Historic Hampshire County, WV

Hampshire County in the Civil War

Engravings from contemporary newspapers and magazines


another engraving of the battle of Romney Bridge 

Battle of Romney Bridge
The Battle at the bridge below Romney was so significant that there were at least two drawings of it.


View of Romney during the Civil War



Battery of the 4th Ohio Regiment


Union pickets on the South Branch River at Hanging Rock



Evacuation of the town of Romney
Evacuations were common in the town that changed hands about 50 times during the Civil War.


Lucas Gray engraving of the town of Romney
This engraving is available for purchase from the Fort Mill Ridge Foundation.


Wire Bridge at Grace, W. Va.
This was known as "Wire Bridge" on the South Branch north of Romney near Grace, W.Va.


civil war romney2
Soldiers on the main road just east of Romney; town is in background.



We wish to thank Mr. Rob Wolford for his assistance in securing some of these engravings.


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