WPA Veteran Cemetery Survey A-G
of Hampshire County


Hampshire County has over its history had many men and some women who have been members of our military forces. Some have died in the defense of our country. Others lived out their lives and are buried here. In the late 1930s or early 1940s the Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) undertook a survey of all veteran burials in Hamphsire County prior to World War II. We believe that the information compiled during this project is an important archive of our history and should be made available to the public. These pages are dedicated to all Hampshire County citizens who served in our armed forces throughout our history whether in time of war or of peace.

Please note that the cards have faded with time. Some are on color stock, so we have edited the image for easier reading. Not all images will be alike or of the same quality. Such is the problem of scanning old documents. Where there were obvious mistakes or need for explanation we have inserted editorial comments in red type within brackets.

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Listing for transcription: A-G

Abe, John F.  1897-1918  WW I   Pvt, record
Abrell, William E.  1840-1914  CW Union   record
Agnew, Daniel G.  1847-1931  CW Union   Pvt, record
Albright, WM.  1829-1910  CW CSA   
Alkire, Petter  1810-1903  CW CSA   
Allen, F. S.  -     
Anderson, Alfred E.  1839-1923  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Anderson, Benjamin F.  1829-1907  CW CSA   
Anderson, J.  1797-1884  CW CSA   Capt., Record
Anderson, Jere C.  1875-1901  Span-Am   Pvt, record
Andrews, Alonzo L.  -  CW Union   Pvt, record
Arnold, Arthur B.  1895-1936  WWI   Pvt, record
Arnold, Joshua R.  1841-1925  CW Union   Pvt, record
Arnold, Lewis  1829-1906  CW CSA   record
Arnold, Tilberry  -     
Bailey, Frank P.  1887-1931  WW I   
Bailey, Thornton  1834-1914  CW CSA   
Baker, Henry F.  1834-1863  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Baker, I(saac) N.  1842-1926  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Baker, Jacob A.  -  CW Union   Pvt, record
Baker, John W.  1936-1862  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Baker, S(amuel) C.  1841-1913  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Baker, W(illiam) A.  1832-1924  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Barnes, A(be) F.  1833-1918  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Barnes, I. P.  1823-1910  CW CSA   Lieut, record
Barnes, Isaac W.  1894-1927  WW I   Pvt, record
Barnes, John C.  1892-1923  WW I   Pvt, record
Bartlett, J. D.  -1864  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Bean, Frederick W.  1846-1907  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Beard, George  1732-1820  RevWar   
Bedinger, Joseph A.  1820-1902  CW CSA   
Belford, James  1835-1889  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Benette, Newton  -  CW CSA   Shoemaker, record
Bennett, Sylvanus  1830-1887  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Billmyre, Arthur A.  1895-1932  WW I   Pvt, record
Blaker, Fenton D.  1821-1886  CW CSA   
Blue, James P.  1833-1897  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Blue, Lawson  1821-1906  CW CSA   
Bowen, Kirk T.  1890-1927  WW I   Pvt, record
Bowman, Geo. O.  1827-1903  CW CSA   record
Brannon, William A.  1837-1918  CW CSA   
Brelsford, James W.  1840-1916  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Brill, Alfred A.  1831-1914  CW CSA   Capt., Record
Brill, Amos T.  1836-1907  CW CSA   
Brill, Harrison  1840-1910  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Brill, Jonathan H.  1830-1907  CW CSA   
Brill, Lemuel E.  1839-1890  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Brown, Edward  -  CW   
Brown, J. W.  -  CW CSA   
Buckwalter, Anthony  1786-1868  CW   
Buckwalter, David H.  1824-1905  CW   
Buckwalter, John B.  1831-1918  CW   
Burket, J. D.  1838-1902  CW   
Buzard, Jasper N.  1842-1919  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Byrd, Thomas  -  CW CSA   
Capper, C.  1787-1831  1812   
Carder, Abner  1822-1916  CW   
Carder, Fred  -  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Carder, Joe  -  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Carder, James H.  1831-1917  CW   
