The Passing of Important Landmarks

Buildings or sites that are
no longer part of our county life

Also check this page! We will get organized some day. has a mission to preserve or archive the history of West Virginia's oldest county. As such we take note of the passing of important landmarks whether they be houses, schools, places of business or other important parts of our way of life. We have here an album of some of those that have passed within recent memory.

We invite you to contact us about lending photos or postcards or other types of images to be scanned and added to our collection. You may contact Charles Hall to inquire about helping with this collection. Thank you.


Post Offices:


Lost Post Offices - not just closed, but we don't know where they were

      The Levels Post Office closed on Feb. 28, 2011  


Destroyed Buildings and Houses

We would like to enlarge this section to include all lost buildings in the county; we appreciate your submitting photos or other information!