History of Romney Lots from Various Sources

Lot locations and occupants in Romney, WV
from Its Founding to the Present as
Mentioned in Various Published Sources.


1st school taught in 1864-5 by Rev. O.P. Wirgman in law offices of A.W. Kercheval in home on Gravel Lane lately owned by Mrs. George Hawse.

In 1866 School Board bought old Episcopal Church on Grafton St. lately owned by the Methodist Church.

Lot 86: New Century Hotel built 1914; previously the Keller House which was purchased in 1848 by Thomas Keller; believed Keller House built around 1800 (these three possibly from vertical file in Library on first floor; perhaps centenial history or Heritage Days program)

Jan 13, 1791 Perez Drew granted license to keep ordinary in Romney; court records states that court should adjourn to Perez Drew's because courthouse in such ruinous condition. [V.Horton: Review: Courthouse]

Hampshire Review, Apr 3, 1895 announced purchase of lot adjoining the Gibson corner on Main Street; ground broken for building, second floor to be used for law offices. [100 Y.A.]

records of June 11, 1755 note early court of Hampshire Co. with Archibald Wager as clerk met five miles north of Romney. [Synopsis]

Second courthouse built in 1833; burned around 1920-1; third built in 1922. [Synopsis]

First church (Episcopal ?) was St. Matthews, at corner of Grafton and Gravel Lane; partially destroyed by fire just before Civil War [Synopsis]

Lot 90 site of Episcopal Church built in 1825 by Rev. Sylvester Nash "overlooking the old cemetery". Partially destroyed by fire in 1853. See New York Illustrated News Jan 2, 1862 for engraving of church. In 1866 Board of Education bought old Episcopal Church for first Public Grade School; the Methodists also used the building until there new one was built in 1869. In 1914 first private owner was S.C. Zeiler;later G.P. Miller bought property; Quinn owned it from 1930-1972. [Review 4/14/93]

St. Matthew's was described as being "in the southern part of town at the foot of Pansy Hill". [St.Stephen]

St. Stephens erected in August, 1885 and consecrated Nov 13, 1888 by Bishop Peterkin. [St.Stephen] [this was a Tuesday!]

St. Stephens erected 1885 and consecrated Nov 13, 1887 by Bishop Peterkin [Synopsis] [this was a Sunday!]

First Presbyterian Church and second burial ground on fire company lot at Gravel and Main. Stones moved to Indian Mound in/after 1937. Apparently resting place of Adam Heiskell who fought with General Morgan in Revolution. [Synopsis]

Present Presbyterian Church built in 1860. [Synopsis]

From 1864 to 1869 Methodists met in old Romney School until church was built on present site (lot #56) in 1869; this building burned in 1903. New building (present) built in 1904. [Synopsis]

Services where held before building a church in a school house on a site later occupied by R.C. Quinn residence. First church on lot 56 burned in 1903. Education building built in 1928. [Echoes]

Methodist Episcopal Church occupied what is not Baptist Church lot; the congregation disolved in 1919 and became part of present Methodist Church. The Baptists purchased the abandoned church in 1920. [Echoes]

In August 15, 1886 Mt. Pisgah Church was dedicated on High Street with 1925 members. [CCH note questions 1886 or 1868??] Parsonage by Pisgah was burned down in early 1980's because of its ruinous condition. [Echoes] [HHS]

Romney Academy had a building of native stone built behind the courthouse in 1762. [Synopsis]

School for Blind built around the old Classical Institute; School for the Deaf was centered around the Potomac Academy. [HHS]

Romney jail apparently a WPA project in 1934 [Review 7/21/93 "Bell Tower"]

Literary Hall built in 1870; later used as Masonic Order meeting hall. [Echoes]

Davis House: in 1795 lot 26 sold to Matthew Montgomery with stipulation house to be built within three years; Montgomery bought adjoining lot 36 which he sold to John Endler whose daughter, Mary Madgalin (b. 1810) later lived in house as wife of William Davis. William Naylor bought lot 26 from Montgomery; Naylor's daughter, Leacy Anne, married Angus William McDonald and apparently the couple lived in the house; they had five sons born in Romney. In 1849 following the death of Leacy, McDonald sold house to William Davis in 1849. Mr. Davis had a blacksmith shop (perhaps on library lot). The old Virginia Hotel (Parker Hotel) was across the street.

Boxwood House built in 1800 on site of an orchard. [Synopsis]

John B. White house (Stonewall Headquarters) second house on site was built around 1858; first house was larger one which was destroyed by fire in 1857. [Synopsis]

Gov. John J. Cornwall home (Shaffer Funeral Home) built around 1917.

Mytinger House -- until 1932 a small log structure stood on lot; it was where G. Washington spent night on his visit in 1770; present house belived to have been built shortly after his visit.

House where Washington stayed in 1770 stood on lot 96. [M&S]

Kerns House (American Legion) built soon after Revolution by Hessian soldiers.

Bernard Hill house lot owned by Frencis Taggart in 1795

Old Theatre building later the Ben Franklin store. [HHS]

Wirgman Building (now Bank of Romney) was site of first cemetery in Romney, then the Brady House; then William Vance built the Wirgman Building in 1825 to house the new Bank of the Valley of Virginia. [HHS]


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