The Undertaker’s Journal of
John W. Mellon
Capon Bridge, West Virginia
Deaths recorded from 1882-1899



This journal came to me during an interview while researching the Oates Family of Hampshire County, VA/WV. It has taken me sometime to bring this information to the public

The Author

Dan Oates has searched out and transcribed a number of important documents relating to Hampshire County history. His most famous work is the publication of Hanging Rock Rebel, the reminiscences of Lt. John Blue. He has also published the 1860 census of Hampshire County.
but now I release it to Charles Hall to post on the Hampshire County history website, It is not to be sold for any reason. I have placed it here simply as a research tool.

As for the Mellon Family; I have some information that I got from an interview with Lester Oates in Keyser, W. Va. on March 14, 1986. He was the owner of the Mellon Journal. Since his death, the journal has disappeared. The information stated below is from personal conversation and as I am sure you know, very suspect to accuracy. My interview was as follows:

  Lester’s mother was Sarah Ellen (Sallie) Ester Mellon, daughter of John W. and Mary Catherine Kerns. John W. spend time in Ritchie County, his first wife (maiden name, Harris), and three children died while there. He returned to Hampshire County and remarried. His first marriage took place in Hampshire Co. and then he moved family to Ritchie County, Virginia now West Virginia. There is a cemetery in Ritchie County where the family is buried. John W. sold the farm to an oil company, and they promised they would preserve the cemetery. Lester visited there in 1964, and the oil company had slabbed it in (?). In 1963, there was a celebration for John Mellon, farmer, carpenter, builder. Lester researched the deeds and land records then.
  There is a Mellon (Mellin), WV in Ritchie Co. named after John W. Mellon. Lester visited Mellon Ridge, and he was introduced to the students at Mellon School by the teacher as the grandson of John W. Mellon. Quite an honor for Lester. The original oil well was still pumping in 1963, 99 years after John sold the farm.
  John W. Mellon’s father was John W. Mellon, Sr. Before John, Jr. was born John, Sr. left and went back to Pennsylvania. When John was old enough he was hired out and “bound to service”, as a young man. He learned the millwright trade. He also became the undertaker of Capon Bridge and built his own coffins. (Note: Hampshire Co. Death record shows that John W. Mellon died Dec. 18, 1899 at the age of 72 yrs., 2 mos. 14 days. DOB Oct. 24, 1827. Informant was Geo. W. Oates, son-in-law. Consort was Catherine Mellon.

The following day I went to Winchester, Va. and interviewed Lester’s sister, Ruth Whitlock. Her interview was as follows:

John W. Mellon’s mother was engaged to be married, she thought. When the father, her assumed finance, found out she was pregnant, he left. The mother gave him his father’s name, John William Mellon. He was born in 1827. His mother was born in 1814. His mother had to give up her son. She had the child “bound out”. He was terribly mistreated and ran away many times. He raised all of his children to take care of their families. He had two families, one in Ritchie Co., who most died of typhoid, and the other in Hampshire Co. upon his return.

I renewed my efforts to find the Journal of John W. Mellon in the 1990’s to no avail. Maybe someday I’ll actually see it again. As of 2017, it has not been found.

Dan Oates
Romney, WV
January 21, 2017
Inquiries can be sent to
Copyrighted 2017 by Dan Oates

Navigating the Journal

The original Journal was a small book, probably 5” x 8”, and handwritten. When first seeing it, I realized the significance of the book and asked Lester Oates if he would mind if I removed it from his possession long enough to copy it.

In 1986, copy machines were not readily available as they are today and being only a couple blocks from Potomac State College, I headed in that direction. Having worked in Keyser for a number of years previous, I quickly found an ally and was able to copy the whole journal. I can’t even find my copy of the journal now although I will eventually stumble upon it.

When I transcribed this journal to print in the early 1990’s, I decided on the present format. It may not be the best but I am not changing it. Here is a guide for reading the journal.

The Journal consists of five columns:

  1. Transaction by – this is the person with which Mr. Mellon was doing business. In most cases, unless otherwise stated, the one who paid for the service.
  2. Date – the date of the transaction but in most cases, not the date of death.
  3. Cost – how much the services cost, including casket cost.
  4. Paid by – this is the person who paid the bill
  5. Name of Deceased – this was the person for whom the service was held. Many times, actual names were not mentioned as Mr. Mellon did not record it but just listed “wife” or “child”

Upon seeing the gaps in the record keeping I decided to follow-up with some research by visiting the Hampshire Co., WV and the Frederick Co., VA courthouses, as they would be the most likely place the death was recorded. You will see in some cases I was unable to collaborate the death of the person by other sources. It should be noted, in those cases, this may be the only record of a person’s death.

The Research consists of six columns:

  1. County Death is Recorded in: This is the courthouse where the record of the death was found.
  2. Date of Death - as recorded in the courthouse
  3. Recorded Name of Deceased – as recorded in the courthouse
  4. Age of Death - as recorded in the courthouse
  5. Relation to Col. 1 – this is the relation to the person who paid for the service
  6. Burial – I combed through many cemeteries records in hopes to find where the person is buried. This list is at the end of the journal along with a transaction index to assist you in finding specific persons.

I hope you find this helpful. Enjoy and happy research!

