Aerial photos of Hampshire County 

Aerial Photographs of Hampshire County, WV

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Capon Bridge   Capon Bridge aerial photo


Aerial Photos of Capon Bridge

Right click on any of the four aerial photos of Capon Bridge and download them to your computer. They are large files - from 4-7Gb!
1938 aerial photo of Capon Bridge
1938 Capon Bridge aerial photo
1967 aerial photo of Capon Bridge
Capon Bridge 1967 aerial photo
1990 aerial photo of Capon Bridge
1990 aerial photo of Capon Bridge
year unknown aerial photo of Capon Bridge
aerial photo of Capon Bridge, year unknown

Caudy's Castle Rock on the Cacapon River

Forks of Capon - Site of Ft. Enoch (French and Indian War) and
one of Braddock's encampments.
frkca1-t.jpg Forks of Capon #1
frkcap2t.jpg Forks of Capon #2


North River Mills
North River Mills - click here
This includes Ice Mountain 

Romney area - click here  Romney, West Virginia 

Edwards RunEdwards Run area with trout pond. This area may have been the site of the Battle of Great Cacapehon in 1756.

The Heflebower mansion on the Cacapon heflbw-t.jpgnorth of Capon Bridge - Click Here

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