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Part II - West Virginia University Listing

HistoricHampshire.org has assembled here information on manuscripts and resources that may be of interest. This list is in no way exhaustive. We invite our viewers to send information on other sources and libaries. This is a continuing project. We would appreciate your assistance in making this kind of information available to all researchers. Our hope is that copies of these documents would eventually be available in the libraries of Hampshire County.
Please be aware that some of this material may be copies of something that does reside in Hampshire County; sometimes it is the best compilation that is available.
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Note: This collection can be found by accessing the Library's web site: www.libraries.wvu.edu then click on the left side of the page the "West Virginia Collection ." Next on the Resources page click on "Guide to Archives and Manuscripts."


Capon Bridge; also Genealogy: Turner family.
Turner Family. 1874-1906. 1 folder. No. 951.
Correspondence of the Turner family at Capon Bridge and Shinnstown; issues of newspapers containing family and local history features.

Civil War.
Civil War. Bound typescript, 198 pages, 1941. No. 1052.
"Constitution, Minutes, Correspondence, etc., 1883-1921, of the Society of Ex-Confederates in Hampshire County."  [This bound volume contains information on the service of most Hampshire County Confederate soldiers.]

Barns Family.
Papers, 1816-1929. About 79 items. Nos. 925, 958, 970.
Civil War diaries and other papers of Thomas Rufus Barns. Civil War ballads printed on stationery, ca. 1864.

Civil War: John Blue.
Ambler, Charles H. (1876-1957) Papers, 1834-1957. 50 boxes, 1 folder, and 1 bundle. Nos. 122, 743, 1003, 1010.
Typescript of "Huckleberry Ranger: Lieutenant John Blue, Confederate," among others. Also info on education, local area and county histories, Civil War and the statehood movement in WV--clippings, notes, photos, etc. Writers or persons mentioned include John Brown and James Rumsey.

Civil War, Springfield (11th Cav.).
Daily, John (1829-1911). Typescript, 1861-1911. No. 352.
This document primarily describes the Civil War service of John Daily (born in Springfield, in Hampshire County) with the 11th Virginia Cavalry, C.S.A.

Civil War: South Branch Valley.
Fudge, Hattie A. Correspondence 1861-1864. Ms 66-657. 84 items.
Letters, info on Early's 1864 raid in South Branch Valley.

Sanders, John C., collector.
Papers, circa 1816-1900. 2 boxes, including 3 volumes. Nos. 64, 138, 153.
Typescripts, photos, clippings, account books, etc. Civil War typescripts: "Capture of a Railroad Train," by John T. Peerce (Mineral County, 1864), etc. Photos and scrapbooks of South Branch history.

Civil War. (44th reg.)
Stewart, D. Boston. Papers, 1782 (1852-1916). 1 box. No. 470.
Letters and papers of a member of the 44th Virginia Regiment, C.S.A.

Cornwell, John Jacob.
Cornwell, John Jacob (1867-1953). Papers and records, circa 1843-(1896-1953). 259 boxes and 4 bundles. No. 952.
Letters written by Cornwell while governor, legal papers, Romney Orchard Company (c. 1916-1919), South Branch Development Company (c. 1913-1926), etc, etc.

Virginia Debt.
Clipping, 1863-1939. No. 242.
John J. Cornwell's views on the Virginia Debt, printed in the Hampshire Review, 7 March 1951.

Court records - Hampshire County.
Archives, 1736-1949. 148 boxes, 261 volumes, and 7 bundles. Nos. 51, 282
Gift of the Hampshire County Court, 1937, 1951.  Miscellaneous papers from court cases and various county offices, 1736-1949; volumes of record books, 1820-1948, and much, much more . . .   [This collection is the original copies of the court documents which are available on microfilm.
The earliest box is numbered 1. There is no envelope #1 in the first box.  Envelope #2 contains two 1736 Orange Co. documents.  Envelope #4 contains an inventory of the estate of Michael Hider dated 7 February, 1756; this was not filed by Gabriel Jones until 14 Feb., 1758.  There is also a copy of a land grant by Lord Fairfax stating, "A patent from Lord Fairfax Dated the 15th January 1754 To Thomas Bryan Martin granting a certain Tract of Land in the County of Hampshire on Potomac River...."  Although the House of Burgesses passed in December 1753 the bill authorizing the establishment of Hampshire County, it was not to be officially set up until May 1, 1754.
This collection also contains a 3 page copy of a Hampshire Co. court document dated May 15, 1782 which lists claims for property pressed during the War of Independence with names of property holders and the value of the pressed items.]

Court Records; also Genealogy: Renick and Pancake.
Hardy and Hampshire counties, WV, records, circa 1750-1922. Ms 66-670.
Hampshire County records, records of town lots in Moorefield; also genealogical information on the Renick and Pancake families, and others.

Fairfax; land records: grants; South Branch of Potomac.
Fairfax, Thomas (1693-1781). 1750 June 4, 1749 August 14. 2 photostats. Nos. 245, 961.
Location: West Virginia University Library, West Virginia Collection.
Records of land grants by Lord Fairfax: 350 acres on South Branch to Peter Casey, 1749.

Fairfax; land records: grants.
Lambert, O.D., collector. Papers, 1750-1929. 1 box. No. 552.
Includes maps and photographs relating to land in Northern Neck of VA, Lord Fairfax, photostat of a Benjamin Franklin letter (27 February 1770) [not related to Hampshire County], etc.  [Contains photographs of Spring Dale estate [supposedly built by Jost Hite] and some outbuildings.]

Genealogies, 10 boxes. No. 928.
Family names include: Anderson, Bush, Champe, Cookman, Cunningham, Dyer, Lincoln, Stump, Teter, Waggoner, White, Williams, and Washington.

