Historic Landmarks Commission documents


Unofficial Commission Page

As a service to the Hampshire County Historic Landmarks Commission we are making available here some of the documents of the Commission and notes on their work to preserve our county historic sites. This page is not an official publication of the Commission, but rather the web editor's attempt to make the work of this important part of our County government available to our citizens. Requests for official copies of these documents should be directed to the Hampshire County Historic Landmarks Commission.

Enabling Ordinance, Bylaws and Rules of Procedure of the
Hampshire County Historic Landmarks Commission

Click here for the official establishment of the Commission by the Hampshire County Commisssion

Commission Meeting Minutes

It appears that due to various changes in personnel in the position of Planning Office Director we do not have a complete (or even rudimentary) collection of Minutes from the meetings of the County Historic Landmarks Commission. The collection below is made from copies collected by an interested party. It is not complete. These minutes are the drafts presented at meetings for approval. No note is made of any corrections or additions which may have been made. If anyone has any of the missing Minutes, we would appreciate your sending us a copy.

Minutes of 2011

Minutes of 2012

Minutes of 2013

Minutes of 2014

Minutes of 2015

Minutes of 2016

Minutes of 2017

Minutes of 2018

Minutes of 2019-none available

Minutes of Nov. 2020 - Sept. 2021 office copy

Minutes of 2022 - in process of posting

Minutes of July 27, 2022

Minutes of August 31, 2022