Carder, Sanford  -  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Carder, Jackson  -  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Carlile, B. F.  1832-1913  CW CSA   
Carter, James F.  1828-1910  CW CSA   
Caudy, Henry/James  -  Indian   Capt., Record
Clem, J. H.  1836-1913  CW CSA   
Cloud, Amos  -  CW   
Cole, Daniel  1797-1879  1812   
Combs, Absalom  1822-1891  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Combs, James  1771-1850  1812   
Combs, James H.  -  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Conard , John R.  1838-1914  CW CSA   
Conard , George  -  CW CSA   
Cool, James  -  CW CSA   
Cooper, John  -1848  RevWar   
Cooper, Nathan B.  1825-1898  CW CSA   
Cross, Robert J.  1842-1896  CW   
Copsey, John  1759-1847  RevWar   Capt., Record
Cosner, Roy M.  1897-1930  WW I   Pvt, record
Croston, James L.  1840-1925  CW Union   Pvt, record
Croston, Travis D.  -  RevWar   
Daily, James P.  1838-1862  CW CSA   3rd Sgt, record
Dandridge, George W.  1838-1907  unk   
Daniels, Alpheus  1830-1881  CW   
Darr, James E.  1890-1931  WW I   Sgt., record
Darr, William H.  1821-1886  CW CSA   
Daugherty, John W.  1819-1894  CW CSA   
Davis, John H.  1830-1874  CW CSA   2nd Lieut., record
Davis, R. S.  1834-1919  CW CSA   Doctor, record
Davis, William  -  CW CSA   Musician, record
Davis, W. M.  1822-1905  CW CSA   Musician, record
Davy, John W.  -  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Dawson, Hanson  -  CW Union   
Day, Elmer D.  1890-1930     
Deaver, George  1825-1907  CW   Pvt, record
Delaplain, WM.  1841-1915  CW Union   Sgt., record
Dicken, Tolbert  1845-1924  CW Union   
Dickinson, James  1797-1827  1812   
Didawick, John  1839-1928  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Doman, T. S.  -  CW CSA   
Dorsey, Grant  -1934  Span-Am or WWI ?   Pvt, record
Dunlap, Wm. Sr.  1775-1858  1812   record
Eaton, Roy  1894-1934  WW I   
Edwards, Guy S.  1892-1930  WW I   
Edwards, James  -  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Emmart, G. W.  1822-1878  CW   
Emmart, Henry  -  1812   record
Emmett, Jacob H.  1840-1910  CW CSA   record
Evans, John A.  1833-1877  CW CSA   
Evans, Oliver C.  1837-1919  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Everette, Lewis  -  CW CSA   
Everitt, L. W.  1816-1882  CW Union   
Ewers, Franklin  1824-1889  CW   
Ewers, Thomas F.  1892-1918  WW I   Pvt, record
Fahs, Philip  1760-1848  RevWar   
Firer, Jessie  -  CW Union   
Fishel, Granville M.  1895-1935  WW I   Pvt, record
Fleming, Samuel  1839-  CW CSA   record
Flory, Jonathan  1818-1900  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Flory, John M.  1842-1901  CW CSA   record
Flory, W. H.  1847-1929  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Foltz, Benjamin  1825-1903  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Foltz, Jacob  1822-1905  CW CSA   record
Foltz, Jacob J.  -1886  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Foltz, Martin  1789-1859  1812 ?   
Foltz, William H.  -1897  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Frank, Andrew J.  1827-1886  CW CSA   
Frank, Chas. W.  1831-1900  CW CSA   
Frank, Samuel  -  CW CSA   
Franks, Adam  -  CW   
Frank, William H.  1825-1896  CW CSA   
French, Charles M.  1841-1915  CW CSA   Pvt, record
French, James  1826-1905  CW CSA   Pvt, record
French, WM. T.  -1874  CW CSA   Capt., Record
Fultz, Firman L.  1891-1919  WW I   Pvt, record
Funk, Boyd C.  1889-1937  WW I   Pvt, record
Ganoe, G. W.  -  CW CSA   
Garvin, John W.  1836-1880  CW   
Garvin, Mahlon  1838-1921  CW   
Giffin, David W.  1844-1912  CW   
Gill, Joseph  -  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Ginevan, Luther  1808-1882  CW CSA   Lieut, record
Ginevan, Mathias  1781-1826  1812   
Golliday, John M.  1889-1918  WW I   record
Grace, Robert C.  1831-1862  CW   Pvt, record
Gray, James K.  1844-1919  CW CSA   Pvt, record
Gray, Morgan  1839-1933  CW CSA   
Gray, Spencer R.  1813-1885  CW CSA   
Gray, William  1836-1920  CW CSA   
Green, J.  -1863  CW Union   record
Green, Lester  1894-1936  WW I   Pvt, record


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