Out Giant Turtle
Testudine monstrum viridi (?)


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HistoricHampshire.org has a very erudite staff and can handle most historic and web technical situations. However, we do not have a Biology Division or an on-staff biologist. We would appreciate any help you can give on the evolution of this unique species.

For those who wander the wilds of Hampshire County noting its varied flora and fauna there are many wonder to behold. Some are quite common, though often especially beautiful. Others are most unique. Among those oddities unique to Hampshire County is our wonderful Giant Green Turtle. It can often be spied basking in the sun in the middle of the river.

Unusual among turtles is our turtle's cartilaginous shell which has a delightful vivid green color with yellow details. It is believed that this bright color is caused by an evolutionary desire to be viewed by inquisitive travelers. It is believed that the awe and wonder exhibited by viewers gives our turtle immense delight and is a cause for its sweet smile. One might walk or wade into the river to get a closer look or to pet the friendly giant, but we do caution one to keep an eye on the water and the river bottom. River rock can be particularly slippery. Also, the river bank can be steep and difficult to traverse.


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We have put in a locater map request [Form IML-003] to our cartographic department; however, they usually take their time about coordinating with Google and posting maps. We regret any inconvenience.