Transaction By:LastnameDateCostPaid by:Name of DeceasedCo. Death Recorded inDate of DeathRecorded Name of DeceasedAge at DeathRelation to Col. 1Burial
Christoper SlonakerSlonaker01/02/8215EstateChristopher Slonaker
Wm. SchaffanakerSchaffanaker01/12/8215Col. 1Wife
William S. HookHook01/21/8225EstateWilliam S. HookHamp.01/19/82William S. Hook58y or older
John CaudyCaudy02/08/8212Col. 1Miss Patty Caudy
Arthur C. CarpenterCarpenter02/12/826Col. 1ChildFred.02/10/82Effie F. Carpenter2y-12dDaughter#1
Elizabeth PughPugh02/14/8212Col. 1Mel (?) Pugh
Levi WhitacreWhitacre02/25/826Col. 1ChildFred.02/24/82Gertrude L. Whitacre2y-8m-9dDaughter#1
John HarperHarper02/27/8214Col. 1Son
Thomas Kelley, Sr.Kelley, Sr.03/02/8220Col. 1Son ThomasHamp.02/28/82Thomas W. Kelley33 yrs.Son#2
Lemuel PughPugh03/04/828Col. 1Mahlon Pugh's son
A.C. SlonakerSlonaker03/05/827Col. 1ChildHamp.03/02/82Edgar B. Slonaker4 mos.Son
William ParrishParrish04/01/8212Col. 1Wife
Mrs. Jane MillerJane Miller04/15/8215Col. 1SonFred.04/13/82Ezra c. Miller17y-10m-21dSon#3
William PowellPowell04/16/8212Col. 1Marston
Robert GiffenGiffen04/19/823.5Col. 1ChildFred.04/19/82Not named3 daysDaughter
Wm. SchaffenakerSchaffenaker05/11/823.75Col. 1Child
Edward NelsonNelson05/23/8215EstateEdward NelsonHamp.05/21/82James E. Nelson51 yrs.#4
John W. AlabaughAlabaugh05/28/824.5Col. 1Footnote #1
Enoch and Nathan PeacemakerPeacemaker06/03/8215Co. 1Fred.05/28/82Delilah Peacemaker74 yrs.Mother
William GiffenGiffen07/01/8215EstateWilliam GiffenFred.06/29/82William Giffen75y-7m-18d#5
Bartholomew McKee and SonsMcKee and Sons07/10/8212Col. 1Mrs. McKeeFred.07/15/82Mary E. McKee66 yrs.Wife/Mother
Mrs. ChieversChievers07/30/827.5Col. 1Colored Boy
Charles WashingtonWashington07/30/826Col. 1Matilda WashingtonFred.06/30/82Matilda Washington99 yrs.
Harmon SirbaughSirbaugh08/03/826Col. 1Hamp.08/02/82Florence Sirbaugh1 yr.Daughter#6
Dr. J. T. T. OffuttOffutt08/06/8225Col. 1Hamp.08/05/82Sarah O. Offutt55 yrs.Wife
Samuel OatsOats09/02/829Col. 1BoyHamp.08/31/82Izatus Oats10 yrs.Son#6
Hamilton McKeeMcKee09/07/827Col. 1Hamp.07/11/82David McKee13 yrs.Son
Joseph C. AndersonAnderson09/17/825Col. 1Child
James BlakerBlaker09/18/8210Col. 1ChildHamp.09/16/82Nannie B. Blaker8 yrs.Daughter#7
Harrison BrillBrill10/01/828Col. 1ChildHamp.09/09/82Minnie B. Brill5 yrs.Daughter
William T. RileyRiley10/05/826.25Col. 1BoyHamp.10/04/82Elmer P. Riley4 yrs.Son#8
Mrs. PerrellPerrell10/19/8220EstateCol. 1
Darius WhitlockWhitlock10/19/8211Col. 1GirlHamp.10/18/82Emma Whitlock13 yrs.Daughter
Thomas BrelsfordBrelsford10/31/8212$2.60 by Col. 1 Balance by Co.Brother JesseHamp.10/09/82Jesse Brelsford74 yrs.Brother
Thomas BulletBullet11/03/824Col. 1ChildHamp.Oct. 1882Louisa BulletPast 6 yrs.Daughter
Marten MusesMuses11/10/8220EstateMarten MusesFred.11/09/82Martin B. Muses68 yrs.#5
Rebecca PughPugh11/14/828Col. 1Daughter Laurella
James CowgillCowgill11/19/8215EstateCol. 1Hamp.11/17/82James A. CowgillPast 63 yrs.
Warner NelsonNelson11/29/8215UnknownHamp.Nov. 1882Susan Nelson68 yrs.Wife
Henry BrillBrill12/13/8215EstateHenry BrillFred.12/11/82Henry Brill80y-6m
Elizabeth MurryMurry12/24/8212EstateElizabeth MurryHamp.12/22/82Elizabeth MurryPast 75 yrs.
Christopher FletcherFletcher12/31/8215Col. 1Fred.12/29/82Susannah B. Fletcher18y-3mWife#1
William ParrishParrish01/23/8312EstateWilliam Parrish01/21/83William Parrish86 yrs.#6
Perry WinfieldWinfield03/07/832.5Col. 1Child
Elizabeth Keller Footnote #2Keller03/24/8322EstateElizabeth KellerFred.03/05/83Elizabeth Keller88 yrs.
David HitHit04/06/8312EstateDavid Hit
George F. DentDent05/20/8314EstateGeorge F. Dent
Aaron DuncanDuncan05/20/8314Col. 1Thomas Duncan
Jonathan OatsOats06/16/8317EstateJonathan Oats
John W. AlbaughAlbaugh06/22/835Col. 1ChildHamp.06/15/83Fanny Albaugh20 mos.Daughter#1
Walter J. LeithLeith07/14/8312Col. 1Joseph AbrellHamp.07/13/83Joseph Abrell70 yrs.Footnote #3
John HornHorn07/29/8315EstateJohn Horn
John StrautherStrauther08/03/8310Col. 1D. L. McKeeFred.08/02/83David L. McKee72 yrs.Brother in-law#1
Eli J. NelsonNelson08/05/833.25Col. 1Child
Margaret AndersonAnderson08/11/8312EstateMargaret Anderson
Henry C. JacksonJackson09/23/8315Col. 1Samuel A. Jackson
Elizabeth SirbaughSirbaugh12/01/8315EstateElizabeth SirbaughHamp.12/05/83Elizabeth (Barr) Sirbaugh68y-8m-26d#6
A. J. PaynPayn12/15/8314Col. 1WifeHamp.12/15/83Sarah L. A. Payn42 yrs.Husband
Walter J. LeithLeith12/19/8313Col. 1
Thomas DignenDignen01/24/848Col. 1SonHamp.01/20/84Jno. H. Digman6 yrs.Son
Mathias NewlonNewlon02/25/8415Col. 1Wife02/20/84Martha J. Newlon61 yrs.Wife#7
William NixonNixon02/25/8420EstateWilliam Nixon
Thomas HornerHorner02/29/846Col. 1ChildHamp.02/28/84William (G. ?) Horner9 mos.Son (?)
Walter J. LeithLeith03/08/8410Col. 1GirlHamp.03/15/84Elmira Leith2y-22d
Hilary OglesbyOglesby03/28/8412EstateHilary OglesbyHamp.03/28/84Hillary Oglesby57 yrs.
William NicewarnerNicewarner04/13/8415EstateWilliam NicewarnerFootnote #4
Isaac KellyKelly06/20/843Col. 1ChildHamp.06/15/84Not named1 day
Mrs. ElliettElliett06/20/8412EstateMrs. Elliett
Mrs. M. KeiterKeiter07/16/8410Col. 1SonHamp.07/15/84George Keiter18 yrs.
John R.LewisLewis08/15/842.5Col. 1Child08/14/84Holmes L. Lewis?Son#6
William JonesJones10/22/843Col. 1Child
