Crossing the South Branch in Hampshire County
A History of Our Bridges
 by George Ephraim “Eph” Herriott, Jr.

Bridges, Past and Present, Across our Major River

The history of the bridges that crossed the South Branch River presented here was contributed by Eph Herriott whose family has been on the South Branch River for several generations. We thank him for helping expand our knowledge base with this very well researched article. The article includes a general introduction and a history of the bridges north of Romney at Lower Hanging Rocks, the location now known as Grace. It also deals with the bridges at Romney, the one at Millesons Mill and the lost bridge at Sector. Finally, there is an appendix with supporting newspaper clippings and images. It is a very informative and interesting article with many photographs. The pdf file is just over 8 megs, so slower Internet connections may take time to download it. Click on the link below.

Crossing the South Branch in Hampshire County, A History of Our Bridges, an article contributed by Eph Herriott

  • by 1834 the Northwestern Pike reached Romney; by 1838 it reached Parkersburg on the western edge of the state.
  • 1838 The first bridge on the South Branch just west of Romney was built
  • Feb. 1862 Covered bridge at Romney was burned by the Confederates
  • 1874 Whipple/Murphy iron truss bridge was built in 1874 at Romney
  • 1877 high flood destroyes approaches to Romney bridge
  • 1939 Recently constructed Romney bridge was destroyed and new one begun
  • 1901-2 Millesons Mill bridge was built
  • 1936 Great Flood destroyed bridge at Sector, not rebuilt
  • June 21, 1937 new bridge at Romney opened
  • 1979 new “Multiple Continuous Steel Welded Plate Girder (CSPG) Spans” bridge built at Millesons Mill crossing
  • 1985 another major flood
  • 2010 The new concrete and steel bridge over the South Branch at Romney opens.