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References and Sources on Claude Swanson




The best resource for studying the life and political career of Claude Swanson is Claude A. Swanson: A Political Biography by Henry C. Ferrell, Jr., published by The University Press of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, 1985. This 221 page work supplemented by fifty pages of footnotes delves deeply into the professional political life of this little known Virginia statesman. The bibliography is very extensive. The book is out of print, but is available in various southern libraries.



A Scrapbook on Claude Augustus Swanson
was compliled by Charles C. Hall, son of Claude Swansons's step-son. This privately published compilation of newspaper articles and some other memorabilia is based on items that Douglas Hall inherited from his mother and step-father. Arranged in chronological order with a simle introduction, this book makes facinating reading and tells a suprisingly complete story of Claude Swanson's life. Available only in a limited number of Virginia libraries. Some of the material appears on this web site.



The best account of local history of Pittsylvania County where Claude Swanson was born and where his family had been for several generations is History of Pittsylvania County, Virginia by Maud Carter Clement; Lynchburg, VA: J. P. Bell Co., 1929; republished by Regional Publishing Company in 1973.


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