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   The Hampshire250 Committee congratulates Roberta Munske and her fellow citizens from the Cacapon Valley for their outstanding work in opening the Capon Bridge Museum. This endeavor was the work of the Capon Bridge Library Board and the CEOS and various others who wanted to see some acknowledgement of the rich history of the Cacapon Valley commemorated in this year of Hampshire County's 250th anniversary. The idea began last year on the 100th anniversary of the Town of Capon Bridge, but it took lots of time, work, contributions from local patrons and some grant money to complete the project this year.

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    The new Museum sits just to the west of the Capon Bridge Library (shown to the left in picture) on Rt. 50 east of the bridge. The building may be remembered by old timers as the old Dr. Gardner dentist office. The building has been renovatedd and painted.

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    Inside the Museum are several sections of displays on various aspects of the history of the Cacapon Valley. The displays open with this wonderful collection of annotated photographs about life in the valley.
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    Along with the old photographs there is a very artistic display of recent black & white photographs by JoAnn Tooley of places and buildings as we see them today.
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    The collection also includes many items, including this display of furniture, that are reminiscent of our history. In the collection is the original surveyor's desk of Samuel Cooper and the iron barred window from the old Capon Bridge Post Office


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    We invite everyone to come and visit this wonderful community museum and get a taste of life in the Cacapon Valley from long ago to the present time. There is lots more to see and enjoy.

Congratulations, Capon Bridge, on a
wonderful community Museum!


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