Review Article: Romney Barrel Factory,
RR Motor Cars & Fruit Package Factory

From the Hampshire Review, March 8, 1922

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The Hampshire Review
Wednesday, March 8, 1922
Town Council
  At a special meeting of the town
council held February 28th, building
permits were granted to the Hamp-
shire Barrel Factory, T. W. Mauk
and D. E. Pugh.
  Dr. R. W. Dailey, J r., was elected
to fill a vacancy in the council.

Motor Cars for Romney Branch
  The B. & O. Railroad Company is
having constructed two large, spec-
ially designed motor cars for passen-
ger service between Green Spring.
Romney, Moorefield and Petersburg.
They will seat twenty-four and thir-
ty-four passengers, respectively, one
of these being a trailer, The manu-
facturers have promised to deliver
them within five weeks, so this new
passenger service will be installed
by or before May 1st. The cars will
be equipped with air brakes and
electric lights and heated from the
exhaust of the engine.

Large Fruit Package Factory
  The Hampshire Barrel and Pack-
age Company, composed of Jas. A.
Shawen, W. L. Tharp and C. E.
French, is having erected on the lot
opposite the Farmers Exchange Mill,
a building 130x42 feet for the pur-
pose of manufacturing and handling
all kinds of fruit packages. This
will be one of the largest buildings
of the kind in this part of the coun-
try and will provide our fruit grow-
ers with an up-to-date home concern
from which to purchase their fruit