Indian Mound Cemetery

Hampshire County's Most Historic Cemetery

Aerial view of Indian Mound Cemetery
Latitude:3920.562N; Longitude:07845.932W.
39.342553786058254    -78.76517057418823
39degrees 20minutes 33.1938secods    -78degrees 45minutes 54.615seconds
Located a few hundred yards west of downtown Romney, WV at the intersection
of US Rt. 50 and School Street on the right (north). Note: the old part of the
cemetery is not within the Romney town limits (see lower right).

Entrance to Indian Mound Cemetery 

An Historic Cemetery

Indian Mound Cemetery is perhaps Hampshire County's most historic cemetery for several reasons:


List of Interments


We are pleased to now have available extensive information on burials at Indian Mound Cemetery. In 2010 as his Eagle Scout project, Matthew Ward surveyed the cemetery listing burials and photographing gravestones. This listing (which we are hoping to keep updated) contains over 2,400 names. You may access the lists through the links below. Please see our page of instructions and a disclaimer before going to the lists. To the lower right is a map of the sections of the cemetery; click to enlarge it; right click on the large image to save to your computer. Photo to the right shows Matthew Ward and his sister finalizing the survey of gravesites.



Information on the history of the cemetery from Back in Time in the Hampshire Review Jan. 18, 2012

40 Years Ago Jan. 19, 1972
   "The gateway of Indian Mound cemetery has been restored and remodeled to widen the entrance. The wrought iron gate was widened by the addition of the dates 1762 and 1860, signifying the date the Town of Romney was chartered and the date the Indian Mound Cemetery Association was formed and received the deed for the land. Completion of the remodeled gateway marks the first stage of the project now going on for the restoration and beautification of the community burial place.
   "Indian Mound cemetery has been a burial place since ancient times. Some historians say that even the Indians could not remember the people who built the burial mound that gives the cemetery its name. It is possible that this mound may never have been opened to determine what it contains. The later Indians used the same area as a burial place and some graves were uncovered when the Northwestern Turnpike was first constructed. It is also known that a number of the earliest settlers were buried here in unmarked graves. Romney at one time had another cemetery, known as the
Presbyterian Cemetery, but the persons buried there were later moved to Indian Mound and reinterred there."

Early article on the cemetery (South Branch Intelligencer)

Map of Interesting Burials

Military Veterans buried here according to W.P.A. survey  - no map available

Map of old section of Cemetery - large!- use back button to return here

Indian Mound Cemetery Association

Photo Album of Indian Mound Cemetery

We are in the process of restructuring our collection of photographs of Hampshire County particularly since High Definition monitors are now becoming the standard. Below is an album of smaller thumbnails of views in the cemetery; click on the small photo for a larger image. Click on the larger image to return to the album. The larger images may be 1600 pixels or wider making them rather large files to download. However, since this is such a beautiful cemetery and higher resolution monitors and faster Internet speeds are becoming the norm, we have opted to give you more impressive photogaphs. Note there is a caption below the large photo that may tell something about the location. Check back later to see any additions. Note that page links may change; you may have to go through the index page.

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Above photos courtesy of Michael Anderson

Looking from the north end of Indian Mound Cemetery toward Mill Creek Mountain. Looking from the west toward the entrance, the Parsons Bell tower and the Confederate Monument. From near the Washington family plot looking southeast over the southern bank of the cemetery. The Cornwell family plots at Indian Mound Cemetery in Romney, WV

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