Genealogy: general. Also miscellaneous history.
West Virginia History. Papers, circa 1748-1942. 1 box. No. 183.
Includes: typescripts, clippings, marriage records, military papers, obituaries and many other documents relating to Hampshire and several other counties.

Rector-Hiett Families.
Papers, 1802-1913. 1 folder. No. 945.
Family and land papers, mostly centering on Parkersburg WV.

Genealogy: Parker family (misc.).
Parker, William (1845-1886). About 70 items. No. 156.
Letters, papers, etc of William Parker of Hampshire County. Also various papers of others of the Parker family.

Genealogy: Van Meter family.
Van Meter family. Papers, 1758 (1775-1889) 1926. 3 folders. Nos. 189, 260, 569.
Business and personal papers of members of the Van Meter family in Hampshire and Hardy counties.

Indian Trails. 1925. 2 typescripts. No. 1.
Sketches of the McCullough Trail, and Little and Great Warrior Trails [undocumented typescript with a pencil note that it contains various errors; no map, only narrative descriptions of the locations of the paths.]

Jacob, John Jeremiah.
Jacob, John Jeremiah. (1829-1893). Papers, 1866-1878. 1 box. No. 22.
Correspondence, etc etc of fourth WV governor, also covering somewhat his time spent as an attorney in Hampshire County.

Land records. (for specific records, see "Fairfax" or "Washington").
Harmison, Charles P. Land papers 1866-1914. 1 folder. No. 948.
Photostats of land papers--deeds, surveys, etc--including land in Hampshire County.

Eastern Panhandle, land records 1789-1848.
10 items. No. 686.
This collection consists of the records of land grants in Hampshire, Pendleton, and Randolph counties, deeds from Pendleton and Hardy counties, and the estate papers of Michael Alt and William Craig.

Haymond-Fleming Law Firm.
Papers, 1760-1936. 2 boxes. No. 544.
Law & legal papers from Hampshire & other counties, among other correspondence, etc.

Judy, Elvin Lycurgus (1870-1954).
Papers, 1756-1949. 2 boxes. No. 634.
Copies and originals of correspondence, land records, etc etc pertaining to Eastern Panhandle counties, border counties of VA and MD, etc.

Land records: deeds - Hampshire County.
Deeds, 1796-1886. 10 photostats. No. 936.
Copies of deeds for land in Hampshire County, most granted to William Inskeep.

Land records, also Genealogy: Welton family.
Welton family. Papers, 1770-1928. 1 box. No. 806.
Land records and other papers of two generations of Weltons in Hampshire and Hardy counties. Includes a Fairfax deed for eighty-four acres in Hampshire County in 1770.

Land records: grants.
Land Grants and Deeds. 1789-1848. 10 items. No. 686.
Land grants in Hampshire, Pendleton, Randolph, and Hardy counties, other papers re: the estates of Michael Alt and William Craig.

Land records: surveys.
Surveyor's Field Books. 1753, 1760-1765. 7 volumes. No. 577.
Surveys of land in several VA counties, parts of which later became WV. Includes Frederick, Rockingham, and Shenandoah counties.  [probably the book of Robert Rutherford]

Land records: surveys, Potomac River.
Hunt, Nancy (1820-1891). Letters, 1862-1865. 2 items. No. 89.
One letter is from W. Beverly (commissioner for Lord Fairfax) regarding the report and maps on the survey of the Potomac, as well as Fairfax's reply. [letter is very general in nature; contains no details of the survey.]

Skidmore, Robert L. "A Social History of the Eastern Panhandle Counties of West Virginia to 1810." M.A. thesis, West Virginia University, 1953.

Newspapers: (on microfilm)
The Virginia Argus and Hampshire Advertiser "A Family Newspaper - - Devoted to Politics, Agriculture, Education, General News, and Amusement." published in Romney; various copies from 1853 to 1857. [This paper has relative few articles on Hampshire County, but it does cover political meetings and elections and has several articles on the Alexandria, Loudoun and Hampshire Railroad. It also has many advertisements for the county and surrounding area. The collection is on three different film reels; the third is an unreadable single copy. The issue of May 21, 1857 has the story of James Parson, Jr. and his attempt to capture an escaped slave in a free state; the incident includes Isaac Parsons and Hon. Charles James Faulkner. The original copies of the Argus apparently belonged to Mr. Faulkner of Berkeley]

Carpenter, Charles, collector. Papers, 1892-1938. 5 Boxes. No. 57.
This collection consists of manuscripts and printed materials relating to the construction and development of railroads in West Virginia: Hampshire Southern Railroad Company, Western Maryland Railroad Company, et al.

Alexandria, Loudoun and Hampshire Railroad:
Information on this railroad may be found in the scattered issue of the Virginia Argus and Hampshire Advertiser on microfilm

Ms 77-657. Hardy County, WV papers at West Virginia University Library 1745 contains an 1857 travel journal mentioning Romney, the Cacapon River, and Hanging Rock Ridge.

Fox family.
Papers (1762-1859). 5 folders. Nos. 150, 471, 477.
Correspondence covering many aspects of daily life in Romney, WV; material on Romney Literary Society, land papers, etc.

Haymond, Luther (1809-1909).
Diary, 1830-1833. No. 772.
Description of Romney from his travels through it by horse. Also other towns in WV and MD.

Washington, George; land records: surveys.
Washington, George. (1732-1799). 2 photocopies. Nos. 442, 443.
Survey for 400 acres by Washington in 1750 in Frederick County, and one for 587 acres on the Ohio River made by Thomas Lewis for Washington in 1773.

Washington, George; land records, grants.
Mercer, Hugh. 1754-1825. 1 typescript, 3 pages. No. 235.
General account of Mercer's life, records of a 16,000 acre tract of land south of the Kanawha River which Mercer received from George Washington.


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