African-American History in Hampshire County

Bringing to Light the Story of Free Blacks
and Slaves in Hampshire County is endeavoring to create a resource for those studying African-American (Black, Colored) History in Hampshire County. Unfortunately, little attention has been paid to the stories of Free Blacks, Slaves and Freed African-Americans in our historic county or to the development of the African-American Community following the Civil War. This is an on-going project, so please check back for updates. It is also a community cooperative project, so please know we would appreciate your contributions. Index by Black history or Colored history.



Mount Pisgah Cemetery and Those Buried There


Armstrong Cemetery, a lost Black cemetery.


Carter Cemetery west of Springfield


Private Black Cemeteries containing veterans

Pvt. James Washington, WWI (Bartlett Cemetery); location: ?? Do you know? photo

Pvt. William Taylor, WWI (Taylor Cemetery) photo


Mt. Pisgah Church

Click on the thumbnail to the right to see segments of the Sanborn Fire Maps showing location of Mt. Pisgah Church from 1894-1931

49th Anniversary of Mt. Pisgah Church

Colored Camp Meeting of 1901 at Mt. Pisgah



Jacob Green, Runaway Slave and His Pursuer



Alfred Whiting, Confederate Camp Servant, Black community leader

- work in progress



Romney Benevolent Association and William Fowler - work in progress



Union Civil War Soldiers & Sailors of Color

Coming soon



William Washington



African-American Veterans

- work in progress


African-American Deaths 1867-1922

Moving Colored School in 1894

Old African-American School now off West Souix Lane


Warner Jackson's gift to Hampshire Memorial Hospital