William TriplettTriplett11/04/8414Col. 1WifeFred.11/03/84Eliza J. Triplett44y-9m-7dWife
Joe E. GrayGray11/05/8420EstateJoe. E. GrayHamp.11/03/84Jos. E. Gray35 yrs.
Jacob AmickAmick11/06/8412Col. 1Wife11/04/84Jane (McKee) Amick57y-5m-18dWife#1
Jonathan CapperCapper12/05/8415EstateJonathan CapperFred.12/29/84Jonathan Capper Footnote #571 yrs.#7
David NixonNixon12/08/8420Col. 1Wife
David WhitacreWhitacre02/01/8513Col. 1Son01/29/85John O. Whitacre18 yrs.Son#6
A. J. AmickAmick02/22/8512EstateA. J. Amick02/20/85Andrew J. Amick32y-18d#6
Daniel AndersonAnderson02/27/8514EstateDaniel Anderson02/23/85Daniel Anderson73 yrs.#2
Joseph EatonEaton03/19/8515EstateJoseph Eaton03/18/85Joseph Eaton63 yrs.#7
James AndersonAnderson03/23/8512.5Wife
Elias ArnoldArnold03/27/8515EstateElias ArnoldFred.03/20/85Elias Arnold55y-5m-23d#7
Emily StipeStipe04/08/8513Col. 1AlcindaFred.04/07/85Alcinda Stipe70 yrs.Sister#6
John StrotherStrother04/17/852.5Col. 1ChildFred.04/16/85Amanda A. Strother3 mos.daughter
Walter J. LeithLeith05/21/8510Col. 1George Abrill
Beverly LockhartLockhart06/08/854Col. 1Child
A. W. McKeeMcKee06/13/8513Col. 1Wife06/21/85Mary V. (Miller) McKee32 yrs.Wife#6
J. Madison ElliottElliott07/22/8512Col. 1WifeFred.07/21/85Martha E. (Triplett) Elliott43 yrs.Wife
Spencer GrayGray08/11/8520EstateSpencer Gray
Mrs. E. Jane MillerMiller11/13/8515EstateE. Jane Miller11/11/85Elen C. Miller55y-11m-15d#3
Abraham CriswellCriswell11/29/8510Col. 1BoyFred.11/27/85Samuel Edgar Homes Criswell17y-8m-10dSon#9
Silas W. GardnerGardner01/31/8619EstateSilas W. Gardner01/31/86Silas W. Gardner41 yrs.#10
Benjamin DarrDarr02/27/8625EstateBenjamin Darr
Nimrod WhitacreWhitacre04/18/8625Col. 1Mrs. WhitacreFred.04/01/86Elizabeth A. WhitacreFootnote #6
Manuel Mencer and BrothersMercer04/08/868County paid $6.00Old Mrs. Mencern/a
Aquila HousholderHousholder04/11/8620Col. 1Mrs. Housholder04/10/86Margaret (Giffen) Housholder64 yrs.Wife#11
Hamilton McKeeMcKee04/17/861.5Col. 1Child`
David NixonNixon05/15/8620EstateDavid NixonHamp.05/13/86David W. Nixon72 yrs.
Benjamin McKeeMcKee06/15/867County paid $6.00Wife06/15/86Susie (Rudolph) McKee44 yrs.Wife#7
Mrs. Margaret WisecarverWisecarver06/27/8618EstateMargaret Wisecarver06/25/86Margaret (Morrison) Wisecarver#12
Harmon SirbaughSirbaugh07/03/864Col. 1ChildHamp.07/01/86Thomas J. Sirbaugh6 mos.Son#6
Dr. J. T. T. OffuttOffutt07/22/8625EstateDr. J. T. T. Offutt
S. Aljern KernsKerns08/07/8612Col. 1Mother
Robert Hook, Sr.Hook, Sr.08/28/8622Paid by Col. 1 on 12-4-86Mrs. HookHamp.08/26/86Mary (Kelso) Hook71y-10m-7dWife#7
Sarah WardWard09/04/8616EstateSarah Ward1886Sarah Ward71y-4m-6d#7
Aquila WhitacreWhitacre09/18/8612EstateAquila Whitacre
John W. ParrishParrish10/03/867Col. 1Child10/02/86Mary Ethel Parrish4 mos.Daughter#5
Mrs. Mary HornHorn11/04/8614Col. 1Old Mrs. Horn
Robert PughPugh12/20/8618Col. 1Mrs. Jane Pugh
Joshua KernsKerns12/22/8612EstateJoshua Kerns
Lewis FletcherFletcher01/06/8714Lewis FletcherFred.01/04/87Lewis Fletcher62y-2m-11d
Christopher OatsOats01/08/8718EstateChristopher OatsHamp.Mar. 1887Christopher Oats Footnote #767 yrs.
Mrs. Nancey JohnsonJohnson02/13/8720EstateNancey Johnson
Margaret C. SpaidSpaid02/18/8716Col. 1Mrs. Catherine ClineHamp.Feb. 1887Catherine Kline93 yrs.
Jacob OatsOats03/18/878EstateJacob Oats1887Jacob Oats71 yrs.#7
George PughPugh03/30/8714Col. 1D. PughHamp.03/29/87David of Jos. Pugh85y-11m-5d
Richard JohnsonJohnson05/22/8719Col. 1Mrs. Johnson
Simon Marple and BrothersMarple06/02/8714Col. 1Old Mrs. Marple
Richard TriplettTriplett06/03/8720Col. 1Mrs. Triplett
Thomas BeneerBeneer07/03/873.5Col. 1Child
Moses HicksHicks07/17/8715Col. 1SonFred.07/16/87Samuel J. Hicks18y-1m-11dSon#5
Asa ShanholtzShanholtz07/18/8713.5Col. 1Wife
William T. RileyRiley08/21/8720Col. 1Mrs. Albaugh
John E. JohnsonJohnson09/17/8721Col. 1Florence
Wesley HiteHite09/18/8718Col. 1Mrs. Hite
Moses MasonMason10/11/8716EstateMoses Mason
L. CalahanCalahan11/07/877Col. 1Child
Martin PoolPool12/11/8718EstateMartin PoolFred.12/08/87Martin Pool73y-9m-24d
John BroombaughBroombaugh01/12/889Col. 1Child
Uriah FlethcherFlethcher02/02/8822Col. 1Elizah FletcherHamp.02/01/88Eliza Fletcher101y-1mMother
Samuel DavidDavid03/07/8816EstateSamuel David03/06/88Samuel Davis#13
Darius WhitlockWhitlock03/11/8812Col. 1Son
Isaac T. BrillBrill03/28/886Col. 1Child
Jackson KernsKerns05/17/888Col. 1ChildHamp.05/15/88Nellie F. Kerns10m-5dDaughter
Hamilton McKeeMcKee06/25/881.5Col. 1Child
George OatesOates07/12/8814Col. 1WifeHamp.07/12/88Emma OatesWife#1
George OatesOates07/12/884Col. 1ChildHamp.07/12/88Not named3 mos.Daughter#1
Isaac KellyKelly08/25/885Col. 1ChildHamp.09/01/88C. D. Kelly8 mos.Son
James E. WhitlockWhitlock09/05/885Col. 1Child09/08/88James E. Whitlock1y-11mSon#6
Albert SchafnakerSchafnaker09/15/886Col. 1ChildHamp.09/22/88E. W. Schafnaker2 mos.Son
Robert HookHook09/25/8812Col. 1James McAboy
Edgar L. HookHook10/05/889Col. 1ChildFred.10/04/88Harry Hook3m-27dSon#5
Josiah WhiteWhite10/14/8815Col. 1Mrs. Mary WhiteFred.10/11/88Mary J. (Giffen) White56y-3mWife#5
Mr. KimbleKimble10/21/8817EstateMr. Kimble10/20/88Stephen D. Kimble68 yrs.#7
H. OrndaffOrndaff12/03/8822Col. 1WifeHamp.12/01/88Victoria Orndaff28 yrs.Wife
