Historic Hampshire County, WV
West Virginia's Oldest County

Scenic Hampshire County

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It was not so much the wonderful beauty of the area that brought the first settlers, but rather the opportunity to gain good farm land in the verdant, wide river valleys and on the scattered open ridge tops. The first land grants were laid out across the valleys from mountain to mountain making the best use of fertile bottom land.


Silver mist morning


Indian Mound Cemetery, Romney




 tren-ne.jpg  tren-gap.jpg
The Trenches at Fort Mill Ridge across the South Branch River ft-mill.jpgwest of Romney are said to be among the best preserved trenches remaining from the Civil War. They are strategicly located to command the Northwest Turnpike through Mechanicsburg Gap and also the river approaches to Romney. They offer a glimpse into life in Hampshire County during the Civil War, but they are also a pleasant place to enjoy the quiet of the woods and peak at the views across the valleys.

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