Williams-Mendenhall Cemetery
southwest of North River Mills, WV.


This cemetery is located on ridge above North River on property of Baker Farms, southwest of North River Mills, West Virginia. The stone readable below is a Williams.
Names to be listed in the future thanks to S.B.B. and D.D.B. The location may be a bit further south on the ridge above the river than the GPS location indicates. SHPO #46-HM-274
approx: 39.337503N -78.519128W [UTM 17 0713812E 4357166N]

When you are coming from the bridge over the North River south on Gibbons Run Road after you pass the first farmhouse and barns you will see a small woods at the far end of the long field. The cemetery is located in this on the high bluff overlooking the river. It may be hard to find as most stones are lying on the ground now.

Cemetery Inventory Form

List of names - incomplete

There may be as many as 13 stones in the cemetery; they are field stones with some cut stones.

View toward Ice Mountain and farm buildings View toward Gibbons Run Road George Williams and Eliza Mendenhall stones in the Cemetery near North River Mills


Location close to edge of woods at high point of ground: