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The Passing of Important Landmarks
The Hampshire County Co-op Closed December 2009


Re-purposing the Coop building

The Romney OnTrac program has undertaken a project to re-purpose the Hampshire Co-op building and make it into a Heritage Marketplace and event venue. We wish them success in this endeavor.

HistoricHampshire.org has a mission to preserve or archive the history of West Virginia's oldest county. As such we take note of the passing of important landmarks whether they be houses, schools, places of business or other important parts of our way of life. We have here an album of some of those that have passed within recent memory.

In order to manage our enlarged collection of old photographs we are using a photo album. Below is an album of smaller thumbnails; click on the small photo for a larger image. Click on the larger image to return to the album. Note there is a caption below the large photo that may tell something about the location. You may also see the caption when placing your mouse over the thumbnail photo.

We invite you to contact us about lending photos or postcards or other types of images to be scanned and added to our collection. You may contact Charles Hall to inquire about helping with this collection. Thank you.

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Article mentioning building of the Co-op as well as note about the Wendel Lots (corner of Main and Marsham Streets owned by the Wendell family of New York City), and also the old A & P Store and Coffman & Fisher store.

The Hampshire County Co-op in Romney, Dec. 12, 2009

Research notes:

WV Sec. of State Corporate registrations

Hampshire Farm Bureau, Incorporated: Org Id: 58590 Effective Date: 5/15/1925 Termination Date: 2/15/1937 Voluntary Dissolution
12/3/1930 New Agreement; Book 137, Page 288. Increase To $200,000- 40,000 Shares At $5 Each, $190,000 Preferred And $10 Common
Stock; Book 134 Page 479.

Hampshire County Cooperative, Inc.: Org Id: 12649 Effective Date: 8/5/1940 Termination Date: 11/1/2010 Failure to file Non-Profit
Incorporator: E. J. Shawen; G. L. Potter
President: Charles Herriott
Treasurer: William Parker
Vice-President: James Mayhew

Romney Realty Company: Org Id: 25164 Effective Date: 12/1/1934 Profit
Incorporator: Edward W. Miller; Margaret I. Keller

Property information:
Deed Book 372, page 372, Feb. 14, 1935, Executors of last will of Ella V. vonE. Wendel of New York to Romney Realty Company of Romney. Lots 29, 30, 47 and part of lot 57. Note: Lot 47 does not include the Coop; it is Lot 48!-
check DB 97 p. 369 ?

Builder: William Henry Ansel, Sr. (5/11/1889-9/23/1962) assume this father, not his son, Jr.

Assessor: on books 1936 -   08 3 parcel 155

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