William DunlapDunlap12/15/8818EstateWilliam DunlapFred.12/13/88William Dunlap, Jr.81y-11m-15d#14
Hensel HookHook12/30/8820Col. 1BoyHamp.Dec. 1888Walter B. Hook14 yrs.Son#7
A. O. LovettLovett02/13/8920Col. 1DaughterHamp.Feb. 1889Nettie Lovett18y-5mDaughter#4
David HawkinsHawkins02/23/8916EstateDavid Hawkins
Richard JohnsonJohnson02/24/8924EstateRichard Johnson
Lewis RaceyRacey03/25/8922EstateLewis Racey03/23/89Lewis Racey70 yrs.#15
James LeithLeith04/19/8924EstateJames Leith
Jacob PeasmakerPeasmaker04/21/8920Col. 1George PeasmakerHamp.04/20/89George Peasmaker68 yrs.Brother
Jacob RudolphRudolph05/05/8918Col. 1DaughterHamp.May 1889Daisy D. Rudolph19 yrs.Daughter#13
John EngleEngle05/28/8914Col. 1Mrs. EngleHamp.05/28/89Sarah Engle79y-3mWife
Edward ZellorZellor07/01/8920Col. 1Mrs. Zellor
John EngleEngle07/13/8915EstateJohn EngleHamp.07/12/89John Engle83 yrs.
Francis GiffinGiffin07/15/892Col. 1ChildFred.07/16/89Not named1 daySon
Jacob FishelFishel08/05/8920EstateJacob FishelHamp.08/04/89Jacob Fishel51 yrs.#13
John R. ZeilorZeilor08/15/894.5Col. 1ChildHamp.08/15/89J. R. Zeilor9 mos.Grandson
W. D. McKeeMcKee08/29/892Col. 1Child
Sarah A. MillerMiller10/01/8920EstateSarah A. Miller09/30/89Sarah A. Miller#6
Hamilton McKeeMcKee11/03/891.75Col. 1ChildHamp.11/02/89Sadie M. McKee18 daysDaughter
James H. HimilwightHimilwight11/05/8916Col. 1ChildHamp.11/03/89Louring Himilwight3y-2mFather#16
William Scott JohnsonJohnson11/20/8918Col. 1 Footnote #8Mrs. Garven11/08/89Phoebe (Fout) Garvin92y-9m-11d#7
Eliza J. BrannonBranson01/08/9012Col. 1Thomas Brelsford
George OatesOates01/13/9022EstateGeorge OatesHamp.01/11/90George Oates81 yrs.#17
Evan NelsonNelson01/15/9025EstateEvan NelsonHamp.01/04/90Evan A. Nelson54 yrs.
John ChatmanChatman01/18/9014Col. 1BoyFred.01/17/90Conley C. Chapman121y-4m-9dSon#5
Amos LaFollettLaFollett01/21/9022EstateAmos LaFollettHamp.02/10/90Amos LaFollett79 yrs.#7
Michal AndersonAnderson01/24/9016Col. 1Daughter01/26/90Jane Azzie Anderson29y-11m-23dDaughter#18
Daniel ParrishParrish02/15/9025EstateDaniel ParrishFred.02/13/90Daniel Parrish60y-1d#6
Isaiah AndersonAnderson03/08/9025EstateIsaiah Anderson02/22/90Isaiah Anderson78 yrs.#9
Uriah FletcherFletcher03/08/9025EstateUriah Fletcher03/07/90Uriah Fletcher70y-2m-6d#6
Alonzo Ward and BrothersWard03/27/9015Col. 1Old Mr. Bennett
Elisa KernsKerns03/28/9014EstateElisa Kerns
Charles HawkinsHawkins04/01/9016Col. 1Wife03/30/90Rebecca Hawkins68 yrs.Wife#7
Edwin H. ZeppZepp04/03/909Col. 1Child
Miss. Philena ParkPark04/06/9025EstatePhilena Park
Thomas NewelNewel05/15/9024Col. 1WifeFred.05/13/90Frances A. Newel26y-8mWife#6
William WoodWood06/08/908County of HampshireWilliam Wood
John BroombaughBroombaugh06/15/909Col. 1ChildHamp.06/11/90D. Broombaugh6 yrs.Son
Henry HainsHains06/18/904Col. 1Child
Philip ClineCline06/21/9025EstatePhilip ClineHamp.06/19/90Philip Cline83 yrs.
Julian CumpCump06/29/9025EstateJulian CumpHamp.06/26/90Julian Cump84 yrs.
William N. OffuttOffutt06/30/9010Col. 1Girl
Mrs. Mary MorrisonMorrison07/05/9018EstateMary MorrisonFred.07/04/90Mary (LaFollette Murphy) Morrison85y-3m-3d#5
Oscar AndersonAnderson07/07/9022Col. 1Mother Elizabeth AndersonFred.07/06/90Bettie Anderson58 yrs.Mother#5
Franklin P. KernsKerns07/27/902.25Col. 1Child07/26/90Edward L. Kerns16 daysSon#6
Lemuel PughPugh07/30/9017Col. 1Martha
James BrillBrill07/31/905Col. 1ChildHamp.07/31/90Blanche Brill19 daysDaughter#16
Warner W. NelsonNelson08/02/9022EstateWarner W. Nelson
William N. OffuttOffutt09/16/9010Col. 1Girl
Mrs. Harriet ArnoldArnold10/07/9020EstateHarriet ArnoldFred.10/05/90Harriet (Spaid) Arnold56 yrs.#7
John A. BrillBrill10/26/9022EstateJohn A. Brill10/24/90John A. Brill54 yrs.#9
Edward OrndoffOrndoff10/30/906Col. 1Child
Amos HamiltonHamilton11/11/9010Col. 1Amos Hamilton's girl-colored
John Jackson and Emily MasonJackson11/16/9020Col. 1Their MotherHamp.Sept. 1890Mary A. Jackson98 yrs.Mother
Albert SchaffenakerSchaffenaker01/12/918Col. 1ChildHamp.01/11/91Cora E. Schaffenaker2m-5dDaughter
Mrs. Ed ZeppEd Zepp02/16/9127EstateMrs. Ed ZeppHamp.02/14/91Irene E. Zepp31 yrs.
A. W. LockhartLockhart02/26/9125Col. 1Mrs. Lockhart02/24/91Eleanor Lockhart86y-7m-6d#19
Archibald DunlapDunlap03/15/9120EstateArchibald Dunlap03/14/91Archibald Dunlap86 yrs.#14
Morgan and Osborn LarrickLarrick04/11/9116Col. 1Robert Larrick
Lemeul Arnold and BrothersArnold04/13/9116Col. 1J. Early Arnold
Samuel CraneCrane04/14/916Col. 1ChildHamp.Apr. 1891Hunter Crane4 mos.Son
Elijah FletcherFletcher03/23/9116Col. 1EmmaFred.Mar. 1891Emaline C. Fletcher24 yrs.Daughter
Silvester KimbleKimble05/03/9116Col. 1His Mother05/01/91Anette Kimble31 yrs.Mother#7
Raphiel MarksMarks05/10/918Col. 1Son
Samuel OatesOates06/02/9125EstateSamuel Oates06/01/91Samuel Oates69y-2m-16d#6
Jacob SirbaughSirbaugh06/08/9117Col. 1His Mother
Samuel CumpCump07/07/915Col. 1Child07/06/91Ester Cump1 mos.Daughter#13
J. W. PierceW. Pierce07/20/9118EstateJ. W. Pierce07/19/91Joseph W. Pierce64 y-9m-4d#9
Edgar OatesOates08/11/9110Col. 1Child
Edgar HookHook08/15/9110Col. 1ChildFred.Aug. 1891William Russell Hook8m-23d
William NixonNixon08/15/918Col. 1Child
Early AndersonAnderson08/24/9127Col. 1Mr. Allison
Mr. ShularShular08/27/916Col. 1Lee Miller at Parrishes Mill
