Frank Sutton - USS Maine

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  Hampshire County has over its history had hundreds men and some women who have fought in America's many wars. Some wars are well known, and some are almost forgotten. At the present time we know of only two Hampshire County man who served in the Spanish-American War. One was Frank Sutton, Fireman 2nd Class, who died when the USS Maine blew up in the harbor of Havana, Cuba on Feb. 15, 1898 at 9:40 p.m. There were 260 casualties of that explosion whose cause is still disputed although much evidence points to a accidental on-board fire, not to an enemy mine. Frank Sutton's remains, which were identified (many were not), are interred in Section 24 of Arlington Cemetery beside the USS Maine Memorial.


The Hampshire Review of Feb. 23, 1898 announced the following:

"Among the victims of the unfortunate and ill-fated battleship Maine that was wrecked in the harbor of Havana on Tuesday of last week, was a young man of this community named Frank Sutton. He was a son of Ann Sutton, now Ann Gardner, who lives two miles west of town. He was a [fireman] on the Maine. Saturday's papers report his body as among those found."



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