From The Hampshire Review, June 21, 1950

History of Black Lick School, Romney Dist.
by the Pupils


Black Lick School was built in the year of 1897. Mr. L. H. Henderson built this school, and immediately a board of trustees was founded. Some of the members of the board were: H.B. Dawson, Robert Cheshire, John Haines, W. A. Starnes, Charles McDonald, and Joe Hames.

This one-room school is located six miles east of Romney. As one approaches Black Lick, he will be amused at its location. The school sets in a field close beside a stand of tall timber and evergreens. The children playing on the winding dirt road or along the shallow brook, is a beautiful sight for any city eye. The school is a small frame building painted white. On one end is a small porch with a crooked flag pole attached. In the rear of the building are two outside toilets, which are also painted white. The inside of the building is composed of a blackboard, a stove, a small cupboard, and a low bench for the drinking bucket and lunch pails. The windows each have window shades and a stick to prop up the windows on a warm day. The walls are painted a light green with the exception of a bulletin board, a small Confederate flag, and a few pictures. The rest of the room is composed of a variety of books, including the Bible, desks of all sizes, and sometimes, but seldom, a switch.

This community has no electricity or modern day plumbing. If one did not know it was 1950, he would think this setting a typical pioneer scene. At this one-room school "Old Glory" still flutters on the crooked flag pole, and the children are still learning. This year the pupils have planted a lawn to add to their school.

According to records handed down from generation to generation the following teachers have taught at one time or another in this chool (sic). They are: R. S. Pownall, W. H. McDonald, O. E., McDonald, T. A. Carter, J. F. Tutwiler, M. I. Haines, Mrs. Anna French, Frank Tutwiler, Rinza Shanholtzer, Anna Haines, Emma Inskeep, Mabel Foltz, Estella Kaylor, Charles Leatherman, Ruby Leatherman, Mrs. Shockey, Miss Huffman, Lena Shanholtzer, Harper Shanholtzer, Mrs. Newhouse and Mrs. McCauley.

Some of the pupils who have attended Black Lick School were: Gus Cheshire, Charlie Cheshire, Burr Cheshire, Nina Cheshire, Harry Starnes, Gilbert Starnes, Wardie Starnes, Thedorea Haines, Lezzia Haines, Bob Shingleton, Semor Haines, Manning Haines, Lup Haines, Cursy Haines, Nora Beatty, Ira Haines, Nina Dawson, Stella Dawson, Margaret Dawson, June Dawson, Riley Shingleton, John Shingleton, Margaret Shingleton, Edith Shingleton, John Haines, Roy Payne, Pearl Keckley, Carl Hogbin, Fay Hogbin, Bruce Corbin, Henry Haines, Sadie Haines, Jessie McDonald, Paskel McDonald, Eldon McDonald, Paul McDonald, Pressley McDonald, Mintee Cheshire, Clyde Cheshire, Clarence Cheshire, Ernest McDonald, Lloyd McDonald, Ada McDonald, Carrie Starnes, Bessie Starnes, Gordon Beatty, Estella Beatty, Rilla Beatty, Owen Shingleton, Roy Johnson, Catherine Johnson, Amy McDonald, Emory Keckley, Ray Keckley, Riley Johnson, Homer Keckley, Buddy Shanholtzer, Ethel Shanholtzer, Estella Shanholtzer, Ilene McDonald, Donald Hartman, George Sirk, Ralph Sirk, Deloris Sirk, Norman Sirk, Elizabeth Starnes, Brady Starnes, Betty Sears, Avery Shanholtzer, Cecil Payne, Lloyd Starnes, Woodrow Payne, Eston Payne, Myrtle Cheshire, Ted Cheshire, Sam Cheshire, Harriet Cheshire, Bob Ganoe, Mabel Ganoe, Georgia Ganoe, Edward Ganoe, Elwood Ganoe, Nellie Starnes, Ira Starnes, Jessie Starnes, Carl Starnes, Hazel Starnes, Floyd Starnes, Brady Starnes, Nina McDonald, Maxine McDonald, Audra Poland, Neil Poland, Mary Poland, Nellie Carter, Robert Carter, Katherine Carter, Paul Carter, Buddy Carter, Goldea Ganoe, Carl McBridge, Catherine McBride, Calvin McBride and Wilda McBride.

The following pupils are now enrolled in Black Lick School: Junior McDonald, Glenn McDonald, Geraldine McDonald, Estalene McDonald, Thelma Ganoe, Gladys Ganoe, Mary Kline, Enie Kline, Gene Kline, Louise Hartman, Sally Hartman, Richard Hartman, Charles Boswell, John Sears, Earnest Lee Sears, Roger Haines and Eulda Landes.

Mr. Wardie Starnes now provides the school with fuel. The present teachers are Mrs. Keith Keister and Arthur Ewers.