Schools of Hampshire County

including One-room & Two-room Schools


Being a rural county, Hampshire has over the years had many one and two room schools. Here you will find lists of schools and a locator map that we provide courtesy of Yesterday's Review from the November 1996 issue - page 7. Please note the map is a bit large, so it will take time to download. Click on the image shown to see the larger map. The large image is larger than your monitor. You can save it to your computer by right clicking and choosing "save to computer." The names of the schools are given below. Also note the link at the bottom of this page to the 1926 county Topo map.

Note some of our unknown names are taken from one of the two listings we have from the U. S. Geological Survey Place Names index: Main list   Unknown places (historical).>

See also the large topo map of the county showing schools at bottom of this page.

First list is sorted by name. Second list is sorted by map number.

Schools sorted by name
Some have links to articles

Map# School District
65Augusta School Gore
46Bethel (Church) School Gore
28Black Lick School Romney
79Black Lick School Sherman
109Bloomery School Bloomery
106Braddock School Bloomery
45Bright's Hollow School Gore
112Broadway School Bloomery
82Bryan SchoolSherman
43Burg School Mill Creek
115Capon Bridge (Black) School Bloomery
116Capon Bridge (White) School Bloomery
132Capon School Capon
77Central School Sherman
25Chestnut Grove School Romney
89Clay Lick School Sherman
13Cleveland School [2]Springfield
74Cleveland School [2]Sherman
113Cold Stream School Bloomery
17Columbia School Springfield
18Cornwell School (2 locations)Springfield
103Critten's School Bloomery
85Davy (Davey) School Sherman
95Deep Run School Sherman
90Denver School Sherman
8Donaldson School Springfield
54Duck Lick School Gore
47Dug Hill SchoolGore
2Dug Hill School Springfield
135Egypt School Capon
129Ell Ridge/Elridge SchoolCapon    note p.1
125Falling Waters School Capon
4Far Levels School Springfield
37Forest Hill School Mill Creek
21Foxes Hollow School Romney
105Furnace School Bloomery
119Glenwood School Bloomery
92Grassy Lick School Sherman
1Green Spring School Springfield
107Greenwood/Forks of Capon SchoolBloomery
?Hannas School Sherman
139Hebron School Capon   note
33High Knob School Romney
78High View School Sherman
96Horn Camp School Sherman
66Hopewell School Gore
48Hopkins Lick School Gore
71Hoy School Gore
56Imboden (Emboden) School Gore
69Independance School Gore
7Indian Rock School Springfield
57Jersey School Gore
72Kedron School Gore
19Kendricks School Springfield
14Kerns School Springfield
10Kincade School Springfield
5King of Gore School Springfield
94Kirby School/Bethel School Sherman
128Lafayette School Capon
62Little Capon School Gore
120Loom School Bloomery
118Lovett's School Bloomery
100Lupton's/Old Rio SchoolSherman
98Marshall School Sherman
91McCauley's SchoolSherman
133Meadow View School Capon
44Mechanicsburg School Mill Creek
20Middle Ridge School Romney
127Mill Brook School Capon
58Millbrook/Barnes Mill SchoolGore
123Mountain View School Capon
136Mt. Airy School Capon
108Mt. Union School Bloomery
81Mud Lick School Sherman
50Mudlick School Gore
76New Junction School Sherman
73North River Mills School Gore
88North Texas School Sherman
35Number Eight (#8) School Mill Creek
38Number Six School (#6) Mill Creek
126Oak Grove School Capon
29Pancake.School Romney
15Parker School Springfield
42Parker School Mill Creek
117Pike School Bloomery
104Pinoak School Bloomery
67Pleasant Dale School Gore
70Pleasant Grove School Gore
114Pleasant Grove/Mellon SchoolBloomery
16Poland School Springfield
97Poland's School Sherman
36Purgitsville School Mill Creek
60Queen of Gore School Gore
6Queen of Springfield SchoolSpringfield
39Rada School Mill Creek
137Red Bud School Capon
121Red Hill School Capon
80Ridgedale School Sherman
99Rio School Sherman
124Riverdale/Mt. Pleasant SchoolCapon
34Riverside School Romney
122Rock Dale School Capon
23Romney (Black) School Romney
24Romney (White) School Romney
30Rosedale School Romney
40Sandy Hollow/Camp Run School*Mill Creek
110Sandy Ridge School Bloomery   note p.1
68Sedalia School Gore
84Sedan School Sherman
27Shady Grove School Romney
53Shiloh School Gore
131Shiloh School Capon
61Slanesville School Gore
3South Branch School Springfield
26South Branch School Romney
93South Texas/Lick Run SchoolSherman
12Springfield (Black) School Springfield
11Springfield (White) School Springfield
63Stonewall School Gore
138Stony Grove School Capon
86Sugar Grove School Sherman
9Taylor School Springfield
22The Rocks-Long's SchoolRomney
130Timber Ridge School Capon
55Tudar Grove School Gore
49Union SchoolGore
41Union School Mill Creek
?Valley View SchoolSherman
52Venita School Gore
?Victory School Springfield
51Victory School Gore
83Victory School Sherman
102Victory School Bloomery
75Walnut Grove School Sherman
111Walnut Grove School Bloomery
134Walnut Grove School Capon
87Watson School Sherman
140Willow Chapel School Capon
59Willow Tree School Gore
32Wood School Romney
64Woodlawn School Gore
101Woodrow School Bloomery
31Woodsdale School Romney