George Anderson and SonsAnderson09/29/9117Col. 1Son-Ed09/27/91Samuel E. Anderson21 yrsson#7
Pheba PenningtonPennington10/03/9118EstatePheba Pennington10/13/91Pheba (McKeever) Pennington91y-1d#20
Miss Sada HornerHorner10/12/9120EstateSada Horner
Zedwell WhitacreWhitacre10/15/9120Col. 1WifeFred.10/13/91Mary E. (Fletcher) Whitacre57 yrs.Wife
John MarpleMarple10/21/9110Col. 1Child-WhiteFred.10/20/91Carson Marple7 yrs.Son#5
John R. SirbaughSirbaugh12/10/9115Col. 1WifeHamp.12/08/91Mary C. (McKee) Sirbaugh50 yrs.Wife#1
Raphiel MarksMarks12/15/917CountyGirl
C. J. CraneCrane12/29/918Col. 1Chnild
Mrs. Evan NelsonNelson01/03/9220Col. 1Daughter
Miss. Evaline ArnoldArnold01/10/9220A. L. PughEvaline Arnold01/08/92Evaline Arnold63 yrs.#7
John PowellPowell01/14/9220Col. 1Daughter
William SchaffenakerSchaffenaker01/23/9222William Schaffenaker
Lucy MarkMark01/24/9212Lucy Marks
Walter J. LeithLeith01/28/9220Col. 1Winifred Powell
David GarvinGarvin01/30/9225Col. 1Mrs. Garven01/28/92Margaret (Spaid) GarvinWife#7
Hugh P. ClineCline02/04/926Col. 1Child02/04/92Mary ClineInfantDaughter#21
Isaac PeacemakerPeacemaker02/17/9211Col. 1Wife1892Lucy Peacemaker35 yrs.Wife#22
Howell DeaverDeaver02/19/9218Col. 1Wife
Lee LarrickLarrick03/13/9225Col. 1John Larrick03/12/92John Larrick76y-4m-8d#7
Jonah SirbaughSirbaugh04/13/927Col. 1Child04/12/92Guy Sirbaugh3m-7dSon#6
John HelmickHelmick04/13/9220EstateJohn Helmick
Raphiel Marks (Colored)Marks (Colored)04/28/928CountyGirl
William TriplettTriplett04/28/9216Col. 1Son04/27/92James Edward Triplett24 yrs.Son#5
Joseph McKee and Isaac FletcherMcKee05/03/9214Col. 1Mrs. McKee1892Mary E. (Groves) McKee70 yrs.#6
Mahlon GarvinGarvin05/05/9215Col. 1Samuel Garvin05/04/92Samuel Garvin79 yrs.#7
John MonroeMonroe06/10/9225EstateJohn Monroe
William GiffenGiffen06/10/926Frederick Co.William Giffen
James H. HimelrightHimelright07/03/9220Col. 1Child07/01/92Wilbur H. Himelright2 mos.Son#16
John H. MillerMiller07/18/924Col. 1Child07/08/92Not namedInfantDaughter#6
Isaac KelleyKelley07/31/9218Col. 1Thomas Kelley, Sr.Hamp.07/30/92Thomas Kelley82 yrs.Father#2
Bird HamiltonHamilton08/20/9212Hampshire Co.Step Daughter
Joseph PottsPotts08/29/9212Col. 1Old Mr. Crous08/27/92William Crouse70 yrs.#5
George LockstamperLockstamper09/06/9210Col. 1ChildFred.09/05/92George A. Lockstamper7 yrs.Son#6
Edwin TriplettTriplett09/11/9220EstateEdwin TriplettFred.09/10/92Edwin Triplett73y-1m-12d
P. H. OrndorffOrndorff09/12/9210Col. 1GirlHamp.09/12/92Virginia Orndorff10y-1m-10ddaughter
William McCoyMcCoy09/13/9214Col. 1Eliza Hessenger09/12/92Eliza Jane Hessenger18 yrs.#5
Jacob AmickAmick09/23/9214EstateJacob Amick1892John Jacob Amick98 yrs.#5
George NixonNixon10/11/9220Col. 1Son-GeorgeHamp.10/11/92George F. Nixon18 yrs.Son
Carson WashingtonWashington10/14/926Hampshire Co.Wife
H. L. Kackley and BrothersKackley10/16/9222Col. 1Mother Elizabeth Kackley10/15/92Elizabeth KackleyMother#9
Omar WhitacreWhitacre10/28/923Col. 1Childnot listed
Malinda ReidReid10/30/9215EstateMalinda Reid
Lemuel AldertonAlderton10/31/9220Col. 1SonHamp.10/29/92W. W. Alderton20 yrs.Son
Zedwell WhitacreWhitacre11/12/9222Col. 1MadasonFred.11/10/92Madison L. Whitacre31 yrs.Son#1
Rev. WoodWood11/19/923Col. 1Child
Jonah SirbaughSirbaugh11/23/9210Col. 1GirlFred.11/21/92Annie E. V. Sirbaugh10y-10m-3dDaughter#6
John NelsonNelson11/24/9222Col. 1Wife
Clark Whitacre and BrothersWhitacre12/14/9224Col. 1Nimrod WhitacreFred.12/12/92Nimrod Whitacre70 yrs.
Charles MarpleMarple01/21/9315Col. 1Mrs. Donaldson
Gus StineStine01/23/9312Col. 1Child01/21/93Altha Stine2 daysDaughter#16
Elias BrillBrill01/25/9310Col. 1Child
John R. OatesOates01/25/934Col. 1Child01/24/93Louise Oates1m-23dDaughter#1
Louis HawkinsHawkins02/07/9318Col. 1Sister
Isaac PenningtonPennington02/13/9317EstateIsaac Pennington02/12/93Isaac J. Pennington#9
David GarvinGarvin03/12/9325EstateDavid GarvinHamp.03/10/93David J. Garvin82y-4m#7
William Sirbaugh and William NixonSirbaugh03/15/9314Col. 1Mrs. Nicewonger
Jesse LuptonLupton03/17/9319EstateJesse Lupton03/15/93Jesse C. Lupton48 yrs.#19
Jonah LyteLyte04/01/9315Col. 1WifeFred.04/30/93Ella C. (Brill) Light18 yrs.Wife
Nathan B. CooperCooper04/23/9323Col. 1Wife04/21/93Rebecca A. Cooper72 yrs.Wife#13
William MorelandMoreland05/13/9325EstateWilliam Moreland
Robert WhitacreWhitacre06/04/9323EstateRobert WhitacreFred.06/02/93Robert Whitacre73 yrs.
James AndersonAnderson06/15/9318Col. 1Wife-Florence06/14/93Florence Belle (Jackson) Anderson30 yrs.Wife#7
Arthur RoeRoe06/29/934Col. 1ChildFred.06/28/93Not NamedDaughter#1
Edward (Hit ?)Hit ?07/11/937Col. 1Child
Thomas MorrisonMorrison07/20/9310Col. 1Child07/19/93Edward R. Morrison11 mos.Son#5
Lemuel DavisDavis07/23/9310Col. 1ChildHamp.07/22/93Edna Lillian Davis3y-4mDaughter#13
William MorelandMoreland07/26/9324Col. 1His Mother
Margaret AndersonAnderson07/30/9320R. LaFoletMargaret Anderson07/28/93Margaret (LaFollett) Anderson76 yrs.#7
Mrs. Edwin TriplettTriplett08/05/9320Col. 1Mr. Mahu
Phebe ShanoltsShanolts08/14/9314EstatePhebe Shanholts
Elias FarmerFarmer08/11/936Col. 1Child
Grant SimsSims08/18/936Hampshire Co.Grant Sims
J. J. Dunlap and BrothersDunlap08/18/9325Col. 1Their Mother08/17/93Eliza (McKee) Dunlap85y-7mMother#14
