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Manuscript & Research Sources for Hampshire County
Part I - Various Repositories


There are many difficulties that the researcher will face in trying to find original source material for Hampshire County. The county's formation during the French and Indian War, the widespread destruction of the Civil War, the split of West Virginia from Virginia and the reorganization of the county's boundaries are only a few of the problems that caused a dearth or loss of records. Families have often moved to other locations or been associated with libraries in other parts of the state, so family information my have been removed from our county. Often material of interest to the researcher resides in other locations; finding these sources and repositories can be difficult and time consuming. HistoricHampshire.org has assembled here information on manuscripts and resources that may be of interest. This list is in no way exhaustive. We invite our viewers to send information on other sources and libaries. This is a continuing project. We would appreciate your assistance in making this kind of information available to all researchers. Our hope is that copies of these documents would eventually be available in the libraries of Hampshire County.
Please be aware that some of this material may a copy of something that does reside in Hampshire County; sometimes it is the best compilation that is available.
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Capon Bridge:
Monroe, John. Papers 1775-1948. Ms 62-1151.
Location: Duke University Library.
Papers of Monroe, Caudy, and Kackley families. Personal and other papers of sheriff and county official in Capon Bridge, letters from relatives in other parts of the country, tax roll and assessment books for Hampshire County in early 1880's.

Civil War (2nd Reg):
Civil War miscellaneous papers, 1861-c.1960's. Mss. 1P4299i.
Location: Perry Collection @ Virginia Historical Society.
Letters from Union and Confederate soldiers serving in the Shenandoah Valley; Diaries of H.W. Stump (Confederate soldier, imprisoned at Fort Chase, Ohio) and an unidentified member of the 17th Virginia Regiment, C.S.A (imprisoned at Fort Warren, Mass., and serving in western Maryland and western Virginia . Accounts of skirmishes in 1862 near Bloomery Furnace, Hampshire County WV. A muster roll call of Company K, 2nd Virginia Regiment. Scrapbooks of local newspaper accounts of military action in Virginia. Also a chronological list of West Virginia battles, attributed to Boyd B. Stutler.

Civil War.
Barnes family. 1859-1931. 237 items with guide. Ms 73-287.
Location: WV Department of Archives and History, Charleston.
Includes many items on Civil War in WV. (may or may not cover Hampshire County).

Civil War: also Ice Mountain, Fort Edwards, George Washington, Ohio Company, et al.
Wood, Lenora Whitaker (b. 1891). Papers c. 1930-1947. Mss 1W8505a.
Location: Perry Collection @ Virginia Historical Society.
Historian of Keyser WV; papers include essays and research materials relating to Mineral and Hampshire counties, West Virginia. Biographies include: Michael Cresap, James Rumsey, and George Washington. Geographical subjects include: Capon Springs, Fort Ashby, Fort Edwards, Ice Mountain, Keyser, Moorefield, New Creek, Old Fields, Ridgeville, and Smoke Hole (all in WV) and Fort Ohio, in Cumberland MD. Subjects include Civil War, folk music, the New Creek Company of Philadelphia (a land development company), the Ohio Company, the Old Northwest Turnpike (now Rte. 50), and tournaments.

Civil War: South Branch Valley.
Miles, John S. Papers 1861-1865. Ms. 79-1525.
Location: U.S. Army Military History Institute, Carlisle Barracks, PA.
Includes operations of the 107th Illinois Regiment in the South Branch Valley and in New Creek WV.

Fairfax; land records: surveys. Also Genealogy: Washington and Custis.
Worthington, C.L. Papers, 1761-1938. Ms 67-779.
Location: College of William and Mary, Earl Gregg Swem Library (Williamsburg VA).
Listed in The National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections, p. 83. Land grants made by Lord Fairfax, also survey maps (1753-1841) of land in Hampshire County. Genealogical material on the Custis and Washington families.

