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In cooperation with the Hampshire County Convention and Visitor Bureau and various local civil war historians, is endeavoring to create a resource for those studying the Civil War in Hampshire County. This is an on-going project, so please check back for updates. It is also a community cooperative project, so please feel free to contribute.


Sites in Hampshire County of interest for Civil War activity

    Engagements in Hampshire County
  • Battle of Romney Bridge, June 13, 1861
  • Skirmish at Ridgedale, July 13, 1861 [DHW-S-7]
  • Springfield, Aug. 23, 1861
  • Hanging Rock, Sep. 23, 1861
  • Descent on Romney, Sep. 23-25, 1861 [WoR 1,V p1173]
  • Romney & Wire Bridge, October 24-26, 1861 [WoR 1,V p1173]
  • Skirmish at South Branch Bridge, Oct. 26 1861 [WoR 1,V p1173]
  • Skirmish near Springfield, Oct. 26 1861 [WoR 1,V p1173]
  • Skirmish near Romney, Nov. 13, 1861 [WoR 1,V p3, 1173]
  • Skirmish near mouth of Little Cacapon River, Nov. 30, 1861 [WoR 1,V p3]
  • Skirmish near Romney; also at Dam No. 5, Dec. 8, 1861 [WoR 1,V p3]
  • Jackson's operations against Dam No. 5 & C&O Canal, Dec. 17-21, 1861 [WoR 1,V p3]
  • Skirmish at Slane's Cross Roads and Great Cacapon Bridge, Jan. 4, 1862 [WoR 1,V p4]
  • Skirmish at Blue's Gap, Jan. 7, 1862 [DHW-S-25] [WoR 1,V p4]
  • Affair at Bloomery, Feb. 14, 1862 [WoR 1,V p3]
  • Grassy Lick, Apr. 23, 1862 [DHW-S-34]; (Grass Lick, Apr. 22)
  • Wire Bridge, Aug. 16, 1862
  • Blue's Gap, Oct. 2 & 4, 1862
  • North River Mills, Oct. 8, 1862 [OR Vol. XIX, P. II, p.404]
  • Romney, Dec. 1, 1862
  • February 16, 1863 McNeill Rangers with only twenty-three men attacked a supply train guarded by one hundred fifty infantry and cavalry on the Northwestern Turnpike, five miles from Romney and captured 27 wagons, 72 prisoners, and 106 horses
  • August 1, 1863 engagement at Timber Ridge [HHC-MS reported in CVSampler-WW93]
  • May, 1864 McNeill's Rangers capture 60 prisoners at Springfield
  • June 26, at Springfield McNeill captures 60 Union soldiers bathing in the South Branch
  • Skirmish at North River Mills, July 8, 1864
  • Green Spring Depot, Aug. 7, 1864
  • Wire Bridge, Aug. 26, 1864
  • Springfield, Aug. 29, 1864
  • November 1, 1864, McNeill Rangers accompanied by White's Company attacked the B & Ohio at Green Spring
  • February 21, 1865 The capture of Generals Crook and Kelly in Cumberland, Md. and escape through Hampshire County.
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  • Ringgold Cavalry actions, see:
  • See also list in Vol. V

Civil War Map of Hampshire County (Shenandoah & Upper Potomac - Meigs, 500kb) note: available in full from the Library of Congress, #cw0655500

Gen. Lander's Map of Area Surrounding Hampshire County - The map covers the area from Harper's Ferry to Piedmont from the Potomac south to the Northwestern Turnpike.  Note: this is a large file (213kb) and will take time to download!  ** New! **

