The New Jail to be Finished
November 15, 1934

From the Hampshire Review, October 24, 1934

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October 24, 1934.
Jail at Romney to be Finished on November 15
Structure Will House Twenty In- mates - Bui1t at Cost of $7,000
The new Hampshire county jail, which has been under construction for some time, will be ready for use about November 15th, Sheri? G. M. Sanders announced. The construc- tion work is under the Civil Works Administration which gave employ- ment to many local residents, who were on relief rolls. When completed, Sheriff Sanders said, the jail will be modern in every particular. Although no escape proof novelties have been installed, he said, he doubts if anyone can get out, once they are locked in. The jail has had the cell blocks in- stalled, but the pouring of the con- crete floor still is to be done. It will house twenty inmates and has both men and women sections. The cost of construction was approximately $7,000, he said.