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As a remembrance of our Anniversary Celebration in
2004 we are archiving these pages for your enjoyment.

Capon Bridge Museum
Is Now Open!

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   Visit the Hampshire County Library in Romney
or the Capon Bridge Library to see the Monthly
Hampshire250 Exhibit.

  Monthly Exhibits:  January   February   March   (no April)
May   June   July   August


   In the same month (May 1754) that Col. George Washington fired the shots in the far western Ohio country that would begin the great contest to decide the fate of the North American Continent, Hampshire County was officially formed. The next two years of the French and Indian War would be very bloody years in Hampshire County's history. Following the defeat of Gen. Braddock in 1755 the Virginia frontier was left open to attacks by the French and their Indian allies. However, not even the ravages of the French and Indian War could long stay the advance of settlement into the fertile valleys of Hampshire County. Once the war ended the pace of settlement quickened, and homes, villages and churches would rise in the new county.

   Almost one hundred years later, Hampshire County would again be ravaged by war. The great Civil War would leave the county severely wounded, its citizens nearly desitute. But once again the people of Hampshire County would rebuild their homes and communities and look toward a brighter future.

   The year 2004 marks the 250th anniversary of the founding of Hampshire County. It is a time to recall the heroic sacrifice of countless men and women who came to this wilderness frontier to make a new life and of those who followed after them through other times of war and testing so that we can today live in peace in our quiet, fertile valleys and on our age-old forested mountains. Let us never forget the treasure that cost our forebears so much to hand on to us.


We invite you to check the
Calendar of Events
for our anniversary year.

The Book is published!
Hampshire County, West Virginia,

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Front License Plates on Sale!
copyright 2002 The Hampshire 250th Anniversary Committee

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Due to the differences in computer monitors you may not see the colors we designed. The logo has a dark green background with the county outline shown in light green. The letters are white. The green of the round magnet is the same light green as the county in the logo.
    The Hampshire250 Committee now has for sale a beautiful front license plate so every Hampshire County driver can support the anniversary celebration. The license plates cost $7.00 and the profits go to supporting the Committee's programs, publicity and events for the 250th celebration. Our thanks to Mayhew Chevrolet for their support of this Hampshire250 project. Plates may be purchased at Taggart Hall (the Visitor Center on High Street) in Romney.

The Hampshire250 Committee has also produced magnets and a pen in commemoration of the celebration. Commemortive Mugs are also available. These items are available at Taggart Hall Visitor Center in Romney and will be available at the Courthouse on May 1 and other events.


You may contact the Committee by email:


For County history go to:
updated: 10/8/15-11/17/04