W.P.A. Veteran Cemetery Survey H-M
of Hampshire County


Hampshire County has over its history had many men and some women who have been members of our military forces. Some have died in the defense of our country. Others lived out their lives and are buried here. In the late 1930s or early 1940s the Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) undertook a survey of all veteran burials in Hamphsire County for all wars before WWII. We believe that the information compiled during this project is an important archive of our history and should be made available to the public. These pages are dedicated to all Hampshire County citizens who served in our armed forces throughout our history whether in war time or peace time.

Please note that the cards have faded with time. Some are on color stock, so we have edited the image for easier reading. Not all images will be alike or of the same quality. Such is the problem of scanning old documents. Where there were obvious mistakes or need for explanation we have inserted editorial comments in red type within brackets.

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Listing for transcriptions: H-M

Haines, Andrew  -  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Haines, B. M.  1840-1918  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Haines, Isaac  1811-1892  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Haines, Isaac C.  1844-1863  CW   Pvt, record
Haines, Joseph E.  1842-1915  CW CSA   
Haines, James H.  1839-1920  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Haines, Jesse J.  1897-1918  WW I   Pvt, record
Haines, John W.  1844-1896  CW CSA   
Haines, Reazin  1819-1898  CW CSA   
Haines, William  1842-1919  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Haines, William A.  1842-1863  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Hannas, J. W.  1833-1879  CW   
Hannas, Stephen  1843-1912  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Hannum, M. F.  1830-1904  CW   
Hardy, Josiah VI, W.  1820-1890  CW   
Hartman, H.  1754-1823  RevWar & 1812   
Hass, John W.  1836-1910  CW CSA   
Hawkins, Lewis  1815-1898  CW CSA   
Hawse, James  -  CW CSA   
Heare, John A. G.  1826-1894  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Heare, James B.  1831-1887  CW CSA   
Herin, William  1762-1847  RevWar   Sgt., record
Herriott, Ephraim  1839-1916  CW CSA   
High, John  -1817  RevWar   
Hines, James  1818-1872  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Hockman, John W.  1847-1935  CW CSA   
Hockman, J. W.  1846-1901  CW CSA   
Hockman, Philip  1822-1904  CW CSA   
Hoke, F. [F.H. or M.H.]  1813-  CW Union   record
Hoke, John L.  1841-1889  CW Union   
Hook, A. M.  1836-1903  CW   
Horn, John  1838-1883  CW CSA   Ord Sgt., rec
Horn, William L.  1892-1918  WW I   record (missing)
Horseman, William  1782-1872  1812   
Hott, Benjamin F.  1842-1921  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Hott, David  1810-1881  CW CSA   
Hott, David  1825-1900  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Hott, George  1820-1864  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Hott, George  1812-1880  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Hott, Isaac  1847-1918  CW CSA   
Hott, John F.  1836-1891  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Hyde, Alfred E.  1874-1935  Span-Am   
Iliff, Harrison E.  1834-1921  CW   
Iser, William  -  CW CSA   
Johnson, Evan R.  1836-  CW   
Johnson, Lemon S.  1844-1920  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Johnson, Richard M.  1838-1909  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Julick, Thos. E.  -  CW CSA   
Keckley, Cephus  1825-1902  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Keister, Jeremiah  -1901  CW CSA   
Keiter, George  1756-1850  CW   
Keiter, John  1784-1870  CW CSA   
Kelly, John T.  1842-1868  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Kelly, Thomas  1812-1892  CW CSA   
Kenney, Patrick  -  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Kesecker, Thomas  -  CW Union   
