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Hampshire County Survey Books A-B Index


After the Revolutionary War when the Fairfax Proprietary was dismantled, the Commonwealth of Virginia began to issue land grants based on private surveys which were then listed in the county survey books. This is a listing of the first two Survey Books A and B with the images of the actual Survey Book page. When you click on the name, the survey appears. There is the magnifier icon to show you can enlarge the image. Use your Back Button to return to this page.
   If the column "Other name" has a "Y" or a number it means that that survey has two owners or names associated with it; search on the survey number to find the other person. We do not list administrators of estates, but you should try both the administrator and the deceased. Remember to look for all the various spellings of a name. We would appreciate corrections.

We only have images of the surveys from Books A and B. There are about 1,300 surveys. They are divided into several sections by last name:

Last name A-B Abernathy-Buyan
Last name C-E - Cafscack-Evan
Last name F-H - Fairfax-Hylton
Last name I-M - Inskeep-Mypelman
Last name N-R - Nanmeter-Rutman
Last name S-Z - Samuel-Youtham