the 2nd Virginia Regiment in Hampshire County. His pension was authorized in Hardy County in 1829.
Refs: WVAR -

The Redmans were free people of color living in Hardy Co. by 1801 when they are first listed in the personal property tax lists.  John and Richard Redman both applied for their Rev War pensions while living in Hardy Co., but we have no evidence of where they were living at the time they enlisted in the Continental Army.  John Redman joined in Winchester in Dec 1777.  Richard Redman enlisted at the Fauquier Co. courthouse in 1780. [info supplied by Jane Ailes]

Reger, Anthony (Ensign)
It is known that he lived at some time in Hampshire County.
Refs: WVAR

Reger, Leonard (Sergeant)
Is known to have been born in Hampshire County.
Refs: WVAR

Robinson, John [?](may have served in Pa.)

Rogers, David (Colonel)
He married the widow of Captain Michael Cresap and lived in Hampshire County after the union.
Refs: WVAR

Rosebrough, John [?](probably served Pa.)

Ryan, John
He was born in Hampshire County in 1759 and while living on Pattersons Creek enlisted in either 1778 or 1779. He recieved his pension from Randolph County in 1833.
Refs: WVAR

Sanford, William
His will was recorded on May 10, 1801 in Hampshire County.
Refs: WVAR

Schoolcratt, John
While he was born in Hampshire County on Feb 13, 1757, he resided in Ohio by the beginning of the Revolutionary War.
Refs: WVAR

Seymour, Felix
He was born in England in 1725, but became a resident of Hardy County during the Revolution, and he died in Hampshire County in Feb. 1798.
Refs: WVAR

Sheets, John
Born in Lancaster County, Pa around 1750, he enlisted in Chamberstown, PA and served a term of six months whereas he moved to Patterson Creek Hampshire County. After that he moved on to Wood County.
Refs: WVAR

Shinn, Benjamin
Born 1746, NJ. Lived in Hampshire Coutny from 1772 to 1785 and served as a Scout-Lieut. under the state of Virginia. He died in VA.
Refs: SOTR

Shores, Thomas
He was granted a pesnion in 1819 in Hampshire County.
Refs: WVAR

Simmons, Asa [?]

Stalnacker, Samuel
Born in Hampshire county in 1763 he enlisted in April of 1780 in Monongalia County.
Refs: WVAR

Tasker, James
He began recieving a pension in Hampshire County in 1820 from his service in the 10th VA regiment.
Refs: WVAR

Taylor, Daniel (Mineral Co.)
Refs: WVAR (p.283)

Taylor, David
He married Margaret Thatcher in 1778, then was afforded his pension in 1833 and died in Hampshire county on May 3, 1844.
Refs: WVAR

Taylor, Edward
He lived in Hampshire county on the beautiful old home of Edward Taylor, a soldier in the Revolutionary War, which is still standing today. This home was believed to have been purchased by him in 1806.
Refs: WVAR

Taylor, Thomas
He was granted a pension in Hampshire County in return for his services in 1833.
Refs: WVAR

Tichanal (Thichinal), David
He moved to Hampshire County in 1780 and lived there for two or three years. While so a resident of Hampshire County Virginia in the Oct. or Nov. of 1780 he entered as a substitute for Philip Putnam who was drafted as a militia man in the Company commanded by Capt. David Richardson, the first Lieutenant's name was Daniel Ashby
Refs: WVAR. see: http://revwarapps.org/s7727.pdf

Vandiver, William (Vandever)
Born in Frederick County, VA on March 18, 1762, he enlisted in 1781 in Hampshire County. He recieed his pension in 1833 and died on July 17, 1833 in Hampshire county.
Refs: WVAR

Vanmeter, Joseph (Ensign)
He enlisted in Hampshire county in 1776 and served for two years in the 12th VA regiment.
Refs: WVAR

Vause, William ( Captain)
His children are believed to have lived somewhere in Hampshire County.
Refs: WVAR

Wamsley, David
He enlisted as an Indian spy in Hampshire County and served there for two years.
Refs: WVAR

Welsh, Issac
Began recieving his pension in Hampshire County in 1819.
Refs: WVAR

Westfall, John
Born in 1753, he enlisted in Hampshire County in 1780. He later died in 1821.
Refs: WVAR

Welton, Job (Lieutenant)
Born in Hampshire County and died in Hardy County in 1820. "List of Militia paid off at Romney, H.C. VA, Rom. 8."
Refs: SOTR

White, James
Recieved his pension in Hampshire County in 1819 and later died in July, 1832.
Refs: WVAR

Williams, Robert
Enlisted in Hampshire county in 1779 and recieved his pension from there in 1818.
Refs: WVAR

Wolford, John
Is known to have resided at some point in Hampshire County.
Refs: WVAR

Woodrow, Alexander
Born in Scotland in 1731 he later moved to VA during the Revolutionary War. He died in 1776.
Refs: RLA

Woodrow, Andrew
Born Nov. 14, 1752, he moved to America sometime around 1768 and fought for the colonists in the Revolution. He became the 1st clerk of Hampshire Co. and died in July, 1814.
Refs: RLA.  Andrew's lost gravesite



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