Wesley OrndorffOrndorff08/30/9320Col. 1Wife
Howard BrooksBrooks09/03/9321EstateHoward Brooks09/01/93Howard Brooks63y-6m-4d#23
Harry PottsPotts09/18/9310Col. 1Child09/17/93Edgar L. Potts1y-2mSon#5
Jacob GoodGood09/28/9322Col. 1Mrs. Elisabeth WigintonFred.Sept. 1893Elizabeth (Clowser) WigintonFriend
Dr. J. S. Offutt and SistersOffutt10/04/9324Col. 1Odel Offutt
Richard FletcherFletcher10/04/937.25Col. 1Child
Mrs. Mary NelsonNelson10/19/9324Col. 1Harry
George LockstamperLockstamper10/19/936Col. 1ChildFred.10/18/93Natalie Lockstamper4 daysDaughter#6
George ShileyShiley10/24/937Col. 1Child
Adison McKeeMcKee10/30/9312Col. 1Girl
Hugh P. ClineCline11/03/9311Col. 1ChildHamp.11/01/93Asa Raymond Cline3 yrs.Son#21
Edward Eaton and BrothersEaton11/08/9320Col. 1Mary Eaton11/07/93Mary Jane (Arnold) Eaton64 yrs.Mother#7
Francis M. GiffinGiffin11/23/9312Col. 1Two Children
Sarah J.SlonakerSlonaker11/24/9325EstateSarah J. Slonaker
Eliza RightRight11/26/9320James A. AndersonIsrael Anderson11/24/93Israel Anderson82 yrs.#9
James GoodGood11/29/9324Col. 1Mrs. Brill11/28/93Catherine (Orndorff) Brill83y-11m-19d#9
Nicholas SpaidSpaid12/06/9312Col. 1Francis Brahwait
Adison WhitacreWhitacre12/07/9318Col. 1Wife12/05/93R. E. Whitacre45 yrs.Wife#1
Zedwell WhitacreWhitacre12/12/9325EstateZedwell WhitacreFred.12/11/93Zedwell Whitacre60 yrs.#1
Francis M. GiffenGiffen12/15/9310Col. 1Boy-ConradFred.12/11/93Holmes Giffen15y-6mSon
Edward EatonEaton12/23/9313Col. 1Elijah Eaton1893Elijah J. Eaton43 yrs.#7
Adison McKeeMcKee12/26/938Col. 1Child
William SeldonSeldon12/30/9310Col. 1Child
B. H. FryeFrye01/05/9425Col. 1HarryHamp.01/03/94H. G. Frye12y-7mSon
George NixonNixon01/11/9426EstateGeorge Nixon
Z. T. LarrickLarrick01/12/9419Col. 1Jacob Larrick
James PenningtonPennington01/27/9422Col. 1Mrs. Pennington01/25/94Margaret Pennington53y-6m-9d#13
William McKeeMcKee01/28/9416Col. 1His Father Bartholomew1894Bartholomew McKee73 yrs.Father#6
Elizabeth A. WhitacreWhitacre02/03/9415Col. 1Mary J. Kerns and Winney (?)02/02/94Infant (not named)#24
James WilsonWilson02/04/9420EstateJames Wilson02/02/94James W. Wilson76y-9m-19d#9
Eliza WilsonWilson02/08/9420Eliza Wilson02/06/94Elizabeth Wilson79y-13dFootnote #9#9
Mrs. Sarah GiffenGiffen02/10/9419Sarah Giffen03/23/94Sarah (Pugh) Giffen83 yrs.#5
Josephus PowellPowell02/25/9425EstateJosephus Powell
Jordan WhitacreWhitacre03/25/9416Jordan Whitacre03/23/94Jordan Whitacre53 yrs.#1
George N. AndersonAnderson03/09/9419Col. 1Sanford03/08/94Sanford P. Anderson24 yrs.Son#7
Darius WhitlockWhitlock04/02/9420Col. 1Wife
Joseph KelsoKelso04/06/9418EstateJoseph Kelso10/21/94Joseph Kelso65 yrs.#9
James E. AndersonAnderson04/15/9410Col. 1Child04/13/94Ada J. Anderson1y-7mDaughter#7
Mahlon Triplett and Edgar HookTriplett Hook04/17/9415Col. 1David Hook04/16/94David Hook83 yrs.#5
Nancey WhitacreWhitacre04/19/9418Col. 1Darsey Whitacre
William AmickAmick05/01/945.5Col. 1Child05/01/94Gracie AmickDaughter#23
Zulie BrillBrill05/09/9422Col. 1Wife
Christian StobbStobb06/06/9412R. HookWife
John W. MillerMiller06/18/9422Col. 1Wife06/17/94Elizabeth C. Miller28 yrs.Wife#6
Mrs. Mariah HeironamusHeironamus07/05/9418Col. 1Daughter
Henry HawkinsHawkins07/10/9420EstateHenry Hawkins
Henry HawkinsHawkins07/10/9420EstateDaughter
Bird HamiltonHamilton07/11/948CountyGirl
Mrs. ForemanForeman07/14/9418EstateMrs. ForemanHamp.07/13/94Anna Foreman82 yrs.
John EllottEllott07/22/9414Col. 1DaughterFred.07/15/94Mary A. Ellott25 yrs.Daughter#24
Luther MillerMiller07/22/9418EstateLuther Miller
Simon MarpleMarple08/03/9420Col. 1His Wife
George DunlapDunlap08/20/945Col. 1Nadison Marple's child
Hilkey BrillBrill09/05/9423Col.1Wife09/04/94Elnora Sarah (Spaid) Brill26 yrs.Wife#7
Mrs. Mariah HeironamusHeironamus09/08/9420EstateMariah Heironamus09/07/94Mariah (Peacemaker) Heironamus66y-9m-5d#3
William BuckwalterBuckwalter09/08/945Col. 1ChildHamp.09/09/94Vernon Buckwalter5 mos.Son#25
William L. MillerMiller09/17/9418Col. 1AlbertHamp.09/16/94Stephen Albert MillerSon#6
W. RichmondRichmond09/25/9425EstateW. Richmond
Laura RichmondRichmond10/09/9425Col. 1Kate Richmond
William PalmerPalmer10/12/9416.2Col. 1Wife10/10/94Mary C. (Hook) Palmer43 yrs.Wife#5
Robert PughPugh10/18/9420EstateRobert PughHamp.10/15/94Robert Pugh81y-1m
George N. AndersonAnderson10/25/9417Col. 1Clinton
Joseph AndersonAnderson10/25/9420EstateJoseph AndersonFred.10/24/94Josiah Anderson Footnote #1047 yrs.#18
W. J. & P. StephensStephens10/29/9420Col. 1Son-JohnHamp.01/28/94Charles or Johnny S. Stephens22 yrs.Son#9
Francis McKeeMcKee11/23/948Col. 1His FatherFred.11/20/94Benjamin McKee76 yrs.Father
Clock Tinker WilsonWilson01/07/9517Clock Tinker Wilson
David SirbaughSirbaugh01/07/9520David Sirbaugh01/05/95David Sirbaugh75 yrs.#1
J. E. JohnsonJohnson01/25/9516Col. 1Alice
Louis CarpenterCarpenter02/12/9515A. C. CarpenterWife02/10/95Annette (Whitacre) Carpenter69y-1m-22dWife#1
Margaret SpaidSpaid03/12/9518EstateMargaret Spaid03/11/95Margaret C. (Cline) Spaid64 yrs.#7
Luther JacksonJackson03/31/9516Col. 1Mother Mary JacksonHamp.03/27/95Mary E. Jackson70 yrs.Son
George WhitacreWhitacre04/03/955Col. 1Child
G. L. SirbaughSirbaugh04/19/9514Col. 1Rena04/17/95Irenia A. Sirbaugh22 yrs.Daughter#6