Kidwell, Evan H.  1846-1920  CW Union   Pvt, record
Kidwell, Geo. W.  1848-1929  CW Union   
Kidwell, Willie  1888-1936  WW I   
King, Margoram  -  CW Union   record
King, William  1820-1897  CW CSA   
Kline, David W.  1833-1915  CW CSA   
Kline, Joseph S.  -  CW CSA   
Kline, Philip  1760-1842  RevWar   
Kump (cump), Henry  1757-1850  RevWar   record
Kump, Jacob  1793-1812  1812   
Kump, Sam'l J.  1844-1896  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Kuykendall, Isaac  1839-1909  CW CSA   Capt., Record
LaFollette, Elaney E.  1843-1922  CW   
LaFollette, John  1830-1888  CW CSA   
LaFollette, John W.  1838-1906     
Lambert, L. W.  1828-1894  CW CSA   
Largent, James  1824-1899  CW   
Largent, Joseph S.  1844-1912  CW   
Largent, Peter  1839-1919  CW CSA   
Larrick, B. S.  -  CW CSA   
Lear, Thomas T.  -  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Leith, Harry G.  1895-1918  WW I   Pvt, record
Leith, Joseph W.  1891-1918  WW I   Pvt, record
Lewis, Alford  1824-1897  CW CSA   
Lewis, Daniel  1815-1873  CW CSA   
Lewis, J. N.  1838-1916  CW   
Lewis, Largent  -  CW   [check if named reversed?]
Light, John W.  1844-1930  CW CSA   
Liller, Elijah H.  1835-1904  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Linticum, Kelly  -  CW CSA   
Long, John Wm.  1833-1918  CW   
Long, WM. J.  1828-1905  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Loy, Daniel  -  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Loy, James W.  1840-1909  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Loy, Peter  1812-1867     
Loy, Samuel  -1899  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Loy, William  1842-1918  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Loy, William  -1860  1812   Pvt, record
Loy, WM. B.  1834-1911  CW CSA   record
Loy, William, Jr.  1818-1899  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Ludwick, Thos.  -  CW Union   Pvt, record
Lupton, Jonathan  1836-1923  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Lupton, Jesse  -1893  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Macolm, Chas. B.  1833-1915  CW  
Malick, Geo. W.  1839-1913    Pvt, record
Malick, Philip  1834-1914  CW CSA  Pvt, record
Maphis, George W.  1842-1919  CW CSA  Pvt, record
Maphis, William  1830-1907  CW CSA  
Marble, G. H.  1854-1936  Span-Am  
Marsey,  -  CW CSA  record
Martin, Edgar F.  1869-1921  WW I  Pvt, record
Martin, James J.  1843-1925  CW CSA  Pvt, record
Martin, Levi  1840-1913  CW CSA  Pvt, record
Marton, Joseph  -  CW Union  
Mauk, Frederick  1827-1916  CW CSA  Wagoner, record
McBride, Albert  -  CW CSA  
McBride, Eli  1841-1927  CW  
McBride, George  -  CW CSA  
McBride, Robert A.  1889-1930  WW I  Pvt, record
McCauley, Arthur W.  1840-1919  CW CSA  Pvt, record
McCauley, Elias  -1907  CW CSA  
McDonald, Geo(rge) W.  1843-1927  CW CSA  record
McDonald, Jacob  1843-1888  CW CSA  record
McDonald, Milton J.  1888-1939  WW I  Corp., record
McDonald, Samuel S.  1819-1902  CW CSA  
McDonald, Thos. H.  1947-1920  CW Union  
McDowell, Hugh  1840-1915  CW CSA  
McDowell, John  1782-1855  1812  
McGee, C. J.  1846-1924  CW Union  
McKee, A. A.  1830-1913  CW CSA  
McKee, Jasper  1794-1877  CW CSA  
McKee, Joseph  -  CW ?  
McKee, Josiah  -  CW CSA  record
McKee, John W.  -1911  CW CSA  Pvt, record
McKee, Welby  1844-1914  CW CSA  Pvt, record
Messick, Thomas  -  CW CSA  Pvt, record
Michael, A(ndrew) J.  1839-1919  CW CSA  record
Michael, J. H.  1837-1919  CW Action  Pvt, record
Miller, Isaac  1752-1816  RevWar  
Miller, Loring G.  -1929  WW I  Pvt, record
Miller, WM. T.  1845-1927  CW CSA  
Milleson, Benj. F.  1832-1895  CW CSA  record
Milleson, George  1836-  CW CSA  Pvt, record
Mills, William  1841-1929  CW CSA  record
Montgomery, WM.  1838-1921  CW CSA  Pvt, record
Moyers, Phylix (Felix)  1830-1929  CW Union  Pvt, record
Murphy, George H.  1876-1938  WW I  Pvt. 1/C1, record
Murphy, James  1750-1799  RevWar  

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