Capon Bridge, West Virginia

Capon Bridge from the air

on the beautiful Cacapon River

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Museum cbm-13t

Capon Bridge Library

Maps to get you to Capon Bridgeold Christian Church

Aerial Photos of Capon Bridge

Old Photographs of Capon Bridge

Fort Edwards, a French & Indian War Fort

Historic Hampshire County

Capon Bridge Founders Day Festival

Hampshire County's 250th Birthday Archive

Capon Valley History - coming someday

Capon Bridge Revitalization Group - aren't we nice to you fellas? Are you still around??


The Green Bridge

Historic Bridge Inventory Form

SHPO Response to Bridge Replacement project

Capon Bridge Historic Report for bridge project 2016 (large)


    The Spelling of Our Name
    In case you are wondering about the spelling of our town and its river, the River is the Cacapon River. In colonial times it was spelled various ways including among others: Cacapehon and Cape Capon. The town is Capon Bridge leaving off the first sylable as does Capon Springs and Capon Valley. The derivation of the name is questionable; our major county history by Maxwell & Swisher says it may have come from an Indian word for "medicine water" prompted by the various springs along the river.


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