Review Article: Dr. Martin House Sale 10-17-34

From the Hampshire Review, October 17, 1934

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Executor's Sale of Valuable Real Estate
Dr.E. B. Martin Property
By virtue of authority vested in me
by the last will and testament of Mrs.
Edmonia Martin, deceased, I will sell at
public auction, to the highest bidder, on
at two o’clock P. M., at the front door
of the Court House at Romney, W. Va.,
the following real estate belonging to
the said estate:
First Parcel
The late Dr. E. B. Martin home prop-
erty on the Main Street of Romney, W.
Va., consisting of a lot and two-story,
slate roof, brick dwelling house, con-
taining seven rooms, kitchen, but1er’s
pantry, bath room, large front porch,
large upper and lower side porches, with
attic over entire house, and cellar under
the whole house; completely equipped
with coal (and oil) furnace, and hot
water heating system, house electrical-
ly wired throughout, and connections
with city sewerage.
Also a two-story tile combined frame
house and garage; room for two cars on
first floor, and living rooms on second
floor. (This building is not fully finished
on inside.)
The lot is large and has ample room
for two building lots on the north end.
This is one of the best built, best lo-
cated homes in Romney. Is suitable
for combined home and business place,
such as physician, dentist, lawyer, beau-
tician, etc., or apartment, or boarding
In one of the best sections of the
town. An extremely desirable property
Second Parcel
A tract of 22 acres of land about a
mile east of Romney on County Road
just off of Route 50....
   **some text omitted here**
   **ref 2nd parcel & terms**
Right reserved to reject any and all
bids.    J. S. ZIMMERMAN
Executor Mrs. Edmonia Martin's es-
tate.      10-3-3t