Company D, 17th Va. Batt. Cav.
and 11th Va. Cav.

This list is taken from the papers of the Ex-Confederate Soldiers of Hampshire County. We do not know the exact source or who composed the original list. If you know more about this list, please let us know.

CompanyLast NameFirst NameRankComment
Co. D, 17th VaAbbeAdamPrivate
Co. D, 17th VaAbbeFred Private Died in Cairo
Co. D, 17th VaAbbePhil Private
Co. D, 17th VaAdamsJohn Private
Co. D, 17th VaBaneSaml.1st Sgt.
Co. D, 17th VaBarnettFrantPrivate
Co. D, 17th VaBlueJohn 2nd Lt.
Co. D, 17th VaBoboJ. W.Private
Co. D, 17th VaBowersJohn W.Private
Co. D, 17th VaBradyIsaac T. Private Wounded at Pargettsville. Pro. to Sgt. Maj. of Reg.
Co. D, 17th VaBrillMathias PrivateKilled at Darksville
Co. D, 17th VaBrownFrank Private
Co. D, 17th VaBrownJohn PrivateWounded in Wilderness
Co. D, 17th VaBrownRichard PrivateWounded at Uppesrville, Died in Prison
Co. D, 17th VaCarderFred PrivateWounded on the battle Raid
Co. D, 17th VaCarrolJed Private
Co. D, 17th VaCarrollJohn PrivateKilled at the Junction
Co. D, 17th VaCarter Private
Co. D, 17th VaCasslerJohn Private
Co. D, 17th VaChapmanRobt. Private
Co. D, 17th VaClaytonChas. Private
Co. D, 17th VaConradChas. PrivateWounded on head on Patterson Creek
Co. D, 17th VaConradHolmes PrivatePro. to Adjt. of Reg
Co. D, 17th VaCresapRobPrivate Killed in Moorefield
Co. D, 17th VaDailey Benj. PrivateWounded in the Wilderness May 8, 1864
Co. D, 17th VaDaveyJas.PrivateKilled near his home
Co. D, 17th VaDaveyJohn PrivateWounded in the arm at Hazel River
Co. D, 17th VaDavisMaurice Private
Co. D, 17th VaDavisRandolph Private
Co. D, 17th VaDayleyJohnPrivateCaptured by the Tank, made his escape at Padmont by jumping through the car window, handcuffed and hobbled, made his way back to the Company
Co. D, 17th VaDuvallGeorgePrivate
Co. D, 17th VaFishelSaml. Private
Co. D, 17th VaFriddleSaml. Private
Co. D, 17th VaGrovesJohn PrivateKilled in the Wilderness May 5, 1863
Co. D, 17th VaHannasSteven Private
Co. D, 17th VaHerriottEphPrivateWounded above Moorefield
Co. D, 17th VaHottGeorge 4th CorpKilled at Forks Capon
Co. D, 17th VaHottGeorge Private
Co. D, 17th VaHuddlesonHealeyPrivate
Co. D, 17th VaHuddlesonHenryPrivate
Co. D, 17th VaInskeepIsaac V. Private
Co. D, 17th VaKelley Joseph Private
Co. D, 17th VaKiddRobt. B. 3rd Sgt.
Co. D, 17th VaLeaseUriah 1st Corp.
Co. D, 17th VaLeaseWm.Private
Co. D, 17th VaLightEdward PrivateKilled near Richmond
Co. D, 17th VaLovettC. S.Private
Co. D, 17th VaMcDonaldEd. H. Capt.wounded In mouth at Farmville. Pro. to Major
Co. D, 17th VaMooreheadRob. Private
Co. D, 17th VaMooreheadWm.Private
Co. D, 17th VaMurphyFrank PrivateWounded in the Wilderness 6th May
Co. D, 17th VaMyersFrank PrivateDied in Vicksburg Nov. 4, 1862
Co. D, 17th VaNixonSam.3rd Corp
Co. D, 17th VaPancakeJohn S. Private
Co. D, 17th VaPancakeJos. A.Private
Co. D, 17th VaPancakeSilas Private
Co. D, 17th VaParsonsIsaac3rd Lt.wounded in neck and shoulder at Upperville and in leg at Haws Shop
Co. D, 17th VaParsonsJas. D. PrivateWounded at Cedar Creek
Co. D, 17th VaParsonsJohn D.Private
Co. D, 17th VaPeerAmos PrivateWounded in Head at Farmington
Co. D, 17th VaPolandAmosPrivate
Co. D, 17th VaPolandJohn Will PrivateWounded near Romney
Co. D, 17th VaPownallJasperPrivateWounded below Petersburg and in Moorefield
Co. D, 17th VaReamJas. 2nd Corp Killed at Jacks Shop
Co. D, 17th VaReeseJohn Private
Co. D, 17th VaRileyChas. Private
Co. D, 17th VaRobersonAmos 2nd Sgt
Co. D, 17th VaRobersonJ.PrivateWounded at Cold Harbor
Co. D, 17th VaRudolphJohnPrivateDied in Hospital at Charlottsville 16th June, 1862
Co. D, 17th VaRudolphSimon PrivateWounded at Stoney Creek 30th June, 1864
Co. D, 17th VaSavellJohn Private
Co. D, 17th VaSehoffHerman PrivateKilled at ? Run
Co. D, 17th VaSeibertCharles Private
Co. D, 17th VaSeymourDanl.PrivateKilled at Petersburg, W. Va.
Co. D, 17th VaSeymourJohn Private
Co. D, 17th VaShellyJ.PrivateKilled at Brandy Station
Co. D, 17th VaSherrardJos.1st Sgt.
Co. D, 17th VaShingletonAbb PrivateKilled
Co. D, 17th VaShingletonElisha Private
Co. D, 17th VaSmithJas. Private
Co. D, 17th VaSpurlingLukePrivate
Co. D, 17th VaStarnsJohn Private
Co. D, 17th VaStewartJohn PrivateDied in Camp Chase
Co. D, 17th VaSwartzEd. Private
Co. D, 17th VaTaylorD. K.Private
Co. D, 17th VaTaylorDudley PrivateWounded 6th May 1864 and 6th April 1865
Co. D, 17th VaTaylorEanos PrivateDied on his way to be exchanged. Removed from train and buried at Kimmundy Ind.
Co. D, 17th VaTaylorJohn Private
Co. D, 17th VaTaylorWm.1st Lt.wounded at Haws Shop. Pro. to Capt.
Co. D, 17th VaUmstottConrad Com. Sgt.
Co. D, 17th VaUrtonJohn PrivateWounded at MoorefieId. Died in Missouri since war.
Co. D, 17th VaWatkinsChas. Private
Co. D, 17th VaWatkinsH. MadisonPrivateKilled near Hagerstown after Gettysburg fight
Co. D, 17th VaWhiteThos. Private
Co. D, 17th VaWolfIsaac PrivateKilled at Brandy Station


  • April 1861 Committee of Safety meets in Romney and begins to prepare for the coming war.
  • May 18, 1861 the Hampshire Guards and the Frontier Riflemen leave Romney to join other Virginia regiments at Harpers Ferry
  • Col. Lew Wallace with his Indiana Zouaves crosses Romney bridge and captures the town.
  • For Civil War see: Romney in the Civil War
  • April 10, 1865, General Lee surrenders to Gen. Grant at Appomattox Court House.
  • April 24, 1865, Monday, Several Rebel officers Lieut McNeil and their orderlies in all about a dozen come down to the lines to confer with the authorities regarding a surrender.
  • June 1, 1866 First decoration ceremony of Confederate graves in Indian Mound Cemetery.
  • September 26, 1867 First Confederate Memorial dedicated to Confederate dead at Indian Mound Cemetery in Romney.