Raphiel MarksMarks05/06/9516Raphiel Marks
Anderson McKeeMcKee05/07/9518Col. 1Mrs. Ella LaFollette05/06/95Elenor (Brill) LaFollette#9
Amos ForemanForeman05/18/9522Col. 1Mother
John JamesJames05/22/9516Col. 1Wife
William MauzyMauzy09/08/9516EstateWilliam MauzyFred.09/06/95William H. Mauzy75 yrs.#1
H. D. ShularShular09/19/9514Col. 1Hariet Shular
George N. AndersonAnderson09/20/9516Col. 1John09/19/95John W. Anderson232 yrs.Son#7
Uriah SirbaughSirbaugh09/23/951.5Col. 1Child
Tilbury ArnoldArnold09/24/9525EstateTilbury Arnold XX large coffin09/23/95T. M. (Tilburry) Arnold63 yrs.#7
Marion McJamee (Dignon?)McJamee (Dignon?)10/01/9512Col. 1Wife
Bartholonew McKeeMcKee10/02/958Col. 1Child
Luther JacksonJackson10/09/956Col. 1ChildHamp.10/14/95Not named1m-1dDaughter
Malinda C. GarvinGarvin10/14/9520J. CarrierMalinda C. Garvin
Tilbery HeshmanHeshman10/16/9522Col. 1WifeHamp.10/14/95Bessie (Kline) Heshman25 yrs.Wife#7
Robert F. BrillBrill10/29/9520Col. 1Wife
Charles PughPugh11/24/952.25Child11/23/95William L. PughSon#5
Mrs. Massy FletcherFletcher12/04/9515Col. 1Her Father
G. Davis and Ed OrndorffOrndorff12/17/9520Col. 1Rebecca Spaid
Lee LanisLanis12/25/956Child
James JohnsonJohnson12/29/9515Col. 1Jonathan Peso
James ForemanForeman12/31/958Col. 1Ray (white coffin)
Elias FarmerFarmer01/05/9616Col. 1WifeFred.01/05/96Eliza A. (Triplett) Farmer37 yrs.Wife#24
Richard M. JohnsonJohnson01/20/9610Col. 1Girl01/20/96Mountie O. Johnson8y-3m-23dDaughter#7
George F. ThroopThroop03/04/9625George F. Throop1896George Higby Throop#2
Cindrilla BrillBrill03/23/9617Cindrilla Brill
Robert KernsKerns04/14/963CountyChild
William Bradfield & Margaret KeiterBradfield Keiter04/21/9618EstateMargaret Keiter
Mrs. Mahaly McKeeMcKee08/12/9610Mahaly McKeeFred.08/15/96Mahala (Fletcher) McKee73 yrs.#1
J. F. BrillBrill09/12/9611Col. 1Child
Omar WhitacreWhitacre09/19/963Col. 1ChildFred.09/18/96Russell S. Whitacre3m-11dSon
Jacob PeacemakerPeacemaker10/21/9625EstateJacob Peacemaker
Lee LanisLanis10/24/9612Col. 1His Father
George WhitmoreWhitmore10/30/965Col. 1ChildFred.10/29/96Not namedDaughter
Bettie ScribnerScribner12/03/9615Col. 1Daughter
William FrankFrank12/30/9615EstateWilliam FrankHamp.12/28/96William Frank52y-4m#9
William ClineCline01/14/9715Col. 1Son-John01/12/96John J. Cline20 yrs.#7
Mel AndersonAnderson01/17/9716Col. 1Elijah Pennington
S. & T. AndersonAnderson02/03/9715Col. 1Mariah Anderson02/01/97Mariah (Garvin) AndersonMother#7
Michael AndersonAnderson02/04/9716Col. 1Wife02/02/97Isabella (Lockhart) Anderson70 yrs.Wife#18
Licurgus WhitacreWhitacre02/13/976Col. 1Child02/12/97Walter S. Whitacre6 yrs.Son#1
John R. OatesOates04/26/973Col. 1ChildHamp.04/25/97Ethel Oates3m-7dDaughter#1
Co. of FrederickFrederick Co.04/30/975Col. 1Mrs. Pheba Crouse (formally Unger)Fred.05/09/97Phebe (Unger) Krouse60 yrs.
Edward ScribnerScribner06/19/9720Edward Scribner06/18/97Edward H. Scrivenor76y-2d#5
Silas LaFollettLaFollett07/01/9720Col. 1Lemuel06/30/97Lemon Lee LaFollett Footnote #1132 yrs.Son#7
Omar WhitacreWhitacre09/26/9716Col. 1Wife
Mrs. Maggie ArnoldArnold11/06/9720EstateMaggie Arnold10/22/97Margaret (Lockhart) Arnold47 yrs.#7
Samuel CooperCooper11/12/9725EstateSamuel Cooper
Silas LaFollettLaFollett01/03/9820Col. 1Mrs. Lafollett01/01/98Sarah Jane (Johnson) LaFollett61 yrs.Wife#7
Lee LanisLanis01/06/988Col. 1Child
J. R. OatesOates01/24/987Col. 1Child01/22/98Laura B. Oates6 yrs.Daughter#1
Lee LanisLanis01/25/984Col. 1Child
A. W. McKeeMcKee01/28/9818EstateA. W. McKee01/26/98Aljourn Wood McKee56y-1m-10d#6
John and William ZilerZiler02/23/9820Col. 1William's Wife02/21/98Elizabeth S. ZilerWilliam's Wife#26
Cephas AndersonAnderson02/27/9815EstateCephas Anderson02/25/98Josephus Anderson41 yrs.#7
Issac KelleyKelley03/06/9816Col. 1Mrs. E. A. Whitacre
Lemon H. BrillBrill03/29/9820EstateLemon H. Brill03/26/98Lemon H. Brill33 yrs.#7
Moses Hit (?) and nephewsHit ?05/24/9816Col. 1Bet Hit (?)
Samuel SirbaughSirbaugh06/16/9818Col. 1Sarah Fletcher06/11/98Sarah E. Fletcher71 yrs.#6
Dr. P. HenanHenan09/01/984Col. 1Small Coffin
Ridnor AlbaughAlbaugh09/19/983.5Col. 1Small Coffin
Uriah SirbaughSirbaugh10/27/984Col. 1Child
Enoch Nathan and Susan PeasmakerNathan Peacemaker10/21/9815Col. 1Charley
Benj. StrautherStrauther10/22/9822EstateBenj. Strauther10/20/98Benj. H. Strauther75 yrs.#25
John OatesOates10/27/9825Col. 1Girls
Licurgus BarrettBarrett03/03/995Col. 1Child03/01/99Granville M. Barrett1y-3m-16dSon#7
Simeon PeasmakerPeasmaker03/06/9918Col. 1Sister Catherine
Snoden AndersonAnderson03/31/9914EstateSnoden Anderson03/30/99Snowden B. Anderson56y-9m-13d#5
Harry SirbaughSirbaugh04/06/9914Col. 1WifeHamp.04/05/99Minnie B. (Keckley) Sirbaugh31y-7m-10dWife#6
Frank KiterKiter06/20/992.25Col. 1Child06/19/99Infant SonsSons#6
David MillerMiller07/15/995R. E. WhitacreChild
Wellington SterrellSterrell07/23/9915EstateWellington Sterrell
William SavilleSaville08/01/9925EstateWilliam Saville07/31/99William Saville55 yrs.#9
R. E. WhitacreWhitacre08/21/998Col. 1Child
William HammockHammock09/04/9925EstateWilliam HammockHamp.09/01/99William Hammock87y-4m-14d#25
John L. AlbaughL. Albaugh09/05/993.3Col. 1Child09/04/99Harry E. Albaugh1y-4d#6
Henry Schaffnaker Footnote #14Schaffnaker09/16/90Col. 1Henry Schaffnaker

