Book Indexes, partial


There are a number of books published which contain history of Hampshire County or its people and events. Some of these books were not published with an index or have a very long full index with mostly non-Hampshire material. In some cases while researching these works we have endeavored to make a short back-of-book type index to help people looking for facts about Hampshire County. So far our project covers only two publications. Unfortunately, the software we used no longer works on modern Microsoft Windows, so the projects are unfinished. However, we present here the unfinished indexes hoping they may be of some assistance to our viewers. If you have indexing experience and would like to help with this project please contact us.

Dear Esther: the Civil War letters of Private Aungier Dobbs, Centerville, Pennsylvania ... by Aungier Dobbs, Ralph Haas and Philip Ensley; Publisher: Closson Press, Apollo, Pa., 1991. [The Ringgold Cavalry of Pennsylvania was one of the main Union units operating in Hampshire County during the Civil War.]

Capon Valley Sampler: Sketches of Appalacia from George Washington to Caudy Davis; by Willard Wirtz; Dartleby Press, Silver Spring, Md., 1990. [Former Secretar of Labor tell stories and yarn from the beautiful Cacapon Valley were her and his wife retired; stories cover the span from 1748 to the 1970s. Included is a sketch of the voting shenanigans that brought Hampshire County into the Union.]