Sites Suffering from Neglect or Vandalism

Places needing repair or they may be lost

Note: some photos can be enlarged by clicking on them. Note: big files.
We do not regularly review the status of these sites, so
some may now be gone or others restored. Please update us.


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Davis History House

We are waiting for someone connected with the project to re-roof and preserve Romney's historic Davis House to submit photos and information on this important project.


"Old Stagecoach Stop"

This building on Old Martinsburg Road south of Slanesville is in desperate need of restoration. We understand the property will soon be on the market. Click to enlarge.Old Stagecoach Stop
Stagecoach Stop from "Back in Time" in the Review


A Keister built stone house

Updated photo coming showing further damage

For an article on the stone work of the Keister family stone masons check the Hampshire County Historical Society Newsletter 2nd Quarter 1993.    Deed References.

French's Mill in Augusta

French's Mill in Augusta was not long ago a working feed mill supporting small farmers in the area who wished to have their own grain ground for feed. Unfortunately, it went out of business and now has a new owner. We wish them well in trying to restart the business and return one of our important sites in the community to working order.


The Stone Fountain on US Rt. 50 on Cooper Mountain in 2004

Stone Fountain on Rt. 50

    In the early days of the automobile cars tended to overheat on long or steep inclines. In the mountains there were various places where one could stop and get water to add to the car's radiator. Modern cars seldom need such service so the places used long ago are now forgotten and neglected. This photo from September 2004 does not show the severe deterioration and vandalism this site has since suffered.

Road marker for stone fountain

Fountain in 2007
broken stonesThese two photographs were taken on July 19, 2007. At this time the sign interpreting the site has completely disappeared from the background; it is nowhere to be found. Trees and shrubs engulf the stone walls and surround the stone piling. Before long the trees will undermine the wall and weeds will break the mortar. Soon there will be almost nothing left.

For article from the 1993 Historical Society Newsletter click here.
For Google Map location click here.





The Black Schoolhouse in Romney

The old black schoolhouse in Romney has been used for a number of years as a supply depot for the Board of Education. Perhaps it is time to recall the history of black education in our county.



Literary Hall in Romney

Literary Hall in Romney
The Literary Hall in the center of Romney is one of our historic buildings that is sadly in need or repair.


Log house on Springfield Pike at bottom of the Springfield Grade

This log house sits right by the road and has elicited numerous comments about "when will someone do something with it." We hope it will be saved before it deterioates too badly to be salvageable.

To locate on Google Maps Click here.

Old Shanholtz House

The old Shanholtz residence is said to have been the home of the last Civil War veteran in the county. Can anyone verify this?

The Washington Place
Home of a freed slave

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Bubbling Spring

Bubbling Springs south of Capon Bridge
We would appreciate help in compiling a history of this area south of Capon Bridge.
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Park House in Park's Hollow west of Capon Bridge

For an article on this house from The Review of November 9, 1994 click here

Park house


White House on Slanesville Pike west of Spring Gap Road

Google Map link to house location