Hampshire County West Virginia Post Offices

by Len McMaster


This article in three parts was researched and written by Len McMaster of Capon Bridge, West Virginia. Len has for many years been involved in stamp collecting and researching long-time post office history. The article was first published in LaPosta: A Journal of American Postal History(Vol. 41, Nos.1-3). We appreciate his giving us permission to publish this article on HistoricHampshire.org for the benefit of our viewers who probably do not get a chance to read specific interest periodicals. These articles are copyright by Len McMaster 2010 and may not be reproduced without the author's permission.

The three parts listed below are in .pdf format and are large files that may take time to download. Note that since Hampshire County was originally much larger and contained what are now other counties, Part Three covers post offices that are now in Mineral Co., W.Va.

Hampshire County Post Offices - Part One: B-G by Len McMaster

Augusta Bache Barne's Mills (Barnes Mill, Belt)
Barrettsville (Frenchburg, Augusta) Belt (Barne's Mills) Bloomery (Sherrard's Store)
Bloomery (Sherrard's Store) Cacaponville (Okonoko) Capon Bridge (Cacapon Bridge, Glencoe)
Capon Springs (Frye's Spring, Watson) Cold Stream (Cold Stream Mills) Cold Stream Mills (Cold Stream)
Concord Creekvale (Creek Vale) Critton Davy (Rada)
Delray (Smith's Gap) Dillon's Run (Luptons Mill, Dillons Run) Donaldson (Green Spring Valley)
Dunn's Store Extract Fordhill (Ford Hill)
Forks of Capon (Forks of Cacapon) Forks of Potomac (South Branch Depot, South Branch) Frenchburg (Barrettsville, Augusta)
Glencoe (Glenco, Capon Bridge) Gloydsborough (Gloydsboro) Good
Green Spring (Green Spring Depot, Green Spring Run) Green Spring Run (Green Spring Depot, Green Spring) Green Valley Depot (Green Spring Run, Green Spring)


Hampshire County Post Offices - Part Two: H-W by Len McMaster

Hanging Rock
Hannums Mills (Mills, Lafollettsville, Nero) Higginsville High View
Hooks Mills (Hook's Mill) Hoy Intermont (Mutton Run)
Jericho Jersey Mountain (Three Churches) Junction (Moorefield Junction)
Kirby Lafollettsville (Lafollet's Ville, Hannums Mills, Nero) Lehew (Dove Hill)
Levels (Levels Cross Roads) Little Cape Capon (Little Cape Capot, Little Cacapon) Loom
Mill Brook (Millbrook) Moorefield Junction (Junction) Mutton Run (Intermont)
Neals Run (Neal Run, Cacapehon) Nero (Hannums Mills, Lafollettsville, Mills) North River (Northriver Mills)
North River Meeting House (Rio) North River Mills (Northriver Mills, North River) Offutt's (Offutt's Store)
Okonoko (Cacaponville) Pancake Pleasant Dale
Points Rada (Davy) Rio (North Branch Meeting House, North River Meeting House)
Romney (Ronmey) Ruckman Sector (Glebe Station)
Sedan Shanks Sherrard's Store (Bloomery)
Slanesville (Slane's Cross Roads) Smith?s Gap (Delray) South Branch (Forks of Potomac, Frenches Station, South Branch Depot)
Spring Gap Springfield Stony
Taylor (Purgitsville) Three Churches (Jersey Mountain) Valley
Vanderlip (West Romney) Wappocomo (Wapocomo, The Rocks) Yellow Spring


Hampshire County Post Offices - Part Three: Now in Mineral Co. by Len McMaster

Photographs of (mostly old) Post Offices

Part 1 Augusta - Green Spring
Part 2 Hannums Mills - Yellow Spring