This sorted list does not include schools of unknown location.

     History of Romney Schools article


List Sorted by District:

Springfield District:
? Victory School 
1 Green Spring School 
2 Dug Hill School 
3 South Branch School 
4 Far Levels School 
5 King of Gore School 
6 Queen of Springfield School 
7 Indian Rock School 
8 Donaldson School 
9 Taylor School 
10 Kincade School 
11 Springfield (White) School 
12 Springfield (Black) School 
13 Cleveland School [2]
14 Kerns School 
15 Parker School 
16 Poland School 
17 Columbia School 
18 Cornwell School  (2 locations?? Gazetteer)
19 Kendricks School 

Romney District:
20 Middle Ridge School 
21 Foxes Hollow School 
22 “The Rocks” School/
      Long's School 
23 Romney (Black) School 
24 Romney (White) School 
25 Chestnut Grove School 
26 South Branch School 
27 Shady Grove School 
28 Black Lick School 
29 Pancake.School 
30 Rosedale School 
31 Woodsdale School 
32 Wood School 
33 High Knob School 
34 Riverside School 

Mill Creek District:
35 Number Eight (#8) School 
36 Purgitsville School 
37 Forest Hill School 
38 Number Six School (#6) 
39 Rada School 
40 Sandy Hollow School/
  Camp Run School/Hawkie School* 
41 Union School 
42 Parker School 
43 Burg School 
44 Mechanicsburg School 

Gore District:
45 Bright's Hollow School  
46 Bethel (Church) School 
47 Dug Hill School
48 Hopkins Lick School  
49 Union School
50 Mudlick School 
51 Victory School 
52 Venita School 
53 Shiloh School 
54 Duck Lick School 
55 Tudar Grove School 
56 Imboden (Emboden) School 
57 Jersey School 
58 Millbrook School/
    Barnes Mill School 
59 Willow Tree School 
60 Queen of Gore School 
61 Slanesville School 
62 Little Capon School 
63 Stonewall School 
64 Woodlawn School 
65 Augusta School 
66 Hopewell School 
67 Pleasant Dale School 
68 Sedalia School 
69 Independance School 
70 Pleasant Grove School 
71 Hoy School 
72 Kedron School 
73 North River Mills School 

Sherman District:
?  Hannas School 
?  Valley View School 
74 Cleveland School  [2]
75 Walnut Grove School 
76 New Junction School 
77 Central School 
78 High View School  
79 Black Lick School 
80 Ridgedale School 
81 Mud Lick School 
82 Bryan School
83 Victory School 
84 Sedan School 
85 Davy (Davey) School 
86 Sugar Grove School 
87 Watson School 
88 North Texas School 
89 Clay Lick School 
90 Denver School 
91 McCauley's School
92 Grassy Lick School 
93 South Texas School/
    Lick Run School 
94 Kirby School/Bethel School 
95 Deep Run School 
96 Horn Camp School 
97 Poland's School 
98 Marshall School 
99 Rio School 
100 Lupton's School/
     Old Rio School 

