Sloan-Ludwick (Parker) Cemetery,
Junction, WV.

Located north of Rt 50 in the field across from the Sloan-Parker House just east of Junction, W.Va. The house is on the National Register of Historic Places. This cemetery once contained Benjamin Parker and some of his descendants, but they were moved to Indian Mound Cemetery (see Benjamin Parker 1824-1887). We are waiting for a complete listing of internments. #32 on Dan Oates map Click on photos to enlarge.


Cemetery Listing:

*Copied by Dan Oates, June 3, 1993

Note: the W.P.A. Veteran Cemetery project lists "F. S. Allen" as being buried in this cemetery where his wife is shown above. However, their card gives no information on his grave site or his military service. It is a problematic listing.

Photos of Cemetery: