Company A, 33rd Va. Inf. - Stonewall Brigade

This list is taken from the papers of the Ex-Confederate Soldiers of Hampshire County. We do not know the exact source or who composed the original list. If you know more about this list, please let us know.

Last NameFirst NameRankComment
AdamsJas.Private Killed 1st Battle Ball Run
AllenEd. Private Wounded at Battle of Bull Run and taken prisoner at Kernstown
ArnoldGeorge S.Private
BakerAndrew PrivateKilled in Hardy Co.
BakerJohn R. Private
BlueMichael Private
BlueMonroe 1st Corp.elected Lt. In 18th Va. Cav. Killed at New Hope
BlueWm. J. Private Killed 1st Battle Ball Run
BrightMikePrivateKilled at Antietam
BuzzardJ. N. 2nd Lt.Died in Winchester, 1862
CadwalladerJos.Private Wounded 1st Battle Ball Run
CarderElisha PrivateDrummer, wounded at Fishers Hill
CaslerJohn O.Private
ConnellyJas 2nd Corp
DagnonMikePrivateDeserted in 1862
DaileyJames P.2nd Srgt
DallyWm. E.Private
EargomeJos.Promoted 2 Lt.Vol. in Berkley Guards, killed at 2 Bull Run
FurloughThos.Private Killed 1st Battle Ball Run
GaitherGeo. Private
GaitherJas.PrivateKilled at Spottsitvania
GracePhilip L. Cap. Promoted to Major
GraceRobt.Private Died at Home
GrossThos Private Killed at Battle of Bull Run March 21, 1861
HambrlghtPrivateKilled at 2nd Bat. Bull Run
HaroldGeo. Private
HarrisJohn Private
HartlyAndrew Private
HartlyElijah PrivateKilled at Battle of Kemstown, March 23, 1862
HollehbackAmosPrivate Killed 1st Battle Ball Run
JohnsonWm. P. 3rd Lt.
KellyJohn Private
KennyPat Private
LongJohn Private
LongSimeon D.1st Lt.
MarkerPolk Private Killed 1st Battle Ball Run
McGrawThos. PrivateDied in Rock Island.
McNemarJos. Private
Miller MartinPrivateWounded at Kernstown
MontgomeryEd. Private
MontgomeryWm.3rd SrgtWounded at 1st Battle of Bull Run. Captured at Spottsylvania May 12, 64 prisoner during the war
ParkerJos. Private
ParsonsJames G. 1st SrgtPromoted to 3rd Lt. In 1862
PenceE.PrivateKilled at 2 Manassas
PerrinCharley PrivateDied in Hospital at Charlottsville
PerrinRalph PrivateKilled 2 Battle Bull Run
PowellWm.PrivatePromoted to Capt. wounded at Gettysburg
PownallAlbert Private
PownallWm.PrivatePromoted to Lt. Killed at Chancersville
RinehartJohn Private Wounded 1st Battle Ball Run
RizerJohn Private
ShellyD. Jos. Private
SimmonsDavid Private
SwisherFrank Private
YoungA. H.3rd Corp


  • April 1861 Committee of Safety meets in Romney and begins to prepare for the coming war.
  • May 18, 1861 the Hampshire Guards and the Frontier Riflemen leave Romney to join other Virginia regiments at Harpers Ferry
  • Col. Lew Wallace with his Indiana Zouaves crosses Romney bridge and captures the town.
  • For Civil War see: Romney in the Civil War
  • April 10, 1865, General Lee surrenders to Gen. Grant at Appomattox Court House.
  • April 24, 1865, Monday, Several Rebel officers Lieut McNeil and their orderlies in all about a dozen come down to the lines to confer with the authorities regarding a surrender.
  • June 1, 1866 First decoration ceremony of Confederate graves in Indian Mound Cemetery.
  • September 26, 1867 First Confederate Memorial dedicated to Confederate dead at Indian Mound Cemetery in Romney.