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Civilians Killed during the Civil War

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This section of newspaper articles, soldier's journal quotes and notes from published books is being added to help us compile a list of civilian deaths during the Civil War. There is no such list as far as we know. We have tried to include the source of the quotes shown immediately after the quote. Most are Confederate; some are Union. We have tried to inlcude place names.

Please send us any information you can to add to this list. We do require a reference to the information.

Adam Frye killed by bushwackers December 8, 1864 while driving a wagon of farm produce from Yellow Spring to Winchester. [CVS-WW94 = Capon Valley Sampler by Willard Wirtz, page 94]

Henson, possibly a saddler, by trade killed exiting his shop to avoid Yankees. [Hanging Rock Rebel-John Blue p. 91-92] - check to be sure this is not individual below

Newton Benette, an old cobbler, see article: The Union Restorers in Hampshire County, from the Richmond Dispatch, Wednesday morning, Feb. 17, 1862 quoted on our page "The Burning of Hampshire County" (civilwar/burning.htm) Click here for WPA cemetery survey card.

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