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Crew Reunion 2002


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Jack Sloan, Reunion Chairman; Otto Groel, President; Charles Hall

    The USS Swanson Association, a group of crew members of the destroyer USS Swanson, DD443, had their reunion at Ft. Mitchell, KY in mid-September, 2002. Charles Cunningham Hall, step-grandson of Claude Swanson, was on hand to present the Association with two posters about Claude Swanson and the launching and commissioning of the ship (above photo). The posters will be sent to the USS Swanson display at the Destroyer Museum in Fall River, Mass. In attendance at the reunion were three "plank owners" of the Swanson; in Navy parlance this is a crew member who was present when the ship was put in commission. The three appear below with Charles Hall.
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John Sandbrook, Franz Wessel, Jack Sloan and Charles Hall
Three "Plank Owners" of the USS Swanson

It should be noted that these three men (and many others who were on board the Swanson and other ships guarding supplies sent by the United States to a beleagured Britain) fired upon the free world's enemies before World War II began.

Below is a copy of the other poster given to the Association for their display.

For more Reunion pictures see the Association's web site:


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