Destroyed Sites in Hampshire County

Buildings or sites that have are no longer part of our county life

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Kuykendall Polygonal Barn

The Round Barn on the South Branch south of Romney
closeup of round barn view under porch roof of center silo barn no longer in use barn and attached feed shed inside view around the silo The Round Barn at the north end of the Trough. It is a National Register of Historic Places site that is no longer standing.

Link to National Register of Historic Places Application - Click here

Barn's W.V. Historic Sites Form

Last five photographs below supplied by Gary Strawn who created a model of the barn.



Old Romney Water Plant

old Romney water plant
The old brick Romney water plant and its newer metal addition were torn
down to make way for the new bridge across the South Branch just below Romney.
old brick water plant building Another view of the old water plant



Civil War Trenches Overlooking the South Branch River

Removing hill for new bridge

Much of the hillside was removed to make way for the approach to the new bridge over the
South Branch below Romney. This hill had Civil War trenches guarding the old bridge approach
to Romney. Fort Pearsall may have been located somewhere on this hill overlooking the river.
The dirt was used to raise the approaches to the bridge. **********

Removing hill for new bridge



The Opera House in Romney

The old Opera House became the Ben Franklin store
Old Opera House-Theater (Library of Congress photo)


The old Opera House became the Ben Franklin store (shown being torn down above) and now is the playground for the blue day care center (old Dollar Store). The Brass Rail sports bar (formerly the Pioneer Restaurant) next to it moved to the back of the old Alpine Theater and the building is destroyed.



The Brass Rail

Saville law office with Green Palm Restaurant next to it.
The Brass Rail Restaurant occupied the space formerly known as the Green Palm Restaurant. It was next to what is now the Royce Saville law office on W. Main St. east of Marsham St. Brass Rail Restaurant being torn downThe former Green Palm Restaurant being demolished.


Mytinger-Floournoy house on East Main St. in Romney