The Industries of Hampshire County

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Throughtout its history Hampshire County has had several industries that have been important to our economy. This page is a gateway to information about those industries.
    This section is a work in progress. As always, we invite submissions for this section that can include photos, articles or background information. History is a community affair: it takes a community to make it; it takes a community to save it!

Arnold mill calendar



Lumber see article: Comments on Freight

Mills, sawmills, grist mills, etc.


Gun Making, Gunsmiths

Fruit Industry - Orchards

Fish Culture

Liquor Industry - more to come

Retail and Newspaper Ads

Supporting Infrastructure

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  • 1830 1st stage line from Winchester to Capon Bridge established
  • by 1834 the Northwestern Pike reached Romney; by 1838 it reached Parkersburg on the western edge of the state.