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Battleship Cove Naval Museum
Fall River, Massachusetts

 U.S.S. Swanson display dedicated at the
Destroyermen's Museum at Fall River, Mass.

USS Swanson

U.S.S. Swanson  DD443

Crowd gathers aboard USS Kennedy
Crowd of U.S.S. Swanson Crew Association and friends gather aboard the
U.S.S. Joseph Kennedy, Jr. for the dedication ceremony on May 29, 2006


Album presented by Jack Sloan
Jack Sloan presents Richard Angelini, Assistant Curator, with
an album of photos of the ship and crew during the war

    Charles Hall, grandson of Lulie Hall Swanson, widow of Claude Swanson, speaking at the ceremony. Mrs. Swanson launched the U.S.S. Swanson and was present at the commissioning. Mr. Hall recalled the great contribution that Secretary of the Navy Claude A. Swanson made to the building up of the navy in the years that he served first as a member (1911-1932) and then chairman of the Senate Naval Affairs Committee and later as Secretary of the Navy (1933-1939) under President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Sec. Swanson counted 155 ships in the Navy when be became Secretary; when he died in office in 1939 there were over 272 ships either at sea or being constructed.
Charles Hall speaks at ceremony

Mr. Angelini thanks the Association for their gift
   Asst. Curator Richard Angelini thanks the Association for their gifts. Since the Swanson Association has been an early supporter of the Destroymen's Museum, their display will be permanent while artifacts from other ships will be shown on a rotating basis.

   The display case contains a flag, a uniform shirt, a battle chart of the Admiralty Islands donated by Maurice Dondis, a brass ashtray donated by Charles Hall and a silver napkin ring procured by Jack Sloan.  Also included is the program from the launching of the U.S.S. Swanson on Nov. 2, 1940 as well as other items. After the ceremony the museum was presented with a foul weather jacket by Bill Clancey. These artifacts will be on permanent display.
   For photos of the ships displayed at Battleship Cove, click on the links below.
Display case of Swanson artifacts

    The Swanson Association would like to thank Assistant Curator Richard Angelini and Executive Director Ron Catudal and all the staff at Battleship Cove and the Destroyermen's Museum for their cooperation in providing a permanent place to commemorate the U.S.S. Swanson and its crew.  We salute their dedication to passing on this World War II history to future generations.


Seeing Battleship Cove

The Association members had time to tour Battleship Cove. It was especially meaningful to see the battleship U.S.S. Massachusetts (in the background) which came to the assistance of the Swanson at the Battle off Casablanca.

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