Cemetery Index

All cemetery references were taken from the four volume set of Hampshire Co., WV and Frederick Co., VA cemetery Records by Triplett. Next to the name, a number will be shown in parenthesis indicating the volume in which it appeared.

#1 Ebenezer Church Cemetery, VA (2)
#2 Bloomery Presbyterian Church Cemetery (2)
#3 Heironamus Cemetery (2(
#4 Park's Graveyard (2)
#5 Bethel Cemetery (3)
#6 Fairview Cemetery (1)
#7 Timber Ridge Christian Church (1)
#8 Augusta Methodist Church Cemetery (2)
#9 Shiloh Cemetery (1)
#10 St. John's Lutheran Cemetery (4)
#11 Ebenezer Cemetery, WV (3)
#12 Old Lamp Cemetery (4)
#13 Hebron Cemetery (1)
#14 Dunlap Cemetery (1)
#15 Racey Graveyard (1)
#16 Gravel Springs Cemetery (1)
#17 Oates Graveyard on Dillon's Run Road (personal visit)
#18 Michael Anderson Graveyard (2)
#19 Old Quaker on Mt. Pleasants Cemetery (3)
#20 Graveyard on Capon River near Camp Ring Rock (4)
#21 Old Frye Cemetery (1)
#22 Malick Cemetery (1)
#23 Millbrook Cemetary (4)
#24 Rock Enon Cemetery (3)
#25 Redland Church (4)
#26 Timber Ridge Primitive Baptist Church (4)


#1 Due to the small price of the coffin, this most likely was for a child
#2 Information listed on the above Elizabeth Keller may be incorrect. Her date of death listed in the Frederick Co. Courthouse is 3-5-1883, which is 21 days prior to the above transaction. This is an unusual amount of time between death and burial. #3 Joseph was married to Lucinda Oats, daughter of Daniel and Mary Oats. Daniel and Mary are the author's great-great-great grandparents.
#4 A William Nicewonger is buried at the Bethel Cemetery. I am not certain that they are the same person but it seem close enough to list as a suspicion.
#5 Note that the date of the ledger entry (12-5-1884) is 25 days prior to the time of death. I have not had any personal contact with members of this family to see which is correct. I would suspect that the recorded death date at the Frederick County Courthouse is in error. #6 Once again there is a discrepancy in the date of death in the ledger and the recorded death at the courthouse.
#7 This discrepancy I feel is almost certainly the error of the recorded death at the courthouse in Hampshire Co. Other Oats deaths near this time have been recorded in error also. Since the exact date is not known, this is further proof that a wrong date was probably given to the recorder by family members. #8 Mr. Johnson paid for this transaction by trading Mr. Mellon three barrels of flour, valued at $5.00 each and a $3.00 bag of bran to equal the cost of burial expenses.
#9 The Eliza Wilson that is listed is the wife of James W. Wilson. He is listed on the line above her.
#10 Records noted that Josiah C. Anderson was the son of Michael.
#11 It states in the journal that Lemon Lee was killed by a runaway train.