French and Indian War.
Young, Chester R. "The Effects of the French and Indian War on Civilian Life in the Frontier Counties of Virginia, 1754-63." Ph.D. diss., Vanderbilt University, 1969.

Titus, James R.W. "Soldiers When They Chose to Be So: Virginians at War 1754-1763" Ph.D. dissertation, Rutgers University, 1983.

Genealogy: general. Also miscellaneous history.

West Virginia miscellaneous papers, 1741-1967. Mss 1P4299g.
Location: Perry Collection @ Virginia Historical Society.
Assorted papers from WV counties including Hampshire and Hardy. Scrapbooks, commonplace books, diaries, and genealogical and local history. Many items relating to visits to various natural springs and resorts.

Genealogy: Washington and Custis--see "Fairfax; land records: surveys and grants. Also genealogy: Washington and Custis."

Virginia Manuscripts 1742-43 Jan 27. 4ZZ5. Pennsylvania Gazette.
Location: Draper Collection.
Indian raids in upper part of Virginia related by Thomas McKee, a trader familiar with the Indians.

Circa 1851. Doddridge, narcissa. 9ZZ 108-111.
Location: Draper Collection.
Incident at Hanging Rock, traditional battle 4p. copy by Draper. [This may relate to the Indian tribal battle at Hanging Rock related by Kercheval.]

1743, March 31 4ZZ5 5p.
Location: The Draper Collection.
James McDowell account of skirmish in which his brother Capt. John McDowell was killed.

Land records: grants.
Johnson papers 1778-1848. Ms 73-296.
Location: West Virginia Department of Archives and History collections (Charleston).
Records of land grants; correspondence, etc. Info on early Hampshire County settlers including Samuel Kercheval, Nimrod McNary, John Pearsall, etc.

Land records: surveys, Potomac River and Northern Neck Proprietary.
Winslow, Benjamin. (d. 1751). Survey book, 1736. Mss 11:3W7326:1.
Location: Perry Collection @ Virginia Historical Society.
Survey of the Potomac River from the mouth of the Shenandoah River to the head spring to delineate the northern boundary of the Northern Neck Proprietary of Virginia.

Parker, King L. "Anglo-American Wilderness Campaigning, 1754-64: Logistics and Tactical Planning." Ph.D. diss., Columbia University, 1970.

Saladino, Gaspare J. "The Maryland and Virginia Wheat Trade from Its Beginnings to the American Revolution." M.A. thesis, University of Wisconsin, 1960.

Ms 73-304. South Branch Valley Collection 1729-1885
WV Department of Archives and History, in Charleston, (275 items) includes Van Meter farm, collection has unpublished guide.

Historical Notes on Hampshire County (handwritten notes and typescript) by WPA Historical Records Survey, 1937 at Library of Virginia, Richmond, Va.; Hampshire County, West Virginia Microfilm

Aldridge, Frederick S. "Organization and Administration of the Militia System of Colonial Virginia." Ph.D. diss., American University, 1964.

Smithson, Rumsey (b.1834), diary, 1874-1899. Mss 5:1Sm695:1-6.
Location: Perry Collection @ Virginia Historical Society.
Diary of a Methodist Episcopal minister kept while stationed at Romney WV in 1881, Winchester VA in 1890, and Charles Town WV. Mostly entries about places visited and things done in the course of daily life.

Shenandoah Valley.
Malone, Miles S. "The Distribution of Population on the Virginia Frontier in 1775." Vol. 1: "The Lower Shenandoah Valley." Ph.D. diss., Princeton University, 1935.

Mitchell, Robert D. "The Upper Shenandoah Valley of Virginia during the Eighteenth Century: A Study in Historical Geography." Ph.D. diss., University of Wisconsin, 1969.

WPA notes.
WPA Surveys of State and Local Historical Records, 1936 (Hampshire County) at Library of Virginia, Richmond, Va.; Hampshire County, West Virginia Microfilm


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