Civil War Engravings of Hampshire County

Books and publications noting Hampsire County in the Civil War

  • History of Hampshire County, West Virginia, From Its Earliest Settlement to the Present; by Hu Maxwell and H. L. Swisher; A. Brown Boughner, Morgantown, WV, 1897 (reprinted by McClain Printing Company, Parsons, WV, 1972) [HHC-MS]
  • Hanging Rock Rebel; ed by Dan Oates; Pearsall Press, Romney, WV, 1994. [A new publication of Lt. John Blue's recollections of his experiences in Hampshire County as a Confederate spy. He mentions many people and places of his day.]
  • Phantoms of the South Fork: Captain McNeill and His Rangers by Steve French; Released October 2017, Published by Kent State University Press. This work deals with the local Civil War heroes, McNeill's Rangers and their daring exploits in the Potomac highlands. Researched by a Panhandle author of several Civil War histories.
  • Romney in the Civil War; by C. H. Ambler; a manuscript in the West Virginia Archives. [Available in the Romney Library; in depth look at actions in Romney during the War of the Rebellion.]
  • Stonewall Jackson's Romney Campaign, January 1 - February 20, 1862; by Thomas M. Rankin; H. E. Howard, Inc., Lynchburg, Virginia, 1994. [New publication covers this campaign in detail.]
  • The Devastating Hand of War: Romney, West Virginia During the Civil War; by Richard A. Sauers; The George Tyler Moore Center for the Study of the Civil War, Shepherdstown, WV, 2000. [DHW-S] ISBN 0-9628218-7-X [This book available from the Fort Mill Ridge Foundation (304)822-4320]
  • Romney, West Virginia, During The Civil War by Arthur G. Slonaker; Masters Thesis, West Virginia University, 1941.
  • Civil War Soldiers From Hampshire County West Virginia by Susan R. Crites; Butternut Publications, Hedgesville, WV, 2001.
  • Four Years in the Stonewall Brigade; by John O. Casler; Press of Morningside Bookshop; Dayton, Ohio, 1982 [first published in 1893; second enlarged and corrected edition published in 1906; the current reprint has added numerous informative footnotes to corroborate or correct the original manuscript. Casler enlisted at Springfield and served in most of Jackson's Romney campaign; he offers names of local persons and identifies locations in Hampshire County.]
  • Stonewall's Man Sandie Pendleton; by W. G. Bean; The University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, 1959 [gives a detailed description of the destruction around Frenchburg]
  • The Liberty Hall Volunteers: Stonewall's College Boys; by W. G. Bean; The University of Virginia Press, Charlottesville, 1964 [quotes a description by Ted Barclay of the devastation around Romney and the inhumanity of Federal soldiers]
  • The Baltimore and Ohio in the Civil War; by Festus P. Summers; New York, G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1939. [This book also has information on the political shenanigans that brought Hampshire and surrounding counties into the new state of West Virginia althought the prominent sympathies were with the south.]
  • Romney, West Virginia, During the Civil War M.A. Thesis, West Virginia Univesity, 1941.
  • Dear Esther: the Civil War letters of Private Aungier Dobbs, Centerville, Pennsylvania ... by Aungier Dobbs, Ralph Haas and Philip Ensley; Publisher: Closson Press, Apollo, Pa., 1991. [The Ringgold Cavalry of Pennsylvania was one of the main Union units operating in Hampshire County during the Civil War.]
  • Elwood's stories of the old Ringgold cavalry, 1847-1865; by John William Elwood; Coal Center, Pa., J. W. Elwood, 1914. [Information drawn on memories and papers of several Ringgold and McNeill's Rangers men. Reprint available from Higginson Book Company]
  • The Twenty-Second Pennsylvania Cavalry and the Ringgold Battalion, 1861-1865; by Samuel Clarke Farrar; pub. by the Twenty-Second Pennsylvania Ringgold Cavalry Association. [unreviewed]
  • An Education for Civil War Militia Cavalry: The Ringgold Cavalry Company in the Alleghenies, June to November 1861 by Richard D. Pitts;

Books of local area activities that may mention Hampsire County

  • The McKaig Journal: A Confederate Family of Cumberland, Maryland by Helene L Baldwin & Michael Allen Mudge & Keith W Schlegel; published by Allegany County Historical Society, Cumberland, Maryland, 1984.
  • 2nd Virginia Infantry (Virginia Regimental Hist Ser) by Dennis Frye; published by H. E. Howard (April 1984)

References in Official Records of the Civil War - work in progress

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People of interest to Hampshire County in Civil War era

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Veterans buried in Indian Mound Cemetery

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Units in Romney and Hampshire County during the War

The Laurel Brigade in Hampshire County during the War

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Civilians killed during the war

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