North River Mills, West Virginia
A village forgotten by time, but not by us.


A Special Wedding Day

    Not every day is a sleepy day in our little village.  Some days are filled with laughter, joy and pleasant memories.  Saturday, May 22, 2004, was such a day.


    This day dawned as any other, with only small hints that this would be a special day.  Not every day finds all the grass mowed and every place swept clean.  Not every day finds tables set awaiting many friends and family.


     But by the afternoon, it was a special day as people from far and near come to take a part in a day of memories.  


     The church was filled with those who came to bless and themselves be blessed by being part of the exchanging of vows.  We were all reminded that a marriage is a community affair as we help others to keep the vows they have made and they in turn encourage us by their faithfulness.


     No celebration is complete without a bit of hospitality and time for fellowship.  In our little village, we are well practiced at this.


     The day has ended, the party is over.  But the marriage will go on, and one day we hope that children will be brought to this place to be told of treasured memories. They in turn will we remind us of all that happened here.  

     Heather and Sam, may the Lord bless and keep you and fill your lives with love forever, and may your marriage be fruitful and bless us with children who one day will play in our village and wonder who lived here and what they did and where they are.


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