Hampshire County Dead of
the "War to End All Wars"

    This list of World War I dead is compiled from the statue in front of the Hampshire County Courthouse "CHStatue." We would appreciate help in compiling a comprehensive list of those who served in the "Great War" or in correcting this listing.

lastname firstname status source
AbeJohn FrederickdiedCHStatue
BeanArthur C.diedCHStatue
BrownEdward LesliediedCHStatue
EwersThomas FranklindiedCHStatue
FultzFerman LeediedCHStatue
GilkesonLieut. Robert W.diedCHStatue
HainesJesse JonesdiedCHStatue
HornWilliam LeediedCHStatue
JacksonHarry MyrondiedCHStatue
LeeCorp. James ClevelanddiedCHStatue
LeithHarry GuydiedCHStatue
LeithJoseph W.diedCHStatue
NelsonArthur SylvesterdiedCHStatue
ParrillOva TrumandiedCHStatue
PolandCharles AlbertdiedCHStatue
PowersJoseph RodneydiedCHStatue
RaceyCarter CarsondiedCHStatue
RaceyHerman HerbertdiedCHStatue
SavilleElza MayodiedCHStatue
ShanholtzerRoy SylvesterdiedCHStatue
ShoemakerWillis RicharddiedCHStatue
SlonakerCorp. Joshua DavisdiedCHStatue
SwisherWilliam BryandiedCHStatue
TaylorForeman FrancisdiedCHStatue
WolfordCharles C.diedCHStatue