Bloomery District:
101 Woodrow School 
102 Victory School 
103 Critten's School 
104 Pinoak School 
105 Furnace School 
106 Braddock School 
107 Greenwood School/
   Forks of Capon School 
108 Mt. Union School 
109 Bloomery School 
110 Sandy Ridge School 
111 Walnut Grove School 
112 Broadway School 
113 Cold Stream School 
114 Pleasant Grove School/
     Mellon School
115 Capon Bridge (Black) School 
116 Capon Bridge (White) School 
117 Pike School 
118 Lovett's School 
119 Glenwood School 
120 Loom School 

Capon District:
121 Red Hill School 
122 Rock Dale School 
123 Mountain View School 
124 Riverdale School/
     Mt. Pleasant School
125 Falling Waters School 
126 Oak Grove School 
127 Mill Brook School 
128 Lafayette School 
129 Ell Ridge School/
   Elridge Concord School 
130 Timber Ridge School 
131 Shiloh School 
132 Capon School 
133 Meadow View School 
134 Walnut Grove School 
135 Egypt School 
136 Mt. Airy School 
137 Red Bud School 
138 Stony Grove School 
139 Hebron School 
140 Willow Chapel School 

Unknown location/district:
  Bryn School  (Augusta) [see 1926 Topo s.w. of Augusta toward Ford Hill; 
    on Google maps:] Capon Bridge Normal School (USGS Gazetteer) Central School (Hanging Rock, Gazetteer) Dewey School (Springfield, Gazetteer) Grape Hill School Dutch Hollow School (Durch Lick??, Levels, Gazetter) Hendricks School (1953 School Day program) Horn Camp School (Sector, Gazetter) Mick Run School (Yellow Spring, Gazetteer) Parks Hollow School (Yellow Springs Topo) Pike School Rosedale School (Hanging Rock, Gazetteer) Salem/Old Salem see HCHS Newsletter, 1996, 2nd quarter, p. 1 Timber Mountain School (Hanging Rock, Gazetteer) Vinita School (Levels, Gazetteer) Private Schools: Potomac Academy Romney Classical Institute (Romney Academy) Springfield Academy Notes: * Hawkie School was a different building about 300 feet from the
    later Sandy Hollow School. [Review May 10, 1950]


More Resources

Further information on schools may be gleaned from searching the issues of Yesterday's Review and Hampshire History and also the issues of the Hampshire County Historical Society Newsletters. The Historical Society index is short, but we include below a brief index of the Yesterday's Review and Hampshire History articles since that index is rather extensive. However, you may search it for other key words.

SubjectIssue date
Augusta – student pictures1999-11 pg 3
Augusta – student pictures2000-05 pg 14
Augusta School – student pics1997-11 pg 8-9
Columbia Consolidated School – student pictures1999-08 pg 8-9
Falling Waters School2001-11 pg 3 & 12
History of W. Va. Schools1998-11 pg 13
History of W. Va. Schools con’t1999-05 pg 4
Horn Camp School2002-02 pg 3
Independence School memorabilia 2003-02 pg 6
Many Schools1997-02 pg 8
North Texas School – student pictures2004-08 pg 5
One Room Schools1996-11 pg 5-7
Picture of student with reading certificate2000-08 pg 7
Picture of Teacher1999-08 pg 14
Red Bud School – student pictures1999-02 pg 4
Red Bud School – student pictures2002-08 pg 11
Red Bud School – student pictures & 2002-08 pg 112001-02 pg 3
Romney Elem. 1924 6th grade class2006-05 pg 4
Sandy Hollow School2002-05 pg 3-4
Three Churches School – student pictures2004-05 pg 5
Three Churches School – student pictures2006-02 pg 4-5
Victory School student pictures2002-11 pg 11

The 1926 Topo map has schools marked on it.

This is a large file; if you right click on it you can download it to your computer.
There is also a map with schools marked in the Courthouse in Romney.