References to the Municipal Boundary and
Annexations by the City of Romney


Most Current Survey of Municipal Boundary (1909)

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Romney Municipal Boundary, 1909

Deed Book drawing of Town boundary see Cemetery in lower right just outside of the municipal boundary. (use back button to return here)

1909 Survey  as filed in Deed Book 86, page 225 
  Handwritten Survey files in City Office: 1909 survey-p.1    survey-p.2    survey-p.3

See also references related to Indian Mound Cemetery boundary.


Map Book references:

  • Bk 1 map 40 water system showing city limits (legend is missing but may be c1928)
  • Bk 4 map 36 new shoe factory, industrial park
  • Bk 8 map 35 SouthHills (*Note: annexed part marked "to be annexed" while unannexed lot next to it is marked "Romney District")
  • Bk 3 map 8 is county road map showing Fire District (city limits not marked)


Deed Book references:

  • DB 69 page 130 Tabler Addition
  • DB 86 page 224 later plat of Loy Addition
  • DB 27 page 288 old plat
  • DB 10 page 237 Trustees named


Review articles


April 26, 1961 The Addition of Savilla Vale has officially become a part of the town of Romney, having been incorporated in the town limits as a result of the favorable vote cast in the special election held on April 5. The voters in favor of the annexation of Savilla Vale, both residents of Romney and of the Addition, were over whelmingly in favor of the proposition.

September 27, 1911 George E. Harmison's Valley View Addition lot sale, west of Romney depot, last Saturday was a success. He sold 21 lots at public auction and several privately, at an average of about $125. The free lot went to J.H. Newhouse. Mr. Harmison set apart two lots on a bluff overlooking the river as a hospital site and offers to deed them to the town, to trustees or anyone undertaking the work of erecting a hospital. He invites the ministers and physicians to take hold of the matter and appoint a committee to confer with him. The site is a most beautiful one, the view magnificent and the location close to the depot and the town. [Review September 28, 2011] (apparently not yet annexed into town)


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