W.P.A. Veteran Cemetery Survey S-Z
of Hampshire County


Hampshire County has over its history had many men and some women who have been members of our military forces. Some have died in the defense of our country. Others lived out their lives and are buried here. In the late 1930s or early 1940s the Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) undertook a survey of all veteran burials in Hamphsire County prior to World War II. We believe that the information compiled during this project is an important archive of our history and should be made available to the public. These pages are dedicated to all Hampshire County citizens who served in our armed forces throughout our history whether in time of war or peace time.

Please note that the cards have faded with time. Some are on color stock, so we have edited the image for easier reading. Not all images will be alike or of the same quality. Such is the problem of scanning old documents. Where there were obvious mistakes or need for explanation we have inserted editorial comments in red type within brackets.

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See listing of possible omissions at bottom of page. These notes are taken from reliable publications.

Listing for transcriptions: S-Z

Samuel, Josiah  -  1812  
Sanders, Alex  1821-1886  CW CSA  
Saville, Elza M.  1894-1919  WW I  Pvt, record
Saville, Geo. B.  1847-1907  CW CSA  Pvt, record
Saville, Joseph  1838-1914  CW CSA  Pvt, record
Saville, James H.  1833-1918  CW CSA  Pvt, record
Saville, John O.  1838-1918  CW CSA  Pvt, record
Saville, J(erry) O.  -1912  CW CSA  Pvt, record
Saville, Oliver  1822-1888  CW CSA  
Saville, Oliver  1773-1855  1812  
Saville, Philip  1816-1891  CW  Pvt, record
Saville, Peter A.  1834-1879  CW CSA  Pvt, record
Scanlon, Michael  1830-1897  CW  
Scanlon, Thos.  1828-1907  CW CSA  
Schaffnaker, William  -  RevWar  record
Schnibbe, L. D.  1841-1890  CW CSA  
Sechrist, Frederick  1822-1892  CW CSA  
Shanholtz, Anthony J.  1834-1920  CW CSA  
Shanholtzer, Benj. J.  1842-1929  CW CSA  Pvt, record
Shanholtzer, Jacob  1821-1898  CW CSA  Pvt, record
Shanholtzer, Minor  1838-1898  CW CSA  Sgt., record
Shanholtzer, Roy S.  1891-1918  WW I  Mech., record
Shanholtzer, Silas L.  1842-1923  CW CSA  Pvt, record
Shanholtzer, WM.  1818-1901  CW  
Shank, W. G.  1828-1900  CW CSA  
Shelly, Philip  1831-1913  CW CSA  Pvt, record
Sherrard, Robert  1781-1845  1812  
Shingleton, Frank  -1907  CW CSA  Pvt, record
Shingleton, WM. A.  1813-1865  Span-Am  
Shipe,  -  CW Union  record
Shoemaker, Jasper  -  CW Union  
Shoemaker, Willis R.  1894-1918  WW I  Pvt, record
Short, Edward J.  1842-1928  CW  
Short, George E.  1840-1902  CW CSA  Pvt, record
Short, J. W.  -1917  CW CSA  Pvt, record
Shumaker, Elijah  1828-1901  CW Union  
Sloan, John  1790-1853    
Slonaker, Joshua D.  1886-1918  WW I  
Slonaker, Jerry T.  1895-1918  WW I  Pvt, record
Slonaker, Wesley  1835-1914  CW CSA  
Slonaker, WM.  1833-1906  CW CSA  
Smith, Jos. M.  1838-1924  CW CSA  
Smith, Wilson  1894-1933  WW I  Pvt. 1/C1, record
Spaid, John J.  1832-1916  CW CSA  
Spaid, John W.  1840-1907  CW CSA  
Spencer, J. N.  -  CW CSA  
Spirling, Alonzo  1886-1937  WW I  
Spurling, Luke  -  CW  
Starnes, James E.  1840-1868  CW CSA  Pvt, record
Starnes, John W.  -  CW CSA  Pvt, record
Stewart, George  -  CW CSA  
Stewart, Henry W.  1893-  WW I  Wag., record
Stewart, James  -  CW CSA  
Stewart, Richard C.  1892-1918  WW I  Corp., record
Stewart, Washington  -1874  CW CSA  
Stewart, William J.  1840-1916  CW CSA  
Stickley, Benj. F.  1843-1924 ?  CW CSA  Pvt, record
Swisher, B(enj) B.  1838-1925  CW CSA  Pvt, record
Swisher, Geo W.  1833-1871  CW CSA  Pvt, record
Swisher, Henry C.  1826-1898  CW  
Swisher, James M.  1836-1900  CW CSA  
Swisher, Stephen  -  CW CSA  record
Swisher, William B.  1896-1916  WW I  Pvt, record
Taylor, Foreman F.  1890-1919  WW I  Pvt, record
Taylor, John W.  1846-1915  CW CSA  
Taylor, Kirkbride  1840-1913  CW CSA  1st Lieut, rec
Taylor, Rufus  1843-1920  CW CSA  
Taylor, Thomas  1759-1851  RevWar  record
Taylor, William  1896-1937  WW I  Pvt, record
Tharp, Samuel I.  1839-1916  CW CSA  Pvt, record
Thomas, Abram  1835-1908    Corp.
Thompson, Holland D.  -1898  Span-Am  Pvt, record
Thompson, John H.  1845-1913  CW CSA  
Thompson, John Jr.  1751-1816  1812  ?same as Sr.?
Thompson, John Sr.  1751-1816  RevWar  ?same as Jr.?
Thompson, John T.  -  CW CSA  
Thompson, Robt. J.  1833-1911  CW CSA  Pvt, record
Timbrook, Isaac  1832-1919  CW CSA  Pvt, record
Timbrook, Joseph  -  CW CSA  record
Trenton, John B.  1823-1892  CW  
Triplett, Edgar  1896-1918  WW I  record
Triplette, Nathaniel  1839-1905  CW  
Tutwiler, Frank G.  1894-1930  WW I  Pvt, record
Vandegrift, William L.  1840-1919  CW CSA  
Vink, William H.  1868-19--  Span-Am  record
Wall, William  1831-1863  CW  
Washington, James  1893-  WW I  Pvt, record
Watkins, M(inter) W.  1847-1929  CW CSA  
Watson, James O.  1891 ?-1921    
Wilkins, Abraham  -  CW CSA  
Wills, William  1837-1912  CW CSA  record
Wilson, Zachariah L.  1833-1898  CW CSA  record
Wilt, Vernon G.  -1933  WW I  Pvt, record
Wolford, Adam  1821-1915  CW CSA  
Wolford, Daniel  -  ?  
Wolford, David  1822-1890  CW CSA  
Wolford, J. H.  -1901  CW CSA  
Wolford, T. Y.  1844-1925  CW CSA  
Wolford, William  1823-1906  CW CSA  
Wright, David H.  1820-1900  CW CSA  


Possible omissions and errors

Cpl. Lorenzo Shanholtzer 114th Va Militia. Killed in battle and buried at Three Churches. ref: Shantoltzer History and Allied Family Roots by Wilmer L. Kerns; McClain Printing Company, 1980, p. 4. There is a stone for Lorenzo in Mt. Bethel Cemetery.

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