Mills: Grain Mills, Sawmills, etc.

We are attempting to include here information on an important industry of Hampshire County. We would appreciate any old photographs or other information our viewers may have on mills of Hampshire County.

Mill Photographs

Miller Mill in North River Mills

Schuller Mill

  grain mill in Bloomery

Mills as Recorded in 1813

The following list of mill owners was compiled by Virginia in light of the War of 1812 and the government's need to have more information on the availability of food and industrial production to support the war. This information was compliled by Wilmer Kerns during research for his book, Historical Records of Old Frederick and Hampshire Co., Va.; Heritage Books, Bowie, Md., 1992. We appreciate his drawing our attention to this list as we endeavor to make available more information on early industries of Hampshire County. One should consult his work for further information. The original source of this information is available only by special permission of the Clerk of Frederick County, Virginia, so we have no further information on these mills. Note: this listing includes "Old Hampshire County" which includes Mineral County.

Saw millAllenderJames
Grist millAllkyrePeter
Grist millBardieJohn
Grist millBeallIsaac
Saw millBisonJacob
Grist millBoseleyJames
Saw millBrunerPeter
Grist millBrunerPeter
Saw millBuzzardFrederick
Saw millCaseyWilliam and Peter
Saw millCaslerJohn
Grist millCaudy & Co.James
Saw millCunninghamIsrael
Saw millCunninghamJohn
Grist millDaileyJames
Grist millDollJacob
Saw millDomanWilliam
Saw millDonaldsonWilliam
Grist millDonaldsonWilliam
Saw millEaster, Jr.John
Saw millEdwardsThomas
Saw millForemanBenjamin
Saw millFoxWilliam
Grist millGibson& Gregg
Grist millGoldsmithBenari
Grist millGregg& Gibson
Saw millGrovePeter
Saw millHarlandJesse
Saw millHiettJonathan
Grist millHollidayRichard
Grist millHollingsworthIsaac
Grist millJonesThomas
Grist millKidwellJohn
Grist millKuykendallIsaac
Saw millLargent, Jr.John
Grist millLargent, Jr.John
Grist millLaRueHannah & Jesse(joint)
Grist millLaRueJesse & Hannah(joint)
Grist millLaRuePeter
Saw millLewisThomasof North River
Grist millLewisThomasof North River
Saw milllliffJohn
Saw millLuptonIsaac
Saw millMauzyJohn and Peter
Saw millMauzyPeter and John
Saw millMcBrideJohn
Grist millMcBrideJohn
Saw millMcCanslipWilliam(?)
Grist millMcCartyEdward
Grist millMeansIsaac
Saw millParke, Jr.John
Grist millParkerPeter
Saw millParrillJoseph
Grist millParrillJoseph
Saw millParrillWilliam
Grist millReed's executors
Saw millRogersRobert
Grist millRussellIgnatius
Grist millSechristFrederick
Saw millSheetzFrederick
Grist millSheetzFrederick
Saw millShinnDavid
Grist millSmootBarton
Grist millSnyderJohn
Grist millStewartJohn
Saw millStokerJohn
Grist millStokerJohn
Saw millSuminezJohn(?)
Grist millTaylorThomas
Saw millThomasMoses
Saw millThompsonJeremiahexecutors
Grist millThompsonJohnof Little Cacapon
Grist millVandiverJacob
Saw millWhiteFrancis
Grist millWhiteFrancis
Saw millWilliamsEbenezer
Saw millWilsonWilliamof Berkeley County
Grist millWilsonWilliamof Berkeley County