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We are in the process of restructuring our enlarged collection of old photographs of Hampshire County. Below is an album of smaller thumbnails of groups of people including soldiers, musicians, civic groups as well as people in special activities; click on the small photo for a larger image. Click on the larger image to return to the album. Note there is a caption below the large photo that may tell something about the location. Check back later to see any additions. Note that page links may change; you may have to go through the index page.

We invite you to contact us about lending photos or postcards or other types of images to be scanned and added to our collection. Although there have been projects in the past to create books or collections of Hampshire County photographs, none are currently available free to the public. Please help us expand this project for the benefit of all our citizens. We envision a project that will have an extensive collection available throught this web site and through our county library. You may contact Charles Hall to inquire about helping with this collection or supplying further information about the photographs posted here. Thank you.

As Internet speeds increase and monitor sizes get larger we are trying to enlarge our images. These photos are large files, sometimes up to 350 Kb! If you wish to save a photo, first click on the small thumbnail and then right click on the large image when it appears and choose to save it to your computer.

WWI Inductees in Romney

WWI Inductees in Romney, W. Va.

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WWI inductees in Romney, W.Va. Middle section of WWI inductee photo Right section of above photo

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Update: We now think it is related to World War I when young men were drafted and left for training.

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If you have any information on this photo please contact us! Thank you.

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County Agriculture Group at Railroad Depot

Writing on the back of this photo states: "Here are a few of the four hundred and fifty Hampshire County farmers who visited the Soil Improvement Train as they listened to a special lecture on soil improvement by a specialist from the College of Agriculture, West Virginia University, while soil samples are being tested." There is not date given. Unknown agricultural organization in Hampshire County
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